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Month: August 2014

A Resistance State of Mind

I admit, I need to make time to write about Masada. But as I was prowling the JPFO website I came across a page dedicated to the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. You know, the usual kind of stuff you find on the other Second Amendment groups pages.

They knew they weren’t going to win. They fought on anyway because it was the right thing to do. Some battles are worth having, because some things matter that much. Freedom, to live where and how you would, to worship, to speak, to peaceable assemble, to write and say what is on your mind and to keep the things that ensure those G-d given rights. Those things would be guns. Of course in this day an age, only certain groups have those “permissions”. Those of Judeo-Christian values, maybe not so much. In this day and age of the nanny state do you have the freedom to eat bacon or pink cookies as you choose?

How did they wind up in the Warsaw Ghetto?

I went to a lecture Wednesday on Females in the Fatherland. Did you know in the 1930s Germany they had the largest Feminist movement in the world? And yet the Reich had no leadership roles for women, women were basically baby factories (much like modern day Islam) and the Reich (much like modern day Islam) expected women to be subservient to men and to act for the benefit of others. What self respecting woman in her right mind would want her daughters to grow up that way?Turns out, tons of them. Women CHOSE to vote for the tyrant hitler (no, I did NOT mean to capitalize his name). They CHOSE to condemn their children both boys and girls to growing up under tyranny. Why? Because of the 1920s, 1930s German versions of MSNBC, CNN and basically all the mainstream media outlets of the day. Posters, pictures, and newspaper articles won over the weak minded sheeple and the voted for hitler in DROVES! I have no clue if they got their free “hitlerphone” or “freestuff” or not.

But I guess I just feel like thinking about those long ago resistance fighters, the JFO. Yep, the Jewish Fighting Organization.



This is the full text of the Declaration of the JFO that is talked about in the video. Yes, in English.

 Poles, Citizens, Freedom’s Soldiers.

Amidst the din of artillery with which the German army is firing into our houses, into the
homes of our mothers, children and wives;
Amidst the rattle of the machine guns which we are capturing while battling cowardly
gendarmes and SS-men
Amidst the smoke of fires and the dust of the blood of the murdered Warsaw Ghetto – we –
the prisoners of the Ghetto – send you our brotherly and cordial greetings.
We know that in heartfelt pain and tears of sympathy, that with admiration and fear for
the outcome of this battle you are watching the war that for many days now we are fighting
with the merciless occupiers.
But know also that each threshold in the Ghetto is a bastion and will remain so, that
though we may all perish in the battle but we will not surrender, that like you we are
gasping for revenge and punishment for all the criminal acts of our common enemy.
The fight is on for your and our F r e e d o m.
For your and our – human, societal, national – honor and dignity.
We shall avenge the crimes of Oświencim, Treblika, Belz, Majdanek.
Long live the brotherhood of blood and arms of Fighting Poland!
Long live F r e e d o m!
Death to the torturers and tormentors!
Long live the battle to the death with the occupiers!



Because some of them made it out alive some things survived. The stories of what they went through, the coping mechanisms they used, the resistance methods they used, the history, the culture, the legacy, and some lives. They went on, had wives, husbands and children. In the end they defeated the evil that would have destroyed them all. Because they lived. Not as slaves, as free people.

Some fights are worth having.


In Praise of an Uncompromising Bastard

There is nothing I can write that will rival, or even equal what my fellow JPFO writer has published for her final alert for JPFO. The legendary Claire Wolfe has done a column in honor of and a tribute to Aaron Zelman.  He was the founder of JPFO and they worked together on Rebel Fire.

They are both one of a kind. I’m privileged to have talked to Aaron on the phone several time. I’m more honored he knew who I was when I called.

And now I exchange emails with Claire Wolfe, because of Aaron. I’ve been privileged to fight along side Claire in the battle to save JPFO, to maintain the legacy that Aaron left. To keep it from being squandered by foolish short sighted men.

My heart is just breaking. IF JPFO goes down, there is no place left for people like me. People who want freedom without compromise. What other group is as honest with their members? I can’t think of one either.

Some of us have been praying all along. I know that G-d is perfectly capable of changing hearts and mind of people. If you feel so inclined, would you too, pray for JPFO to survive, as Aaron intended it. As he founded it, worked for it and left it?

As for me? I know G-d has a path, and I will do my best to follow it. But this is a job I would dearly have loved. To be Public Relations Director for a group with JPFO’s “Brass Cajones”. If you didn’t read yesterday’s post, that’s one of the awards JPFO has garnered.

For right now, there is not enough Sweet Tea and okra in the world to drown my sorrow.

Please, read the incredible Claire Wolfe’s post on “In Praise of an Uncompromising Bastard”. You will understand what there is at stake, what we are losing and why I am inconsolable.


JPFO betrayed by ONE or TWO Board members! Yep!


Shamelessly swiped from Claire Wolfe.

Shamelessly swiped from Claire Wolfe.


Well, this stinks to high heaven.  Worse than roadkill. Make sure you click on the media player. It’s the perfect song to go along with this post. It comes from the JPFO “Freedom Music Page”.

Online Petition

JPFO, Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership, has wandered in the desert since it’s founder Aaron Zelman died.  Aaron founded JPFO in 1989 and was an absolute fighter for freedom. He did not believe in compromise of freedom, liberty or gun rights. JPFO has produced movies, pamphlets and books all aimed at educating people about freedom and how to effectively fight for freedom. He would not accept smoky back room deals that would betray members and their trust of the organization. There is a reason that JPFO had earned the reputation as a fearless, uncompromising and fierce defender of the Second Amendment. JPFO has won numerous awards for the material it has produced including, but not limited to:in 2000 – Brass Roots, Brass Cajones Award. The group raked in several other awards for the materials it turned out. But I work for a organization that won the Brass Cajones award. There is a reason for that.

I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!”~~Barry Goldwater

So, with all this in mind, I’m going to post some of Claire Wolfe’s blog, she has done an excellent summary of what is going on. As much as we know. I first found out about this last week on Thursday when Deb and I were working on the Israeli booths. The team of “resistance fighters” began forming that night. I’ve only been PR Director since the first part of August, and I truly looked forward to that job as it’s a group I believe in so whole heartedly. I won’t give the names of the other two fighters, but we join the legendary Claire Wolfe in fighting back against the forces of evil. And evil it is.

According to this article by David Codrea, whom I respect immensely,

JPFO approached SAF. Well, at least ONE board member of JPFO approached SAF. In the article David quotes Gottlieb as saying SAF had absorbed and kept it running as it was before. That is a bat rabid lie. ANYONE who knows what KeepandBearArms was before knows it is a bat rabid lie.

This is a FaceBook exchange on the KeepandBearArms fiasco:

Former KeepAndBearArms Insider: is nothing like it was before the SAF takeover.

The original writers were all hard line, “no compromise” firebrands. So it attracted that kind of stalwart.

Now it’s vanilla by comparison, with a small fraction of the reach and influence.

A similar motivation was at play: financial dire straits and raw fatigue.

Hindsight is 20/20. Shoulda coulda woulda frustration has plagued me for a decade.

JPFO friend: So having read Claire’s blog, what would your advice be?

Former KeepAndBearArms Insider: Her general idea of a member/owner group that keeps JPFO real and honors Aaron is essential.

Selling to SAF is going to cost JPFO’s identity. The word “merger” is disingenuous. “Absorption and dilution” are more like it.

At some point, after it’s done, current JPFO leaders won’t even be able to get Gottlieb on the phone — let alone get their voices out to JPFO members.

Trust me. I know.

Here is Claire’s post on this in it’s entirety.

Initially it appeared that SAF might want to keep some of the JPFO team intact and I was asked if I would write for SAF. I said maybe. Having been in a group that chose to censor the truth rather than to be honest with it’s membership before I was edgy about the prospect. After a few days we found out it was the same board member that had approached SAF to betray us that wanted to know. SAF never had any intention it seems of preserving JPFO, as JPFO. Rather they want the mailing list, the list of members, inventory and best of all the respectability and “chops” that JPFO has EARNED by not COMPROMISING on freedom. As opposed to Gottlieb who goes along with Barak Obama, Manchin and Toomy that Universal Background Checks are a good deal. SAF will dismember JPFO in more ways than one.

Understand this, there is a STRONG plan in place to save JPFO, we have members of the resistance that will step up as board members, and G-d knows, they need to be replaced. Well, maybe not Doug. Doug is a very good boss, and has done an amazing job of pulling JPFO back up after Aaron died, but the other two? I mean, who betrays a group to it’s enemy? We have financial backing. So WHY would the board choose to give a group like JPFO away to it’s enemy rather than let control be assumed by people that obviously love it and are fighting as hard as they can to save it. A question certainly worth asking isn’t it?

Now back to Claire:

Don’t threaten, yell, or be profane (not that you would, anyhow). But tell them what JPFO really is to you — not just some disposable appendage of Gottlieb’s fundraising factory.

Tell them whatever is true for you. But if one of those truths is that you have supported a strong, hardcore, independent JPFO and you want no other kind, tell them that.

If you admired Aaron and consider the planned merger a betrayal of his life’s work, tell them that.

If you want your donations back because you now believe that you gave under false pretenses, tell them that.

If you want them to halt the SAF merger and give our alternative plan a fair hearing, tell them that.

If you want them to halt the SAF merger but do something else besides hear our plan, tell them that. I am not trying to push our particular plan. I’m telling you it’s the only active alternative to the SAF sellout, and it’s a good one, and it’s by dedicated JPFO people, and the board acts like it’s not even there. But if something even better could keep JPFO independent I’d be all for it and I think others who care about JPFO would agree.

Tell the board members as nicely and firmly as you can what they’re doing to your JPFO and what you think or realistically plan to do in response.

Ask them if they really want their own legacy to be “the men who sold out Aaron Zelman for a few shekels” or “the men who were too weak even to sustain what a giant built for them.”

Remember, I said Doug is a very good boss! He is not the problem, but he does need to know what you think. His email address is Doug Schuett —

Then we have:

Senior Board Member
Bruce Bell —

And lastly, do some people just make you think of Judas? You know, like a Judas Goat? Or maybe Judas Iscariot, which is where the term Judas Goat came from. In the end he sure didn’t enjoy the 30 pieces of silver he gained for the betrayal of Jesus did he. Hanged himself in regret for the betrayal as I recall. So perhaps Judas Iscariot had a conscience, too little and too late. Which is what it will be if this merger goes through. Too little, too late. JPFO, as it really is will be gone. Betrayed by people that wouldn’t allow it to be saved by people that really love it. HOW ON EARTH can you work with a man like Aaron Zelman, who loved freedom and the Second Amendment so fiercely and then CHOOSE to betray JPFO to a group like SAF who supports Universal Background Checks? I mean REALLY, they worked out SO flippin’ well for the Jews, Christians, Gypsies and Political dissenters in the 30s and 40s in Germany didn’t it? And if they don’t understand that I can recommend a GREAT book called Gun Control-Gateway to Tyranny. It’s available from a freedom loving group called JPFO, or perhaps taking a peek at the JPFO Genocide chart. If you have ANY doubts about what the end game is, go back and read my column on “Yad Vashem“. That should clear it right up.

Oh, I’m sorry, did I travel far afield? That brings us to our last board member.

Executive Board Director
Robert (Bob) Meier —

So, sign the petition Online Petition, email the board. And pray. Because this IS a spiritual battle. Believe it. When innocent people are being set up to be at the mercy of thugs and tyrants it is always a spiritual battle. When strong honest people are being betrayed it is a spiritual battle. G-d is perfectly capable of changing hearts and minds, he is also capable of making roads where none exist. But understand this clearly. The board to this moment has NOT acknowledged our counter offer. I confess it, at this point I’d be more in favor of a Hellfire missile. I’m beyond ticked! Perhaps SAF has done some good things, and perhaps it has it’s place. But that place is NOT taking over JPFO!


Israel Spirit at Ethnic Festival

Well, I AM having a blast! Despite the fact it rained on Friday, which we were so busy I didn’t really notice as the crowd just kept coming. Good friends came by to say “Hi”, and they brought their most adorable “Vikings in Training”. I chopped cucumbers for the Israeli salad. In retrospect, I might have been a bad choice. I had been frustrated earlier in the day and by the time Erin came to check on me she just kind of stared at the cucumber minces. “Um, are we doing them extra fine this year?” “No, are they too small? I’m really enjoying this!” “Um, well, they are pretty small”. I kind of think she was deciding if they discernible as cucumber. So I started chopping them bigger and it does go much quicker. From there I proceeded to do food plate prep. Now this is a ton of fun for me. The team member standing out front who does a super job of pulling in the crowd is the “Force of Nature”. The “Force of Nature” greatly enjoys yelling at me and asking “Why is this not ready, they have been waiting too long”. The first year this routine started I had to ask another Israeli what I could yell back at him. Things have progressed nicely and having worked on learning Hebrew I now have more than one choice of things I can yell back at him. Why yes, I do greatly enjoy myself! Besides, I really do like to make the plates of food look pretty. Which is probably why I so enjoyed decorating the craft booth. Bless her heart, Deb trusted me to decorate the craft booth, she supplied me with some awesome decorations, a ladder, some awesome nylon string rope, and turned me loose. I think it came out pretty!

The Israel Spirit Banner for the craft booth

The Israel Spirit Banner for the craft booth


The very pretty Seven Species streamer in place.

The very pretty Seven Species streamer in place.


Can you see the pretty silver and blue Star of David fountain?

Can you see the pretty silver and blue Star of David fountain?

So today was the Parade of Flags. I am VERY excited. I get to be one of the two people from the Israeli group and Jeannie and I will be in the Parade. I get to carry the Israeli Flag! I am almost beside myself with excitement. The morning starts out with Deb and I replacing the white table clothes on the work tables, and then we need to get one under the now non-functional Frozen coffee machine. That sucker is HEAVY! We decide to put the folded up cloth under one leg at a time. And that’s when the train came off the tracks. I inadvertently hit the dispenser arm, and it dispensed some of the left over coffee we couldn’t get drained out. On me, and my white Israel Spirit committee t-shirt. We persevered. And I managed to lay open a part of my palm. It would NOT quit bleeding. I knew it hurt, I didn’t know I was cut till I looked down and there was a fair amount of blood. I just couldn’t get it to quit with pressure. Deb finally called the EMT squad that resides at the festival. They show up, greeeeaaaat. It’s the EMT I was joking with in the kitchen the day before. He came in for trash bags and was probably looking at my JPFO baseball cap. I jokingly said “Oh, you’re too early, I’ve only been chopping for 3 minutes”. So at this point I’m refusing medical attention, I don’t need it, I’m fine. Except it won’t quit bleeding and Deb can’t spare me to do non-food things. It HAS to quit for me to be of any use. They clean it up and put super glue on it as I’ve flat refused stitches. I ADORE durabond. That stuff lasted all day, I changed gloves many time, chopped more cucumbers, fried felafel, and pretty much did anything needed and I was just fine. Durabond rocks. But don’t break the dispenser pen till just as you are ready to apply it. By the time the Parade of Flags has rolled around Deb & I have traded T-shirts because no one including me wants me representing Israel looking like the coffee monster wearing it instead of drinking it. I follow Jeannie’s lead, she is a veteran of the Parade of flags, and she generously allows me to carry the flag, she carries the banner identifying us as Israel. We get our flag and get in the alphabetical line up. Israel comes behind Ireland! I’m so excited, I ask the darling fellow representing Ireland if he will take a picture of me, Jeannie and the flag. He obliges with two.

Israeli Flag

Jeannie and Sybil with the proudly flying Israeli Flag.

We then had the most interesting discussion on Ireland and Israel. He was a bit impressed I had traveled in Ireland alone during “the troubles”. He said he sure wouldn’t want to go to Israel now, I said I’d go back in a heartbeat under the right circumstances. He seems astonished so many Americans don’t understand Israel is defending herself, nor do the know that Christians as well as Jews and even other Muslims are being slaughtered by a group the state department has not declared terrorists. Probably too busy looking for conservative gun owners I guess. The parade finally commences. The feeling of carrying the Israeli flag is unbelievable and indescribable. I don’t know if it’s because I was there not long ago, the emotional tie, or what. But I almost cried. That doesn’t happen. Then each group gets up on stage and welcomes the crowd. Jeannie did the honors so beautifully. I was just so happy to hold the flag. I had been concerned, as had others that there could be trouble for us. That was originally part of the reason I asked Deb to let me go with Jeannie. Jeannie is a very nice lady, I like her a lot. If there was trouble, I’m not. But to my great delight the crowd applauded loudly and long for Israel. I finished up the day by chopping more cucumbers and eating a felafel sandwich. I know, it’s kind of astonishing they still trust me with sharp implements isn’t it?


What a fabulous day! And one more to go! Tomorrow the Tikvah dancers preform and they end their performance with community dancing!! Yippeee ki yayyy! I’m really lousy at it, they let me anyway! And I love them for it!!



Ethnic Enrichment Festival Countdown

Yes indeedy! Ethnic Enrichment Festival is upon us! I spent Tuesday learning to make Felafel. Yes, I had a blast. This is a team of people I’ve worked with for some time. My friend Deb for six years has managed to put up with me helping in the kitchen at the Jewish Community Center. Today was Hummus day, which is how I originally got involved. I wanted to learn to make hummus. What is mildly amusing about this is several times I am probably the worst cook in the kitchen. Now, don’t get me wrong, no one has ever died from eating anything I’ve made. And somethings I make very, very beautifully. But when I’m sharing the kitchen with people like Deb, Nissim and Leah the reason I’m good is I do exactly as they tell me, all the time. I hope none of them just fell out of their chair laughing. OH I DO TOO, now stop it! You’re going to hurt yourselves if you keep it up.

After Deb and I finished up in the kitchen we headed out the park to scope out our booth for food and our half booth for crafts. Guess who gets to decorate that one? Yepper! I do have a few ideas. I wish I had a stuffed parrot! While swilling sweet tea great plans came together, and later today I get to implement them.

So, come on out and share in the adventure of traveling the world via Swope Park. This is the 35th Anniversary of the Ethnic Enrichment Festival, when you come through the round about on Meyer Blvd. and enter the park you will see the tents on your left, parking is in the field. You’ll see the cars.

The parade of Flags is at 1600, 4 PM on Saturday. I know the people carrying the Israeli Flag very well.

So, what to eat? Well, felafel is a little round ball, deep fried. This stuff is fabulous. I couldn’t get enough of it in Israel. Ours is wonderful, which is what happens when you have people like we do in the kitchen making it. They know what it’s suppose to be and how to get it there. If you like kind of spicy sausage you will like this. There is no meat in it, so vegetarians can enjoy it as well. Hummus is a paste I suppose you could say. It is made from chickpeas and tahini, with vegetables and spices blended in. I am convinced well made hummus is a gift from G-d. I really like hummus, and ours is that good. We will also have tahini sauce to put on top of the felafel and the plates are always very pretty. Ok, I might have something to do with that. We have dill pickles on a stick, GIANT macaroons that may sold out by Saturday, they have been before. Actually, they’ve been sold out by Friday night before.

This year for the first time we will have Isracinno. This project has been in the works for a year. If you can get Henry to stop dancing or playing music you can ask him. We even had coffee taste offs to get it just right. Coffee taste offs are a total blast. Ours will be like no one else’s, and ours will be better.

 באח Betach!

Tikvah will take the stage at 1630, 4:30 on Sunday and they end with community dancing. Which means wear your dancin’ shoes! Anyone can join in the last dance! I’ve been known to in the past, not well, but they put up with me anyway. And how I love them for it. All of them. Atem Havareem sheli. They are my friends.

Come on out to Ethnic Festival, they’ll become your friends too!

Jews For The Preservation of Firearm Ownership Adds To Their Team

Yes indeed, it seems JPFO has added some new team members.  From what I’m hearing the new team members are very excited and happy to be part of the “A” team.  JPFO is a group that is strong, principled,  tenacious and fearless!

I’ve heard the new team members are thrilled! To be working with JPFO, the team of writers and the members.

Lets wish them every success and help them spread the information that can help us and U.S. live in freedom, as G_d and our forefathers so clearly intended!

August 2nd 2014

Stokes-Begley and Alpert Join
Jews For The Preservation Of Firearms Ownership


Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO) is pleased to announce that two long-time activists and supporters have now joined our staff.

Sheila Stokes-Begley, former president of the Western Missouri Shooters’ Alliance, has signed on as our new Public Relations Director. Bullet manufacturer Brad Alpert is our new Operations Director.

Sheila, a health-care professional, has been a gun-rights activist since 2003. She has written many articles and editorials. As Public Relations Director, she will interact with JPFO writers, serve as a spokesperson, and reach out to members and donors. We have been extremely impressed by her attitude, friendliness, tenacity, knowledge, and Second Amendment experience.

Sheila believes that G-d intended for people to live in freedom. She thinks that America is asleep because of a “normalcy bias” — the misguided belief that because nothing “really bad” has ever happened in America, nothing ever will. When she says, “Never Again,” she means never again for Jews, Christians, or any other vulnerable group of people.

Brad is the founder and owner of the Missouri Bullet Company and also one of the founders of the Western Missouri Shooters’ Alliance. He is an experienced op-ed writer who was once fired for defending the Second Amendment too passionately. He will work to build JPFO’s presence within the firearms industry, advise us on strategies, and (along with our advisor, Rabbi Dovid Bendory) help ensure JPFO’s legacy and future as an ardently Jewish pro-gun voice.

Brad’s love affair with the Second Amendment began when he was five and his father first allowed him to handle a .22 (and taught him the rules of gun safety). As a farm boy, he had plenty of opportunity to shoot. He was also a thinker and a reader, and it was reading that led directly to his lifelong activism.

When a crazed ex-Marine named Charles Whitman climbed a tower in Austin, Texas in 1966, and began killing people, a national periodical used the tragedy to issue a virulent call for “gun control.” This despite the fact that armed citizens had saved countless lives by joining police in stopping Whitman. The then-15 year-old Brad was outraged at the publication’s bigotry. The letter he wrote them was published and he realized he had a mission in life to correct wrongful information about firearms. He has since written and spoken about gun rights countless times, including making appearances at the annual Gun Rights Policy Conference.

His particular emphasis matches JPFO’s: to inform the world that “gun control” is a cynical attempt to control and subdue populations and to stress that guns in private hands can ultimately prevent future Holocausts.

Sheila and Brad have worked jointly on many pro-gun efforts. With their established track record they will make a great team for JPFO.

In addition, we say farewell and thank you to long-time associate Charles Heller, who lent his public relations and gun-rights expertise to our organization in the difficult transition period after the 2010 passing of our founder, Aaron Zelman.