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A Sad Passover

There was a horrible shooting at the Jewish Community Center in Overland Park yesterday. Three people were killed by a maniac. Yes, I know his name, no I won’t use it. I took a class from Lt. Col. Dave Grossman who made a point of not mentioning the criminals name, only those of the victims. They wanted notority, I will not give it to them. This man was filled with hatered, and he choose to leave Missouri and go to Kansas to the Jewish Community Center. I suppose he figured if he opened fire in the parking lot he was bound to hit some. I’m not sure he did, a young boy Reat Underwood and his Grandfather, Dr. William Lewis Corporon I believe were members of Church of the Resurrection. Terri LaManno, who was shot at Village Shalom was a member at Saint Peter’s Catholic Church. Dr. Corporon and Terri both had jobs in the healthcare profession, they spent their lives trying to help others.

But when they needed help, there was none. Yes, the Jewish Community Center has an armed guard, and when they’ve had big events they have had a good off duty police presence. But since the Community Center is posted as a gun free zone, I am not sure how many would chose to carry and leave their gun in their cars. Since the shooting happened in the parking lot it would seem that no one there was able to intervene. Had they been able to, Terri would still be alive because he left the JCC and went to Village Shalom (which means peace, in Hebrew). Terri was killed as she was taking her Mother something to eat.

I’ve heard people say, “Why does God let these things happen” God has given us free will. We are not puppets on strings that he manipulates like marionettes. We CHOOSE how we will live our lives. We CHOOSE to follow good or evil. And there are most assuredly evil people out there. Which is why I’m a big proponent of concealed carry. Had there been someone in the parking lot who could have intervened, the outcome might have been very different. Then we would have been grateful his evil soul was roasting in hell with adolph hitler whose name he cried in the nazi fashion “heil hitler” as he was loaded into the squad car. No, I didn’t mean to capitalize any of that, why do you ask?

Now there will be many people celebrating a very sad passover. Yes, it is still a celebration of the deliverance from slavery, but family and friends, I’m sure will have a hard time with the pain during what should be such a happy time of year. My heart goes out to them.

The Problem

The Solution

Jews For The Preservation of Firearm Ownership

No, I’m not blood-thirsty, and my trigger finger isn’t just “itchin'” to shoot someone. But honestly, I can’t imagine anything much worse than watching someone you love or care about being attacked and having to stand by helplessly and watch. Unable to do something effective to stop it.


  1. The saddest part is there are many more, of the same mind set of the shooter, and we do not know who they are for the most part, these are the sort of people that make it hard for the rest of us to try to communicate to the Anti Gunners that this individual was not in his right mind and was eat up with years of hate and an ideology of hatred. There was nothing that could have changed him or his plot to do what he did. Evil is simply evil, and like a snake sooner or later it will raise its ugly head and strike.
    Our Hearts and Prayers go out to the Friends and Family of the lost ones.

  2. AMEN!! Well said and PLEASE continue writing with your thoughts and comments that support conceal carry. When one listens to the news in these times conceal carry seems to be our main means of safety and security.

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