One of the things that just really concerns me, and makes me angry is the government’s move deeper into the “Big Brother” role.  All this new spying on citizens technology. People say “well, if you aren’t doing anything wrong, then why worry”?  Well, for one, I like my privacy. For two, and more importantly because we have a government that in very invested in making more and more everyday things illegal. There is now legislation to make using wood to heat your home illegal on the table. Who would have ever thought they would see the day when 32 oz. drinks were illegal. No, not alcoholic, SODA POP for goodness sake! PARENTS have been fined for what they sent with their children to eat for lunch. People need to think about what can become illegal in the future.

Our congress critters (including my own Representative and Senators)  seem completely clueless when it comes to NSA spying. Our Senators voted that it was fine to use drones to spy on American citizens. No, not suspects, just any citizen. My Representative sent out a email crowing about how the NSA will keep us safe from terrorism and that Edward Snowden was a traitor. Maybe to her, not to MANY Americans who are grateful to find out how their government has been using the money they confiscated from their subjects. I don’t think she (the Representative) grasps that the “terrorists” that she is so happy that the NSA will find are HER usual campaign donors. Or in my case, former donor. The kind of people that worked on and donated to her campaign are the kind of people the NSA and IRS consider “terrorists”.

Yep, both sides of the aisle are now bi-partisan in selling out average Americans. Oh yea for bi-partisanship, right?



I think the ACLU is a communist (they don’t get capital letters) organization, but I think they got this one right! Remember in Missouri, Oklahoma and who knows how many other states Concealed Carry holders have had their data, including a biometric photo turned over to the government data base run by MorphoTrust, a French company in Georgia. Well, as well as the SSA and BATFE. Once they have it, what they do with it is up to them, isn’t it?