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Echoes of the Past, gun registration

When I first started really paying attention to Second Amendment Politics and shooting, someone brought up the movie Red Dawn. At the beginning of the movie the invaders (Russian and Cuban by the way) first stormed into Colorado, one of the first places they went was the sporting goods store to pull all the 4473s. That’s the form a person purchasing a firearm has to fill out. The seller then calls the information into NICS and the seller is told if the person is allowed to purchase the gun, not purchase, or is delayed for a maximum of 3 days. Why did they want the 4473s? For the same reason the Police did after Hurricane Katrina, so they could go door to door and collect them of course. You didn’t realize gun confiscation had happened in America? You didn’t realize it had happened more than once? Well, it started during the War for Independence.

So Connecticut has enacted some quite draconian gun control. They must register their legally owned rifles and magazines.

In line to register their legally owned guns. Germany and CT.

In line to register their legally owned guns. Germany and CT.


Some however, knew or remembered the past, and they refused to do so. The CT state police had a message for them. Notice, they already know who has them.


The people were told, they didn’t need guns. Law enforcement and the government will keep us safe.

So, how well did that work out?

So, how well did that work out?


As Lt. Col. Allen West points out, this has happened before. In fact, that’s where I got the idea for the title of this post. When someone with Lt. Col. West’s history points out the pattern, and similarities, I listen. Are you?

You realize what the marks are, right?

You realize what the marks are, right? I’d say when ANYONE mentions gun control.



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  1. There are two main differences in Gun Control:
    Government Definition: Removing the weapons from the general Population so as to render them defenseless.

    Our Definition: Those of us who are Gun Owners are concerned with hitting the Bullseye of our targets, and becoming proficient with our weapons, to teach our wives and children to also become the same, remember in the Movie the Patriot when the Father told the youngest son “remember aim small, Miss Small”. This was from his teaching the youngster the art of shooting. This is not to become a civilian Militia, but in fact that is exactly what we are as Citizens, and this is why the Central Government fear us, and in order to take completer control over us we can not have the ability to defend ourselves.
    The Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution for this very reason, to prevent the Government from taking over and becoming the Big dog on the block with the biggest bite.

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