I admit, I need to make time to write about Masada. But as I was prowling the JPFO website I came across a page dedicated to the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. You know, the usual kind of stuff you find on the other Second Amendment groups pages.

They knew they weren’t going to win. They fought on anyway because it was the right thing to do. Some battles are worth having, because some things matter that much. Freedom, to live where and how you would, to worship, to speak, to peaceable assemble, to write and say what is on your mind and to keep the things that ensure those G-d given rights. Those things would be guns. Of course in this day an age, only certain groups have those “permissions”. Those of Judeo-Christian values, maybe not so much. In this day and age of the nanny state do you have the freedom to eat bacon or pink cookies as you choose?

How did they wind up in the Warsaw Ghetto?

I went to a lecture Wednesday on Females in the Fatherland. Did you know in the 1930s Germany they had the largest Feminist movement in the world? And yet the Reich had no leadership roles for women, women were basically baby factories (much like modern day Islam) and the Reich (much like modern day Islam) expected women to be subservient to men and to act for the benefit of others. What self respecting woman in her right mind would want her daughters to grow up that way?Turns out, tons of them. Women CHOSE to vote for the tyrant hitler (no, I did NOT mean to capitalize his name). They CHOSE to condemn their children both boys and girls to growing up under tyranny. Why? Because of the 1920s, 1930s German versions of MSNBC, CNN and basically all the mainstream media outlets of the day. Posters, pictures, and newspaper articles won over the weak minded sheeple and the voted for hitler in DROVES! I have no clue if they got their free “hitlerphone” or “freestuff” or not.

But I guess I just feel like thinking about those long ago resistance fighters, the JFO. Yep, the Jewish Fighting Organization.



This is the full text of the Declaration of the JFO that is talked about in the video. Yes, in English.

 Poles, Citizens, Freedom’s Soldiers.

Amidst the din of artillery with which the German army is firing into our houses, into the
homes of our mothers, children and wives;
Amidst the rattle of the machine guns which we are capturing while battling cowardly
gendarmes and SS-men
Amidst the smoke of fires and the dust of the blood of the murdered Warsaw Ghetto – we –
the prisoners of the Ghetto – send you our brotherly and cordial greetings.
We know that in heartfelt pain and tears of sympathy, that with admiration and fear for
the outcome of this battle you are watching the war that for many days now we are fighting
with the merciless occupiers.
But know also that each threshold in the Ghetto is a bastion and will remain so, that
though we may all perish in the battle but we will not surrender, that like you we are
gasping for revenge and punishment for all the criminal acts of our common enemy.
The fight is on for your and our F r e e d o m.
For your and our – human, societal, national – honor and dignity.
We shall avenge the crimes of Oświencim, Treblika, Belz, Majdanek.
Long live the brotherhood of blood and arms of Fighting Poland!
Long live F r e e d o m!
Death to the torturers and tormentors!
Long live the battle to the death with the occupiers!



Because some of them made it out alive some things survived. The stories of what they went through, the coping mechanisms they used, the resistance methods they used, the history, the culture, the legacy, and some lives. They went on, had wives, husbands and children. In the end they defeated the evil that would have destroyed them all. Because they lived. Not as slaves, as free people.

Some fights are worth having.