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Month: July 2014

Prayers for the Messer Family, Please!

Kerry Messer is a good and Godly man. He is the lobbyist for the Second Amendment rights groups in Missouri.  He is very principled and will only lobby for conservative causes.  Kerry has been an inspiration to me, and a bit of a mentor. His wife Lynn has been missing since July 8th. If they lived closer I would be there walking the woods looking too.  Yes, even though there are probably snakes there.  Various family health situations are preventing me from being there in person. But I do believe prayer is the most powerful thing I can do.  So I will pray for this situation, Kerry and Lynn.  And I can ask that you pray too.






All The Worlds A Chicken House

Fair warning, there will be graphic pictures posted, and actual farm life will be discussed.

I was having a discussion the other day about an incident that happened at home Friday. I was on the way to the barn to do chores. I’m more happy about that than you can imagine. Since I was on the way to the barn it meant I had on cowgirl boots and had a revolver strapped on my hip. Since I almost stepped on two snakes last week on the way to the chicken house I’ve resumed doing chores fully dressed (as in armed, stop it). I was very glad of that when I stepped off the back step and had taken about 5 steps towards the barn. Some movement or something to my right caught my eye. I froze and looked over. A little black head was sticking up out of the grass, it’s forked tongue flicking in and out. My first concern of course was little Marlowe. 1) I don’t want him to go after the snake, I don’t know for sure what kind it is. 2) I don’t want him in my line of fire, because I AM going to shoot this thing. I shoot it, twice. I want to make sure, and it’s moving too much for comfort. I don’t want it to crawl under the back steps, die and stink. By the same token I don’t want it alive anywhere. After two shots I go get a hoe to cut it’s head off. To do this your hoe has to have an edge. Mine doesn’t, and mostly I beat the snake snot out of it. Grandma is probably looking down from Heaven and very ashamed of me. Sorry Grandma, I did the best I could with what I had, and well, it IS dead.

I was asked if I knew what kind of snake it was. My answer of “dead” did not seem to be what they were looking for. People have tried telling me the black snake is the farmer’s friend. Yeah, tell me that when my egg production is dropping off, I go to gather the eggs and find a big black snake coiled up in the laying boxes with an egg shaped lump in it. People, people! They are not eating the mice that run, they are eating the eggs that just lay there.

This little story ended up being told later. Now, what was interesting is we were discussing the terrorist attacks on Israel. My question had been on how to deal with them? 40,000 reserves have been called up, send in troops? Boots on the ground? The answer was no, it would be too expensive in terms of Israeli casualties. Ok, I accept that is a bad plan. What then? I get a well thought out answer, a very well thought out answer. Basically utilizing the Israeli Air Force you watch for any signs of terrorist activity. Vigilance. When they spot the start of terrorist activity, eliminate the threat. At once. Each and every time. Eventually the terrorists will be decreased, or will decide attacking Israel isn’t as much fun as they thought it would be.

I explain that is the black snake theory of terrorist management. The very long pause tells me perhaps more explanation is needed. If I find ANY predator around my chicken house, I WILL kill it. As my friend Deb says, everything wants to kill chickens. I asked her if it is because people keep saying everything tastes like chicken. Rattlesnake? Tastes like chicken. Rhino? Tastes like chicken. Wildebeest? Tastes like chicken. Squirrel? Tastes like Squirrel, I know better. If there are predators in the vicinity of my chicken house, I can be pretty sure they do not have my little feathered darlings best interests at heart, and I will eliminate the threat. That is my JOB. The animals have no choice where they ended up, I chose to have them. I believe I should be prepared to do that in the safest, surest most efficient way I can. I view black snakes as a sort of illegal immigrant. Liberals tell me they are just coming here for a better life, they do the jobs Americans won’t do. Right, just like the black snake is the farmer’s friend, they eat the eggs, and don’t chip in a penny on chicken feed and upset the girls. I lose all the way around.

This must just be my weekend for it. Saturday night I go to do chores, ponies are eating and I walk down to shut up the chickens. I walk in and stop dead in my tracks. There is a skunk in the chicken house. This is bad, very bad for a lot of reasons. One, I’m suppose to be leaving to go sit with my Aunt in hospice as soon as I get done. Getting sprayed is really going to put a crimp in that. Two, skunks will kill chickens, they rip their heads off. A little chicken armed only with it’s beak doesn’t stand much of a chance. Three, I’m armed only for snakes. A .22 with rat shot is not going to get this job done without some serious collateral damage. Probably to me. I need a different tool for this job. I fly to the house for back up. This is a job for a .20 ga shotgun. I jog back down hoping I’m in time. Skunk is still investigating, I don’t see any feathered bodies on the floor, good! Flashlight to left hand, should arms, fire, ratchet new shell in, fire. Yes, I do like to be very sure. I check, it’s dead. Quite dead. The girls are safe, but think a couple may need counseling, they were scared of the skunk. The next morning I scoop up the remains in a “predator body bag”, others may call them trash bags, and dispose of it.

Now, you ask, what does this have to do with “All the Worlds a Chicken House”? Stick with me.

One, I am more willing and prepared to defend my animals than some parents are their children. Don’t understand it, and feel sorry for the kids. I always knew both my parents loved me enough they would be prepared to defend me and probably live to tell about it.

Two, this came up during the discussion on terrorists infiltrating Israel. There is a video of terrorist attempting to enter Israel via sea. Doesn’t pan out well for them. It did pan out well for the Israeli citizens though. As opposed to what American citizens are fixin’ to face thanks to our President and do nothing Congress.

As Americans face a flood of illegal immigrants coming across the border this country is going to be “fundamentally changed” as promised by barry and voted for by liberals.

American taxpayers, not people living on governmental assistance, but taxpayers are shelling out $250-$1000 a DAY per bed for these children. They will get free housing, free school and free healthcare. Well, free to them, not free to taxpayers. No, I’m sure this won’t raise our taxes anymore than obamacare did.

Border Patrol agents are asking why people are bothering to pay coyotes to smuggle the kids in, the US government, supported by our tax dollars is doing it for free. Border patrol catches the unaccompanied minors and then we pay to have them delivered to family in the US. We, the taxpayer will also be paying for their legal representation.

Let’s just chat for a moment about those unaccompanied minor “children”. The processing center at Nogales AZ is being used as a recruitment center for the violent MS-13 gang. Yes, indeedy. Some of those innocent “children” are members of a violent gang. Some of them have admitted to torture and murder in the countries they came from. The Red Cross has helpfully set up a phone bank for them in Nogales so they can contact other gang members in the US and back home. Well, I’m more a fan of the Salvation Army than Red Cross. Goes back to WWII. Some of the other children in the processing center have complained of attempts to get them to join and MS-13 gang grafetti has been found in the bathrooms at the Nogales center. Quite the value your getting for your tax dollars.

So, we know some of the children coming across are gang members, that we’re paying $250-$1000 a day per “child”, we’re paying for the government to act as coyotes and deliver them, we will be paying for their schooling, lawyers, housing, food and transport. Probably obamaphones too.

So, what do we get in return? Quite a lot actually!

One border patrol agent has already contacted bacterial pneumonia. Doctors say he will have lifelong complications from this. The agent does have small children at home and they are hoping the children won’t contract it. But wait, there’s more!

Let’s look at some of the other exciting things that are coming into the country! Scabies, lice, TB, measles, chicken pox, strep throat, mental and emotional disorders. Some brave Doctors and Nurses who have been threatened at Lackland Air Force base are talking about what they saw and it is horrifying.

     “There were several of us who wanted to talk about the camps, but the agents made it clear we would be arrested,” a psychiatric counselor told me. “We were under orders not to say anything.”

The sources said workers were guarded by a security force from the BCFS, which the Department of Health and Human Services hired to run the Lackland Camp.

The sources say security forces called themselves the “Brown Shirts.”“It was a very submissive atmosphere,” the counselor said. “Once you stepped onto the grounds, you abided by their laws – the Brown Shirt laws.”She said the workers were stripped of their cellphones and other communication devices. Anyone caught with a phone was immediately fired.

“Everyone was paranoid,” she said. “The children had more rights than the workers.”

Another thing Border patrol agents have told us is that many, many of the children have the same answers, exactly the same answers to the questions they are asked. Just like they had been coached with scripted answers. This from an article dated July 9th.

But Carrera told reporters: “Obama didn’t ask Congress for any special power for the expedited repatriation of unaccompanied children, and that’s because we are still in discussions.”

The foreign minister estimated the talks could take two to four weeks.

He said the Central American countries are aiming to ensure minors are given “due process, with adequate legal defense,” to determine if they should be allowed to stay with relatives already in the United States.

The foreign ministers of Honduras and El Salvador, alongside Carrera, struck the deal during a meeting with US Secretary of State John Kerry, during a visit to Washington last week, Carrera said at the press conference.

Now remember, I recently flew to Israel and back. I can tell you how much fun I had going through the TSA check points. The new illegals? The ones with diseases? They are being transported and allowed to fly on commercial planes WITHOUT valid ID. Using only their notice to appear in court to board planes. The notice is on plain copier paper. Naw, no terrorist would ever think of making one of those on a computer and using it to board a plane. Oh, and the info on them? It’s what the illegal immigrant says is the truth about them. There are no checks being done. Look over and smile at the passenger next to you. But don’t let them breath on you. I’m sure the reason their hair is so full and moving is just the air circulating in the plane. Prolly not lice. And of course, taxpayers are paying for it.

Unemployment already made horribly worse by the passage of obamacare is not going to be made any better by the huge influx of people into the country.

And these are people from countries that do not have a Constitution like ours, they do not understand the Second Amendment, and will not be supportive of it. Their party, the one meeting them at the border with lollipops, that would be the Dems, will tell them not to.

The strain on a medical system already infected by obamacare is going to be unbelievable. They will be going to school soon, too.

So, do I have no heart and no compassion for these poor children fleeing their crime and poverty ridden countries? Of course I do! But you know who I have much more compassion for? The American Taxpayer who has tried their best to play by the rules, go to work, be self supporting, raise their family to do the right thing. Their kids will now be going to school and the learning process already damaged by Common Core will be further degraded. The cost for paying for all this for these future Dem voters is very likely going to be the tipping point for Cloward and Piven that barrys been trying to bring about. We have no idea how many and who the terrorists are that have come in with the flood. Nor any idea of where they will strike, or how. All brought to you by liberals who voted for barry to “fundamentally change America”.

When snakes come into a chicken house, they hatch more snakes who will then come into your chicken house. Same with skunks, if they find a easy buffet, that location is passed on to their little skunks. Soon I have no eggs because of the snakes, no chickens because of the skunks and I’ve paid for the chickens, the water, the feed and my time in raising them. In return I am left with nothing if I do not act.

I explain to my friend both situations stink, the flood of illegals and my dead skunk. Both are going to be a horrible mess to clean up.

That video I mentioned of terrorists trying to infilatrate Israel?

Dead Predators.

A Stinkin' Mess

A Stinkin’ Mess


A Slitherin’ Mess


I’m wondering if Bibi ever raised any chickens perhaps. He seems to understand the solutions that work.

I Raise my girls right!

I Raise my girls right!



A New Little Friend From Israel

My friend Deb is home from Israel. I’m thrilled because I miss her. I’m sad because in a way it felt like I was losing my last link to over there.  When she posted pictures of our closet empty except for towels, empty kitchen cabinets and empty bookshelves I felt like crying. And I was only over there a week!

I don’t know if she realized what a hard time I was having or if she is just this great a person. She brought me back earrings because we didn’t get to go to the artist’s shuk in Tel Aviv, some halvah, some Elite coffee, my Rav Kav I used on the bus, and some other wonderful things. But a couple of times she had me close my eyes before she put something in my hands. On the last item, just as she got ready to place it in my hands, I jokingly said “It’s an Ibex, right?” It is! A little stuff toy Ibex.

So what is the deal with me and the Ibex (יעל ) pronounced Ya-el?

The day Deb picked me up from the airport I was going on being up for probably close to 30 some odd hours with no sleep. I get my luggage and have my carry on bag and purse and head out to the lobby talking to Deb on the phone the whole way cause I have no idea where to go. I find her and we go sit outside on a low wall and just marvel that I am there, in Israel. Our first leg of the trip home is on a train. I adore the train! So we’re riding along and talking about where we will go, what we will do and what we will see. I tell her Nissim has said several times I need to go to Ein Gedi, which is a beautiful garden area located very near Masada. And since I figure Nissim knows what he is talking about, I take his advice seriously, very seriously. Teasing me Deb says, well how will he know if we actually got to go? What are you going to do, stuff and Ibex in your suitcase for him? Maybe, what’s an Ibex? She explains the Ibex, and I get this visual picture in my mind of trying to clear Israeli security for the trip home with this leg sticking out the side of my suitcase. With no sleep in 30 some odd hours this is the funniest thing I’ve heard in months! I think I’m going to hurt my sides laughing cause it is that funny. If you don’t think it is a riot, go about 30 some odd hours and try picturing it again. Trust me, Deb is a riot. As we are on a train, it is entirely possible that Deb is beginning to consider stuffing ME in my suitcase. So throughout the trip, much like my still elusive Centurion Tank, the Ibex in the suitcase is a recurring theme.

I sat for the rest of our visit today holding him on my lap. He is just the most adorable little guy! I am considering different names for him and have it narrowed to three.

Have you ever seen anything so adorable?

Yael --יעל

Yael –יעל

The real McCoy, this was taken at Masada. That visit will be covered hopefully very soon!

The Handsome Ibex

The Handsome Ibex





Ok, so I’ve decided, the little Yael is going to be named Yoel. So he is Yoel the Yael (יעל ). Too cool, eh?

Remember Our Boys

Last night I went to the memorial service at the Jewish Community Center for the three teenagers that were kidnapped on their way home from their Yeshiva. A yeshiva is a school to study religious texts, so we are not talking about a reform school here, these were good kids. Naftali Frenkel was 16, and held duel US and Israeli Citizenship, Gilad Shaer was also 16 and Eyal Yifrah was the oldest at 19. They were hitchhiking their way home on 12 June 2014 when they were abducted. People in Israel get around different ways. When I was there we used Autobus, Trains and Taxis, we did talk about renting a car but dismissed the idea. These kids were in the West Bank, and there is not a plethora of mass transit available. I guess soldiers used to hitchhike a lot, but that stopped after 1994, and regulations were passed to prevent the IDF from hitchhiking. So while it might seem very strange to Americans that these kids were hitchhiking, in Israel, it isn’t that unusual. On June 30th the bodies of the three boys were found in a field near Hebron.

Yesterday morning after I got off work and did chores I decided to check email. I received an email that there would be a memorial service at the Jewish Community Center. It was an event in solidarity with Israel in mourning the loss. Since I’m not a member of the JCC I’m always a little hesitant at going to things unless I’ve been invited. I really wanted to go, but unsure I sent a frantic text to my friend Deb who is still in Israel. Would it be ok if I went? She answered back that not only would be ok, it would be a very good thing if I would go. Ok, so I’m going. I then waffle over what to wear and come up with something suitable and I find out that the “Force of Nature” will be there as well. Ok, I’m good, I’m set.

After a solid 4 hours sleep I’m up and getting ready to go, after I rearrange my schedule and get dressed I set out. I arrive in good time and go on into the Social Hall. I find a seat towards the back because I’m still unsure. It seems like everyone knows everyone else, and I, well, I don’t. But wait!! I see Henry and Sue Ellen! I know them! They are my friends from the Israel Spirit committee, now I’m really ok! Oh, I am glad to see them! Henry comes back and keeps me company and we discuss plans for the frozen coffee we will be serving this year at Ethnic Enrichment Festival. This has been Henry’s brain child from the beginning but perhaps sensing a fellow spirit he has graciously allowed me to be in on the project. So we discuss mixes and places we want to get them. We decide I will follow up on the place and mix I thought promising, and Henry is going after the one he likes the look of, we will try both! Great plan! The “Force of Nature” shows up and introduces me to some of the people around us. One lady I meet named Marta strikes me as someone who would be a hoot.

The service starts with the singing of Ha Tikvah, the Israel National Anthem. In Hebrew. I astonish myself by singing along with everyone else. This is made possible by the fact the lyrics are printed in Hebrew, English and best of all, Transliterated. I adore transliteration, it’s Hebrew “Hooked on Phonics” for me! I would say I get about 98% of it correct. No, I did not confirm this by asking anyone around me. But I really did enjoy, and was a little proud of myself that I too could sing with everyone else.

The 23rd Psalm was read after that. Then The Blessing of Memory. A poem, I suppose you would call it, titled They were Boys: A Yizkor Prayer by Alden Solovoy was read, it was very beautiful, and very sad. Of course. It talks about faith, mourning and the willingness to heal, it asks for comfort and relief. For the families and for the whole country of Israel. I would urge you to read it, it’s very good.

The Eulogy that had been delivered to the Nation by Shimon Peres was read and followed by El Malei Rachamim by Yehuda Amichai (God full of Mercy) Scroll down to page 3 of the .pdf. It’s in English. The “Force of Nature” realizes I’m TRYING to read it in Hebrew, he points as it is read so I can sort of follow along. My reading level is minuscule and this is big Cowgirl stuff, grown up stuff, but I’m trying.

At one point it is mentioned that a piece would be read by Rabbi Eliezer Ben-Yehuda. My head snaps up so fast that the movement must have caught Marta’s eye. I’m astonished, I thought he was dead, a long time ago. She kind of laughs as our eyes meet and she catches my questioning look and smiles and says “Yep, that really is his name”. Eliezer Ben-Yehuda is the man responsible for reviving the Hebrew language. He was born on 7 January 1858.

We then recited The Third Mother by Natan Alterman as a responsive reading. In English. Then the Memorial Prayer.

There was a Rabbi that spoke at the end and what a very powerful message he had. He talked about the pain and grief of the families and the nation. He talked about Justice being a very Jewish concept, but that revenge is NOT Justice. There was a facebook page started called “Israel demands Revenge” and talked about how many “likes”it had. Then he told us that ANY IDF soldiers caught holding up signs and supporting such a notion would be disciplined. This pretty much goes along with what I’ve been taught of the IDF’s concept of “Purity of Arms”. Scroll down, you’ll see it under “The Values”.

Then he begin to talk about two Hebrew words, “Nechama” (נֵחַמַה) which means Comfort and “Nekema” (נֶקמַה) which means Revenge. As you can see, the two are very close. Look at the next to the last letter in each word, if you are used to reading English, in Hebrew it would actually be the second letter. Notice how if you straighten the curve of what sort of looks like a “p” it would look a lot like the next to the last letter in the first word. One little line straightened and you go from “revenge” to “comfort”. I also found out that the word “enemy” (קם) comes out of the word “revenge”. Doesn’t it just? Out of revenge, comes enemies. Of course, the way I see it at times the desire for revenge comes out of the actions of your enemies. So, does another word come out of the word Nechama? Comfort? Yes, there is a word, (חמה) look at the last three letters, oops, that would be the first three letters for most, they are the same, correct? That means “sun”. Warm, comfort, sun.

So while at times it may not seem like God hears, or answers our prayers, he does. Sometimes he says “yes” sometimes “no” and sometimes “wait a while”. Those last two are very hard to bear at times.

The Rabbi then stressed that Israel does not demand “Revenge” Israel asks for “Comfort”. And that is what I shall pray for, that peace and comfort shall be lavished on the families and the Nation of Israel as it mourns.

In honesty, it will not shock my readers to find out political thoughts have run through my mind about this subject. But I shall leave those for another column. This one is for the memory of Naftali, Gilad and Eyal. Yes, the names of the suspected kidnappers are known. No, I will not be listing them. I learned from Lt. Col. Dave Grossman that we do not mention the names of the heinous people. They do not get to be remembered. Their names should be forgotten. The names of victims and heroes, those are remembered. And so I shall remember them in my prayers.

The service was concluded by singing the Star Spangled Banner, in English thankfully. I don’t think I’m ready to tackle that one in Hebrew yet.