How many times have you been in a store and seen a 3 year old brat giving his parents a fit. He/she wants a toy, wants it right now and if he/she doesn’t get it the whole store is treated to screams of boorish outrage. Then do you see the parent cringing under the unappreciative glares of fellow shoppers? Or do they do the  ineffective, “I’m going to count to three, one, two, three, no Freddie, I mean it, now, one, two, three Fredrick Joseph I’m serious, one, two, three. By then you are ready to go slap the parent! As a parent you can either correct this behavior or be treated to some form of it for the rest of your, or his/her life.

Any other horse people out there? I have a 1300 lb critter with a mind of his own. Most of the time we work well together, but when I first got him we could be working in a round corral and if he didn’t appreciate what he was trying to learn he would send a hoof flying my way like a 15 year old boy with a bad attitude and flip me the hoof. I can either correct this nonsense (which I choose to do) or one of these days that flying hoof may catch me. I can either correct it when he starts to buck or run over the top of me or I can live with the consequences. I choose not to.

So this brings me to the point of the column for today. I have taken some pretty heavy incoming fire for criticizing the NRA over their bad behavior on SB 613 here in Missouri. But I tend to view it in the same light as the examples above. WHY do we have a Attorney General who would so obviously lie about what the 2013 version of the Second Amendment Protection Act would have done? Why do we have an AG that would release a lie filled letter one week before the veto override vote when legislators and law enforcement wouldn’t have enough time to properly check it out? Wellllllll, because the NRA endorsed him. Yep, that batch of orange cards went out and voters went to the polls. Now, the WMSA and GOA , and GCLA (two of those are the Grassroots Second Amendment Groups in MO) endorsed Ed Martin, a good man who would have been a great Attorney General. But the NRA voters weren’t properly informed. Did the media call out the AG on his lies? Not so much, some like this column at the bottom, but the “lamestream” media, naw, they gave Koster’s lies a pass.  Now, Second Amendment groups howled, we KNEW he was lying, Sen Nieves said at the second rally that the letter was filled with lies. The NRA did nothing to help, and continued to quietly signal their disapproval of this bill. But we knew Koster lied, and we said so!

That brings us to the NRA and their lies on this years version of the SAPA. They lied in their press release as bad as Koster does. They have not sent a correction. I guess they looked at how Koster got away with it and decided it works well. If this were a liberal lying we would be on them likes ducks on a June bug. In a heartbeat! But because it’s the NRA, we shouldn’t say anything? Because they are our “friends” (a point I would hotly debate) we should give outrageous lies against a friend (Sen. Nieves) a pass? I don’t think so!

A friend of mine pointed out 10 years ago the NRA sold out gun owners on the Assault Weapons ban, the members rose up howled and let them know how angry they were, now the NRA is backing the AR shooters against the Federal Leviathan. Because enough people contacted them and told them the error of their ways. Well, and wine and Life lock sales probably dropped off.

If the NRA doesn’t learn that members are VERY unhappy with them, if NRA members don’t tell their friends to contact them and howl, the NRA like a spoiled child, or a misbehaving animal will continue down it’s path. And no NRA members are going to learn what is going on if they aren’t told. This doesn’t sound like a winning strategy to me!

Will we cover up our “friends” bad behavior, or will we tell them they are wrong? We do not support them and will not cover for them if they choose to continue down this path. Personally I seldom listen to the NRA voter endorsements for MO, they usually get it wrong.

It’s hard when you have a “spat” with a friend or a loved one. But when what they are doing hurts innocent parties (law abiding Missouri gun owners) and hurts the cause of Liberty it’s a choice. You have principles (lying to harm someone is wrong) or you don’t.

Your call, what do you think?  compromise


I’ll leave you with this, I think the words to this song are pretty good.