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Month: November 2014

The Better Nixon

The lesser of the Nixons in my mind right now is Jay Nixon, Missouri’s non-Governor.  We’ll just start this post out with a moment of levity. Listening to nixon usually just makes me want to rinse out my ears with hydrogen peroxide. But this sound clip from the Missouri Torch is just one of those things that make you want to hit your head against a wall. This twit is a non-Governor of the state of Missouri because of the people (and their out of town guests) like the residents of Ferguson, which is the topic of the sound clip interview.  For goodness sake, WHY can’t we have somebody like Gov. Bobby Jindal?  Oh wait, I know the answer to that. So here’s obama’s mini-me without a teleprompter.


Now, let’s go to the greater of the two Nixons. The late President Richard Nixon.  Viet Nam was an unpopular war. It was not lost on the battlefield, it was lost in political deals. I remember how the “in” thing was to protest the war. I remember my Mom telling me about one of my sisters sitting in the parlor with a couple of her friends, the boys were not old enough to be drafted, but they were saying if they were, they would dodge the draft and go to Canada. My Dad, who had been in the Navy was sitting in the dining room hearing every word. It took all Mom could to keep him from going in there and throwing the bums out. The scum want all the benefits of freedom, with none of the effort, and yes, I do happen to know one of them is a proud obama voter.

But back to President Nixon.  There is the Watergate scandal, he used the IRS to target political opponents, spied on his enemies and had an enemies list. The press went after him with a vengence. Reporters dug and went after the truth, and the truth was blared on the nightly news.  Let’s compare that with the current piece of trash in the White House now. He doesn’t just target political opponents with the IRS, he targets whole groups of people in the nation, he doesn’t just spy on political opponents he spys on law abiding citizens. He has created more racial strife with his inserting himself in numerous situations and has his racist attorney general as his firestarter. And most likely one of them sent the “out of town visitors”, those fomenters of violent protest to Ferguson MO. Which is what prompted the above sound clip. The kind of soldier obama likes is the traitor john kerry.  But hey, john kerry always has a solution, right?


Ok, enough with the levity.

The media now, rather that reporting what is going on, follows the Walter Cronkite (I know this is an opinion piece, but it lays it out well) method of shaping public opinion by their “reports” rather than actually reporting the news. When an actual reporter tries to do that, they are spied upon. Read up on Sharyl Atkisson, amazing woman. Even her own network SeeBS, deep sixed her stories that could hurt obama. So even though obama has done far worse than President Nixon ever did, the media is now fine with it, and covers it up FOR him.  In the story below, it talks about something amazing President Nixon did, besides helping Golda Meir and possibly saving Israel.  While the current occupant of the White House has people like Johnathan Gruber JayZ, Beyonce and others of their ilk, President Nixon hosted the largest dinner EVER at the White House for the returned P.O.W.s of Viet Nam. There were celebrities there like John Wayne, Sammy Davis Jr. and Bob Hope, people who loved America, to honor those who had served America.  Do I think President Nixon was the greatest President ever? No, but he did some amazing things, things he should and deserves to be remembered for.  If he were a communist alinsky-ite, he would be.



Follow The Leader-from TZP

Life has been a little “cray-cray” lately. Between family excitement and getting to cover a few extra shifts at my “real job”, I’ve not had much time to write. And I really, really hate that! It’s taken me since Monday to get to finish this column I’ve wanted to do for The Zelman Partisans since last week. Since before the horrific attack at the Har Nof Synagogue. My heart is just broken over the massacre.

My team mate Y.B. Ben Avraham did an excellent column on the massacre at Har Nof, you can read it here

My latest is “Follow The Leader“. It’s loooong, so grab a big cup of coffee. There are a lot of links in it, so you can check out what I’ve stated. The one with Yehuda Glick getting arrested with his goat is pretty funny. The one about 8th graders in California decideding the Holocaust was a hoax for political and financial gain is sickening, as is the information about what common core is bringing.

For Those Who Served

I never served in the armed forces. My Dad did, he was in the Navy, as was Uncle Jerry.  I considered joining the Navy once when I got a recruiting letter from them. Life wasn’t going great at the time. I was living on my own, doing ok financially, had a great dog, but beyond that not so much.  I talked to my Dad about joining the Navy, it would have been in a medical capcity since that’s what my training was. Dad was really, really, really against it. “Dad, it’s only for four years, it could be a really good thing for me, look at this letter!”  Dad: “Um, what are you going to do with Smokey?” Me: “Well, can’t you keep her for four years? ” Dad: “No, she’d probably die before that. You wanted to get her, you got her. You took on that responsibility.” Looking back I can’t believe I ever even considered abandoning my “fur child”. Which gives you a clue how bad things were.  In retrospect, maybe Dad just knew how really lousy I am at taking senseless orders. Stuff that makes sense? Or things I can clarify if I don’t understand? Ok, I can work with that.  Senseless BS, not so much. One of my friends said one time I had the lowest BS tolerance of anyone she had ever met. I said “thank you”. I thought she meant it as a compliment. I mean, how else could you take it?

As I think about the men and women who have served our country in uniform, I am in awe and gratitude. They put their personal lives on hold, and in danger to serve for a period of time. Some make careers of it, I respect and admire them. I am such a “rut” or “routine” person. I can’t imagine being told “you’re moving to_____________”. Or many of the other sacrifices they make. And this is before you consider the obama VA scandal. It IS a scandal that these men and women that suited up and showed up when our country asked them are handed over to waiting lists to be on waiting lists and those that did this suffer no consequences because the titular “Commander in Chief” doesn’t like the military and does pretty much everything he can to destroy their morale and the military itself. It’s almost as shameful to the “welcome” the warriors came home to from the Viet Nam war. As I understand it, we never “lost” the war on the battlefield, we lost it because of politicians. People like the vile liar John Kerry should be spat upon, not made Secretary of State.  I was a young girl when Viet Nam ended. I was one of those that wore one of the POW bracelets. Mine was Captain James Elzinga I believe, though the bracelet is long gone now.  I kept it for many years, praying for him each night. How those warriors were treated when they came home, I think was the result of media manipulation. How the heck did people buy into it? To treat soliders that way?

When there was a draft? People were jerked out of their lives and thrust into the hell known as war. I don’t care if the war was “justified” or not. I really don’t. The people in our military have showed up, suited up and fought. They didn’t ask, well is this ok? Will it increase the carbon footprint? What about the forest? Will Hollyweird make a movie? No, they did what they were sent to do, more effectively before barry changed the rules of engagment to favor the enemy though.

I don’t like wars, I don’t want wars. But some things ARE worth fighting for.

Nothing is free. Freedom isn’t free, and the cost to the lives of those serving in the armed forces wasn’t free either.  I was told by a wise man, soldiers don’t fight because of what’s in front of them, they fight for what’s behind them. Meaning hearth & home, families and a way of life.

I know that there is much I do not understand about the military, I know that I don’t have great insight into what it was to be in the military, nor what it is to be the spouse of someone serving in the military. I can only speculate, talk to people and read to try to understand. I do those things when I get the chance.  I’m sure there will be wars until Jesus returns, but I would really like to see the preventable ones, like the current brewing un-civil war in Ferguson, prevented. I think this can be doing by partly being informed, and just have some morals! Don’t vote for someone who obviously hates the country he wants to “rule” cause he’s going to give you a free phone and free “stuff”.

So, today is the 8th of November. I have some things for you.

This link was posted by one of my team mates, the incredible Nicki Kenyon on the cost of war in the lives of some of the Marines after they came home. They paid a fiercesome price for US.

Know your enemy, know how situations arise. A post from The Zelman Partisans.

And last, a very moving, powerful video from Big & Rich called “The 8th of November”.


Do NOT let the sacrifices made by brave men and women to buy our freedom go in vain. Protect and guard it, fiercely, the same way they fought for it.


תן חופש צלצול
Tnoo la chofesh le tzaltzel
Let Freedom Ring!