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From TZP-Know Your Reptiles

Sorry folks! Life has been a bit, hectic shall we say.  I’ve been wanting to do a column for both TZP and Sybil. I got TZP’s done early this morning, so hopefully can get one for myself later today. But for now, this one is about sort of Gov. Jay Nixon and Ferguson.

Know Your Reptiles


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  1. Kelly Jarboe (U.S. Navy 1959 - 1967)

    04/12/2014 at 10:24

    The sad part is that the People of Missouri have no real Leadership in the Missouri House, from the Gov. Down, with the few exceptional Senators and Representatives we have that actually do the very best they can to Observe the Missouri, and Federal Constitution, and most of all adhere to the writings of both.
    The Governor and Attorney General, are far more concerned with their political Careers than the People they are supposed to be protecting.
    As to the Ferguson situation, it was an opportunity to create a Race Issue, which for the most part would never have gone to the degree it did without someone adding fuel to the fire, I blame the Media for that and the false assertion that Brown held his hands up saying “Don’t Shoot” was nothing more than the Media rushing to meet a headline, to be first to break a story without the facts, which led to a whole can of worms, and property lost and vandalized by thugs many of which I doubt were even Citizens of the City.

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