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Month: October 2014

The Zelman Partisans Has Hit Print!

The Zelman Partisans has had their first story written about them! I felt so very honored to be allowed to speak on behalf of the group. It’s what I had been hired to do at the late JPFO hy”d.  So I’m sure you can imagine the satisfaction I gained from being allowed to tell the world that the spirit of Aaron’s fight is still going to be carried on by The Zelman Partisans.

Lee was a fantastic interviewer, and seems like a very nice guy. He gave the group a great write up! You can read the whole thing here.

A new Jewish pro-gun group: The Zelman Partisans

If you are on Twitter or Facebook, please consider posting the link to the story on your page or send out a tweet on it.

Yes, I really do feel the hand of G-d has been on this group since it’s beginning. I ask your prayers for us as we continue to grow the readership of our blog, and start to become an actual group.


Say “No Deal” to a bad Diehl!

For those who have wondered with a strong Republican majority in the legislative body why it is we have such a hard time getting good legislation through, and why some things we want seem to flounder I have some insight for you.

From  Ron Calzone at Missouri First:

Did you realize that the majority party in the Missouri House of Representatives chooses the Speaker of the House a couple of years in advance of his taking that position?  One of the primary reasons, if not THE reason, for doing so is to raise money.   The “Speaker Presumed” becomes a magnet for money that is used to fund races of other members of his party.  That’s one of the reasons Republicans have been able to secure and maintain such a strong majority.

To constitutional conservatives, like me, that strong majority has been of little value.

The problem is, the money cycle sort of obligates the candidates who receive that money to be loyal to the “Speaker Presumed”.    And, worse, it concentrates a LOT of power in the hands of the Speaker and other members of leadership.   All of that means every other Rep has less “power” — and, therefore, less ability to properly represent his or her constituents.  The Speaker is not selected based on how he represents the values and philosophies of the representatives who are supposed to represent us, he’s selected based on his ability to raise money — and his agenda rules the day.

The People are the losers of this game.

“Bad” Diehl as quite a list of accomplishments! He shouldn’t be proud of them, but he probably is.

From just this year:

Report:  John Diehl Killed the 2nd Amendment Preservation Act
Report:  John Diehl was an obstacle in the fight against Common Core
Report:  John Diehl not only didn’t help stop red light cameras, he tried to legalize them.
Report:  John Diehl told citizens fighting for fair elections, “I don’t care what the people want.”
He’s probably fine with the kind of  voting machines used in Illinois, unless of course it’s HIS race they registered the ‘pub vote as a dem.

The Day The Missouri House Voted to abolish our gun rights.

So what can you do to help? Go sign the petition at The Missouri Leadership Project.

Then you will be sent an email with info in case you would like to (and you should) do more!

What good does it do us to work our tails off, and donate to great candidates if you have something like this that will prevent us from gaining ground in the reclamation of our rights?

This is not yet a done deal, the Diehl can be stopped!
Duplicitous          You can also download and print this flier, if you want to post it, or give it to others to pass along the information.


What is the Ghetto Mentality?

I admit it. I have wondered from time to time, why some groups think they way they do, and vote the way they do. In this instance, I’ve always thought if ANY group of people should be voting for solid Second Amendment candidates, it would be Jews. I’ve been baffled that instead, the tend to vote for the candidates that will put them most at risk of being another statistic.

One of my fellow writers at The Zelman Partisans, has done an excellent piece The Ghetto Mentality. It’s well worth the read.


Hopefully tomorrow you will be back to reading my scribblings, but this one is well worth the time.



Does “Never Again” actually mean anything to YOU?

Vladka Peltel has an excellent column up at The Zelman Partisans web site.  It really made me think.  The patterns are there, but people don’t want to see them. If you watched with joy, as I did, the strong, hard push back against the Huston Mayor’s over reaching power play to force Pastors to turn over their sermons to her for review you have seen the kind of action that we should be taking with this sort of behavior. Especially when it comes to firearms.  What can and are you doing to get people to see the patterns?


Just something to think about.



Dreidels & Hedgerows

Imagine you lived in a country where the ability to worship G-d was being outlawed, where your language and culture was disappearing.  Where Preachers were jailed or killed for preaching the Bible or Tanakh? You think I’m talking about America, now?  Maybe.  Because football players are made to remove Crosses from their helmets, because for a time the Navy was told to remove the little Gideon Bibles from the rooms of their guest lodges?  Because courts rule a Cross or the 10 commandments can’t be displayed?  Maybe.  But it’s not the first time in history. Let’s take a little trip back to Ireland.

Yep, Ireland, no I don’t have the wrong “I” country. We’re stopping off in Ireland on the way. In Ireland in the late 1600-till the later part of the 1700 there were a set of laws called “The Penal Laws”. The final bits were repealed in 1920. They affected Catholics and other dissidents. They entailed things like:

  • Exclusion of Catholics from most public offices (since 1607), Presbyterians were also barred from public office from 1707.
  • Ban on intermarriage with Protestants.
  • Presbyterian marriages were not legally recognized by the state
  • Catholics barred from owing firearms or serving in the armed forces.
  • Prohibition on Catholics owning a horse valued at over £5
  • ‘No person of the Catholic religion shall publicly or in private houses teach school, or instruct youth in learning within this realm’ upon pain of twenty pounds fine and three months in prison for every such offense.

And this is only part of them. But here’s a couple questions for you to mull over. WHY did they want to prohibit the Catholics from owning weapons? Who got to determine what the horse was worth?

The harsh rules gave rise to the hedgerow schools. Parents who were determined to save their children from being indoctrinated with beliefs other than what they held, and what they wanted their children to learn began to form and utilize “Hedgerow Schools”. This was forbidden because England wanted all the children to be taught the way they wanted them to be taught and what they wanted them to be taught. The Hedgerow Schools thrived. They were sometimes held in barns, homes but often in Hedgerows, with one child acting as a lookout. And they needed a lookout. If they were caught there were fines and imprisonment for all. There was a lot to lose. But the parents wanted their children to learn, the teachers wanted to teach and would travel around conducting these early forms of “home schooling” in defiance of the state mandated education.

Their language, culture and faith were under attack, and this is what they had to do to preserve it. They did it.

Now let’s go even further back in time. Achshav Annachnu b’Ysrael. NOW we are in Israel.

The women’s Bible study group is doing Daniel. Let’s go back to the time of Antiochus, he liked to be called Epiphanes, although the Jews often called him Epimanes, the mad one. While Antiochus reigned Jews were forbidden to practice their religion, own a Torah, let alone read it, or observe festivals,or even the Sabbath. The people could not even admit they were Jewish. 40,000 were killed and 40,000 sold into slavery when Jerusalem was sacked and the temple was defiled. Animals that were forbidden to Jews were sacrificed on it’s alter. Now, during this time there were observant Jews and Hellanized Jews. Meaning Jews that were fine with what Antiochus was doing. Mainly urban upper crust, they wanted to dispense with Jewish law and adopt the Greek lifestyle. As I understand it for political and economic reasons.

And into this hot mess comes The Maccabees. I adore the Maccabees! It all started when Jews were ordered to offer sacrifices to Greek idols. A rural Jew know as Mattathias Maccabee refused. Not only did he refuse, but he killed the Hellenized Jew that stepped forward to offer a sacrifice to the idol in his name. Mattathias REFUSED to allow his name to be put on the offer of a sacrifice to an idol. From there the Maccabees took flight to the Judean wilderness. After Mattathias’ death about one year later in 166 BC, his son Judah Maccabee led an army of Jewish dissidents to victory over the Seleucid dynasty in guerrilla warfare, which at first was directed against Hellenizing Jews, of whom there were many. Judah Maccabee is noted as one of the greatest warriors in Jewish History, alongside David, Gideon and Joshua! So that’s how the Maccabean Revolt began. The Maccabees retook the city of Jerusalem. Judah ordered the Temple to be cleansed, a new altar to be built in place of the polluted one and new holy vessels to be made. According to the Talmud, unadulterated and undefiled pure olive oil with the seal of the kohen gadol (high priest) was needed for the menorah in the Temple, which was required to burn throughout the night every night. The story goes that one flask was found with only enough oil to burn for one day, yet it burned for eight days, the time needed to prepare a fresh supply of kosher oil for the menorah. A great miracle, nachon?

Which brings us to this, a Dreidel/Savivon. Remember the Hedgerow Schools of Ireland? Well, while Jews were forbidden to study their Bible/Tanakh, forbidden to pass their faith onto their children they would go up into caves and hide. They would begin to teach the children, and they themselves would study. When they heard the Greek soldiers approaching they would put their Torah away and whip out the Savivon/Dreidel and begin to play. It could be a childrens game, or a gambling game. So it would appear to to the soldiers they were merely hiding and gambling. This is what they had to do to hold on to their faith, to pass it on to their children. To retain their culture and customs, they were willing to hide in caves, risk being caught by the soldiers and pay the penalty, death. Like the Irish, they found a way, and they did it.

Which brings us to the Savivon/Dreidel itself. Let’s look at the markings on the sides of the Dreidel, first is the Nun,נ and it stand for the word Nes, which means Miracle. Then we have the letter Gimmel, ג which stands for Gadol, which means Great. Next is Hey, ה for Hayah which means Happened. Now, this is where it gets quite interesting. In Israel, the next letter if Pei, פ for Poh which means Here. In every other country the letter will be Shin, ש for the word Sham. So, putting it together you have Nes Gadol Hayah Poh, or Nes Gadol Hayah Sham. A great miracle happened here or there, depending on if you are in Israel or not. After the State of Israel was founded in 1948 the Hebrew letters were changed for dreidels used in Israel.

If you look at what lengths the Irish and Jews went to back then to ensure the survival of their culture and religion it seems pretty sad now that some voices can be shut down by screeches of “racism” or “intolerance” or “hater”, simply for wanting to discuss an issue, preach from the Bible or Tanakh doesn’t it?

I personally carry a Dreidel/Savivon in my purse. All the time. It reminds me to be vigilant and committed to doing everything I can to ensure freedom.


And since we are in the midst of Sukkot, I will point you to an excellent article on Sukkot over at The Zelman Partisans, you have subscribed haven’t you?


Genocide Chart

So today I spoke at the Life, Liberty and Property Summit in Jefferson City.  What a wonderful experience. I was part of a Women’s panel that was moderated by Stacy on the Right. The other panelists were Amy from Agenda 21, Rachel from Americans for Prosperity, and Bev from Concerned Women of America. What incredible ladies! They were all very smart, savvy and knowledgable about what their areas were. I was there as the Second Amendment representative. It was the first time I believe that The Zelman Partisans has been mentioned in a public forum.

Staples apparently ran amuch with the handout I had submitted, the genocide chart. I told those in the audience that I would post it at least to my own blog tonight so they could see the figures I was referring to when I talked about patterns.  So I’m going to do that now, and then call it a day. It’s been a very long, but very wonderful day!

Huge thanks to Ryan, one of the co-founders of Missouri Alliance for Freedom for including me!