I’ve felt so many times to be so hip deep in alligators I should just name them and get them vaccinated. I can vaguely remember a life where I used to keep the house fairly (for me) clean, I sewed a lot, knitted, crocheted had a sense of humor, you know, was a real person! I worked with my horse almost every day.

For a long time it’s felt like I just run from one responsibility to the next. My fence rows need to be cleaned, my house needs to be cleaned, though it is better. I need to fix a fence, clean out the chicken house and their play area and make sure it’s safe for them. I’d like to read a book, see if I remember how to knit and crochet. Goodness knows Captain could use the work, though probably less than I need to work him. It’s good for me.

Today I did some of the things I needed to do, but I also read a real book, just for a little bit and then I took advantage of the beautiful day God gave us. I went out and fixed the downed panels in the little round corral and got Captain. We just worked some on line, then I had the bareback pad on him and got on. First time this year. It’s been a brutal winter. Seems either the footing was good and it was -20, which is probably why the footing was good, it was frozen. Or the weather was 30 degrees and the footing was too sloppy. Or I had 14 other things demanding my attention. But today, I was a human, I rode my horse. We weren’t spectacular, he is still coming off the rail, but he did very well for not having been ridden for at least 3 months.  I was really hoping we wouldn’t rodeo, and we didn’t. He was really a good boy. He knows he was, he’s gets cookies when he gets it right. Hey, I don’t work for free, I don’t expect him to, and for him, it makes it more of a game and he likes to win that cookie.

We watched a movie tonight, Ring The Bell it is a Christian movie about a big city sports agent that runs from contract to contract with no need for God or really even other people in his life. He is a human doing, trying to accomplish all the goals the world says make him a successful man.

I think we can all fall into this trap, I know I have. Not because I want to achieve the world’s idea of “success” but because of the responsibilities that pull at me from many directions. The old, so focused on the journey, we forget to pay attention to the ride sort of thing.

As I search to find the direction God is pointing me, I need to remember I am a human being, there are times I need to just, well, be. And I firmly believe that blingy browbands can help me remember that I’ve been given many blessings by God. I should take time to appreciate them!

Blingy Browbands- They enhance your life!

Blingy Browbands- They enhance your life!