My friend Deb is home from Israel. I’m thrilled because I miss her. I’m sad because in a way it felt like I was losing my last link to over there.  When she posted pictures of our closet empty except for towels, empty kitchen cabinets and empty bookshelves I felt like crying. And I was only over there a week!

I don’t know if she realized what a hard time I was having or if she is just this great a person. She brought me back earrings because we didn’t get to go to the artist’s shuk in Tel Aviv, some halvah, some Elite coffee, my Rav Kav I used on the bus, and some other wonderful things. But a couple of times she had me close my eyes before she put something in my hands. On the last item, just as she got ready to place it in my hands, I jokingly said “It’s an Ibex, right?” It is! A little stuff toy Ibex.

So what is the deal with me and the Ibex (יעל ) pronounced Ya-el?

The day Deb picked me up from the airport I was going on being up for probably close to 30 some odd hours with no sleep. I get my luggage and have my carry on bag and purse and head out to the lobby talking to Deb on the phone the whole way cause I have no idea where to go. I find her and we go sit outside on a low wall and just marvel that I am there, in Israel. Our first leg of the trip home is on a train. I adore the train! So we’re riding along and talking about where we will go, what we will do and what we will see. I tell her Nissim has said several times I need to go to Ein Gedi, which is a beautiful garden area located very near Masada. And since I figure Nissim knows what he is talking about, I take his advice seriously, very seriously. Teasing me Deb says, well how will he know if we actually got to go? What are you going to do, stuff and Ibex in your suitcase for him? Maybe, what’s an Ibex? She explains the Ibex, and I get this visual picture in my mind of trying to clear Israeli security for the trip home with this leg sticking out the side of my suitcase. With no sleep in 30 some odd hours this is the funniest thing I’ve heard in months! I think I’m going to hurt my sides laughing cause it is that funny. If you don’t think it is a riot, go about 30 some odd hours and try picturing it again. Trust me, Deb is a riot. As we are on a train, it is entirely possible that Deb is beginning to consider stuffing ME in my suitcase. So throughout the trip, much like my still elusive Centurion Tank, the Ibex in the suitcase is a recurring theme.

I sat for the rest of our visit today holding him on my lap. He is just the most adorable little guy! I am considering different names for him and have it narrowed to three.

Have you ever seen anything so adorable?

Yael --יעל

Yael –יעל

The real McCoy, this was taken at Masada. That visit will be covered hopefully very soon!

The Handsome Ibex

The Handsome Ibex





Ok, so I’ve decided, the little Yael is going to be named Yoel. So he is Yoel the Yael (יעל ). Too cool, eh?