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But What If There Really IS A Fire?

But, What if there IS a Fire?

I know I’ve heard it said that the first one that starts calling someone a nazi lost the argument. It’s sort of like calling someone a racist these days. It’s done to shut down discussion. You aren’t suppose to yell “FIRE” in a crowded theater either, unless there really IS a fire. Now goodness knows, when George W. Bush was President, the left called him a nazi, did photos with the little hitler mustache, but THAT was different. Because then it was “free speech”. Because it was Bush, it doesn’t have to make sense, it’s progressives. Now, if you disagree on an ISSUE with barry, nothing against him, but the ISSUE, now that’s racist. It doesn’t have to make sense, it’s progressives.

So back to “nazis” and yelling “fire”. I didn’t live through WWII, I didn’t see it happen, and I didn’t see the aftermath. Even if I had, it would have been from a Stateside American’s point of view, meaning while I saw pictures of bodies and trenches and concentration camps, I didn’t see THEM. While I attended public school, and made good grades in history, I didn’t LIVE it. So my, as I suspect most people’s view’s, are formed by my education (or lack of) what I’ve learned on my own by reading and talking to people, or listening to what people have to say about a subject through different venues.

First up, we have Kitty Werthmann, she is a survivor of Austria under hitler. Here is what Kitty had to say about firearms: We also had gun registration. The Austrian people all had guns, but the government said, “guns are very dangerous. Children are playing with guns. Hunting accidents happen and we really have to have total control – safety. We have to trace criminals and the only way is by the serial number of the gun.” We dutifully went to the police station and we registered guns.

Not long after registering our guns, they said “no, it didn’t help. The only way we can prevent accidents and crimes is for you to turn-in your guns at the police station, and then we won’t have any crimes or any accidents.” If you didn’t turn in your guns – capital punishment. So we turned in our guns. If you have never read Kitty’s statement on hitler, and how he was elected by 98%, he didn’t roll into Austria with guns and tanks, you should read the whole thing. You can at

The left hates her. They can’t argue with the facts of her story, nor what she experienced, so they prefer to point out that she is totally off her rocker to say that she sees the same conditions arising here.

Next we have Irma. Irma was a caller to the Buck Sexton radio show on The Blaze (Glen Beck’s network). Irma lives in Massachusetts today, but she was born in 1930 under German fascism. It doesn’t matter much what you think about Glen Beck (personally, I like him) Irma was a call in, not a scheduled guest speaker on the show. She talked about how her Father fought tyranny all his life, and the price he paid for it. She talked about conditions in Germany under hitler and how she sees the same conditions and circumstances arising in this county. She lamented her lack of involvement and not speaking out sooner. At 84 she is attempting to rectify the situation, she points out, there is no place left to go. You can listen and read here:

Lastly we have a lady that was a patient of mine at a hospital I worked at. I will call her Hilga. Hilga was a concentration camp survivor. She seldom, ok, only once, talked about it. We had a discussion once about guns. I don’t even remember what brought it up, but she remarked that “guns scare me”. I said I wasn’t surprised, that it isn’t the gun that is the enemy. The gun is an inanimate object, a piece of metal with no will or mind of it’s own. It’s the hand the gun is held in that will determine if it is used for good or evil! I asked her, if more Jews had been armed, what do you think would have happened? Do you really think adults would have let their families be drug off to concentration camps? I told her I really didn’t think so, the only reason they could so easily do what they did, was the lack of armed resistance. She seemed skeptical. One day she cornered me in the locker room, she was upset and agitated. She came to her point quickly “I left Germany to get away from this crap (she used another word) and now I see it happening here! The same things I saw over there, I’m now seeing happen over here! Where am I suppose to go now? What am I suppose to do now?” She is afraid to speak out, leftover no doubt from her experience. Other than the IRS, DOJ, NSA, progressives targeting someONE who they disagree with (really? Ask Phil Robertson) what possible reason could she have to be afraid? There wasn’t much I could say to her, I told her I didn’t see that easily happening here, many American citizens are armed. Did she think we would allow our Jewish neighbors, or friends, or ANY neighbors or friends to be easily hauled off by the government? She looked at me dubiously. I told her as long as we remained armed, it wouldn’t happen. I said now, when they do go for the guns, look for things to happen very, very quickly.

So what brings all this up now you ask? I picture I saw recently, on FaceBook and then there was an alert sent out by JPFO,

It involved Gun Owners in Connecticut lining up to register their legally owned firearms. The photo on FaceBook showed it above a photo of Gun Owners in Weimar Germany….I’m guessing they know what they’re talking about.

JPFO (Jews For The Preservation of Firearm Ownership) says Connecticut is moving one step closer to confiscation

And it looks like the Sipsey Street Irregulars have sent an open letter to the men and women of the State Police.

There is that normalcy bias problem, people don’t want to see what is coming based on what is happening NOW. The see the signs, but it doesn’t mean here what it meant when it showed up in other countries.

Our elected officials are doing what about it? Crickets?? Well, no, Wrong Way jay nixon is following in the imperial barry’s footsteps and using executive orders to defy the will of the people.

Remember I said there is more than one way to get legislators who WILL listen to the governed? Well, it seems jolly old England has their very own version of the Tea Party, only it’s not a faction of the previously conservative party. It’s a new, separate party. Listen to this: Cameron has radically overhauled the “Tories,” embracing nationalized health care, fighting for gay marriage, and changing the party logo from the flame of liberty to an environmentally conscious tree. This, UKIP argues, makes them indistinguishable from the left-wing Labour Party and Liberal Democrats.

It is here where UKIP spied an opportunity, adopting an anti-establishment, populist platform that argues for lower taxation, smaller government and getting Britain out of the European Union.

The message is proving effective. UKIP look likely to make significant inroads in the next general election in 2015, possibly snatching seats away from the main parties. And that’s only a snippet! You can read the whole thing here:

Stodgy old England has beat us to the punch, or tea. But either way, the threat will likely make some waffling Tories consider straightening up and flying, well, right as it were. Perhaps it can be a path for us or US as it were.

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  1. The whole thing about England will bear watching, just to see the direction it will take, they have been week kneed in the past, so now perhaps they have started to grow a spine.

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