This coming Sunday is going to be the Second Annual “A Taste of Israel”! The Israel Spirit Committee is bring a bit of Israel to Lone Jack, MO. to Open Range Fellowship.  And that should be a good time! It certainly was last year. You can find us at 204 E. Casey Rd. in Lone Jack MO from 11:30-1600 (4 PM) on Sunday the 21st. Admission is FREE, so we are hoping for a great crowd!

We will again have the very popular section on “Hebrew-God’s Language”. In addition to that will will have a class on Dreidel/Savivon. I’m pretty excited about that since I’m teaching it! It will be my first time to teach a class for Israel Spirit. If you don’t realize the Savivon has political overtones, well it’s because you haven’t sat through my class!

We will also have fabulous food! So, if you didn’t make it to the Ethnic Enrichment Festival and are craving the best Felafel, Hummus and Israeli Salad, not to mention stuffed Dates? Well then, you have another chance! A combination plate with Felafel, pita bread, hummus, Israeli salad and a pickle slice will only set you back $4.00, a hummus plate is $3.00 and stuffed dates for dessert? $1.00……that’s some good bargain on great food!

We will also have the Tikvah team that will be demonstrating Israeli folk dancing and then most happily for me, there will be community dancing! And I have it on VERY good authority (thank you Sue-Ellen) that we will be doing the “Goat Dance” Tayish.

We may have a story telling section too, and of course we will have a history section.

I’ve got a slide show that can run through the whole day.  Well, alright, it might have to repeat a few times, but it’s well over an hour long.

In the hall we will have a “passport” area, where you will be issued a passport upon your arrival. Since your name won’t be in it yet, we have a very nice gentleman who will write your name in it, in Hebrew! We will have an archeology dig for the kids, and Jerusalem Stone in KC is donating some stone and tiles to make the beautiful mosaics that everyone loved last year.

You can peruse the “Did you Know” cards and see how much you did or didn’t know about Israel. But no matter what, you will know more when you are done!

It should be a fun filled day for the whole family. Food, Fellowship and Fun. Does it get any better? Come join us!