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Bread Inequality-Pita

No, not the phony income inequality stuff barry is always talking about in yet another attempt to divide Americans. This one is real. This one was a crisis. I was out of Pita bread and I NEEDED it to make my lunch to take to work. Walmart usually has Pita bread back in the deli section but this time no luck. Here I was with a tub full of yummy roasted red pepper hummus and no Pita bread. I went to the bakery section, 4,329 kinds of tortilla, burrito, taco, tostito, superdito, expidito, wrappers. I mean PILES of them, TONS of them. Enough to open your own restaurant. I resumed my search for Pita bread, thinking this should be easy, this was on Tuesday, which was Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israel’s Independence day. I couldn’t find Pita. Back to deli where I asked a lady and she told me I had to go to bakery and ask for it, they would bring it out. I’m thinking, um, while I’m not in marketing this seems like a bad marketing plan to me. Why not just put it out with the 4,329 kinds of Mexican bread stuffs? Then people could BUY it. But I did as she said, found someone in produce and asked. She went and got a gal from inside the bakery, she said they were out. OUT? It’s Yom Ha’atzmaut, HOW can you be out of Pita? Apparently Israel’s Independence day doesn’t rank in the Walmart marketing mind the same as a holiday made famous by beer companies. Now there was a battle in Mexico on that day when the Mexicans kept the French from helping the Confederacy in the Civil War, but they don’t even celebrate this holiday in Mexico that much. Beer companies in the 80s made it very popular in the states. Weird, huh?

Not only Walmart gives Israelis a hard time. So does Newsweek magazine. In what I would call a hit piece they claim a congressional staffer said Israel’s spying on the US “very sobering…alarming…even terrifying.” Another staffer called it “damaging.”  I guess I wonder WHAT are they spying on? How barry is going to pressure them next to give up the land that is their birthright? How much can they give away? They have given away land more than once trying to gain peace, and it just never seems to work. I guess I wonder what does G_d think of them giving away the land he gave them, and what does he think about nations that pressure them to do so again? The Israelis are plenty tech savvy enough on their own, I can’t imagine what they would need to spy on US to gain. Yes indeedy, I do love my cell phone, thank you Israelis.

The hit piece also pointed out Israel wanted to be on the list of nations that their citizens don’t need a visa to visit the US.  Probably the same helpful “congressional staffer” gave some BS reasons why that wouldn’t happen and claimed Israel hadn’t done anything to get on the list. They seemed very worried about Israelis coming into the country. If it weren’t so ludicrous it would be funny. I mean really, was it Israelis who flew planes into our Twin Towers and the Pentagon? Israelis who shot up Fort Hood, either time? Was it Israelis who set off bombs at the Boston Marathon? Israelis who are sneaking across the Southern border and running drugs, signing up and getting welfare and obamacare benefits WE pay for? Um, NO! Nope, THAT lot barry and biden want to give amnesty to, and make sure they vote. To be fair, bohner wants to give amnesty as well.

Somehow, I can’t see the Israelis threatening violence against anyone wearing an American Flag t-shirt on Yom Ha’atzmaut. If all of our countries problems were as “terrifying”, I wouldn’t be so terrified.

Say, didn’t I hear Newsweek is going out of print? With solid “journalism” like that, I can’t see why, can you?

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  1. RIDE ON!! Super said!! The blessed outcome of no pita bread at Wal-mart!!

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