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Day 2-The Salt Sea

Day 2 So today was the day we went to Yam Melech, Salt Sea or you might call it the Dead Sea. The bus ride was fabulous and I even grabbed a few snap shots of my beloved Masada from the bus window as we went by.

מצדה Masada


Alas, this year I did not get to see any Gamalim (camels) en route. But I did get to see goats being herded. Not for the tourists, but for a living.

But NOT Camels!

But NOT Camels!

I should take that back. We did get to see two gamalim. When the bus took a 15 minute rest stop on the way a couple of Arabs had a couple of camels saddled up over at the side. They would allow tourists to ride the camels. And no, I didn’t. Once we got to the Dead Sea the first order of business was to find Cafe Cafe. We NEEDED coffee. You understand of course, right? Well, and a bathroom. With the most pressing items on the list taken care of we headed down to the beach. We walked around until we found a shelter with some empty space and ask the young girl there if we could sit there. There were 4 other people coming, but we left room and it worked out great. The rest of the day was spent taking turns going and floating on the water and guarding our stuff.

The Salt Sea, as you can see, not dead.

The Salt Sea, as you can see, not dead.

Lunch was fabulous, Deb had packed us a good lunch. After each dip in the sea you could go rinse off in fresh water showers. There were things that were different than any other body of water. Don’t rush into it, like you see people running into the ocean, because you don’t want to fall. The buoyancy can float your feet up. Having your head under salt water is bad. But the floating is awesome! I floated on my back a lot, I liked looking at my cheerful orange toenails pop up out of the water. You can also float vertically, you don’t need to paddle or anything. You just let go, of everything and float. It’s also an excellent place to just let go and pray. I also spent some time reading my book while Deb took her turn in the water. About 1630 we changed and headed to Cafe Cafe for dinner. Huge, fabulous salads! With cafe ha fouk after. Then we went and hung out at the bus stop and caught the bus for Beer Sheva so we could pick up the train to Tel Aviv. While we were on the bus we went by the apartment where we lived last year. I got to see my beloved Etz Tamar (palm tree). The train ride back to Tel Aviv was quiet, we got back around 2212 and then we grabbed a bus back to the apartment. Got home, showered & shampoo and no more salt crust. A cup of coffee, some roof time and a prayer of thanks. Bed time.

Night Sky in Tel Aviv

Night Sky in Tel Aviv

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