Well, it seems little Barry has a long and proud history of setting up nations to be easy to invade or be conquered. The Daily Mail (British, the American Press would never point this out) has an interesting article. Seems little Barry, after being in office for a whole SEVEN MONTHS flew with his good buddy Dick Luger to the Ukraine. They toured a ammo dump, mostly supplies left by the Soviets, when they pulled out. The US senators (not content to merely work on US gun control) spent $48 million US taxpayer dollars to destroy the weapons and ammo, rather than just leaving things alone. The Ukraine exported a lot of the small arms, but most of the ammunition, necessary for keeping a standing army supplied were destroyed. I wonder if that’s anything like why normal American citizens have a hard time finding ammunition? The Mail reported that many of the shells shown in the photos would have been the kind that would be needed to keep the advancing Russians at bay, were no longer available to use, thanks to Barry & Dick.

U.S. intervention? HA! Barry has so decimated the American military that there is no way we could help, and in my opinion, Barry wouldn’t anyway. Didn’t he promise Putin he would be more “flexible” in his second term? He knows if he goes up against Putin he will need to be “flexible” enough to bend over and kiss his butt goodbye. Which wouldn’t bother me that much, except I have a feeling a few U.S. citizens or military would be kissing theirs goodbye too. Barry & John Kerry seem SHOCKED, SHOCKED I say that Putin isn’t even worrying about Barry’s phone calls. In fact, as I read it, he pretty much told Barry how the cow ate the cabbage on the last one.

An American in the Ukraine training their troops talks about how much they want to be free. They are willing to go up against a force that is better armed (thanks to Barry & Dick and the American Taxpayers) better trained and more of them, so that their children might have the chance to be free. The American figures about the only help the Ukrainians might get is from the Poles. He states that they have a long, proud military history. Reminds me of the book, Mila 18, by Leon Uris. Mila 18 took place during WWII, mostly in the Warsaw Ghetto. Hitler moved in stating he had to protect the ethnic Germans in the area that were being “mistreated”. And, Putin taking a page, is claiming the same, that he has to move in to protect the ethnic Russians.

Debkafile has pointed out Putin is not afraid of Barry, he knows when it comes to foreign policy (domestic policy, monetary policy, Constitutional Policy, etc) he is a “Clueless” twit, who has surrounded himself with clueless twits to keep him company.

The Ukrainians, like the Americans will pay dearly for the day Barry set foot on their soil. Who pays the highest has yet to be determined.


Putin juggles chainsaws, Barry juggles golf dates