Reading about and watching videos of the recent violence in the Ukraine (and Venezuela) is a very vivid reminder of what happens to people who aren’t armed because they have the government to “take care of them and protect them”. As I watch this first video it seems to me most of the citizens (protesters) are armed with wood, as shields and as clubs, some shields made of what looks like sheet metal maybe? They want freedom so much, they don’t want to go back to communism, they want to go closer to Europe, which is socialist, in my opinion. I suppose compared to communism it  is “more free”. I understand the protesters have some hunting rifles, but in the video clip they look like they are armed mostly with clubs and the will to be free, as they are fired on by the governmental snipers.  In some of the video clips I’ve seen the protesters are wearing hard hats, bicycle helmets maybe some old military helmets. Some have no helmets.

But from today’s TownHall  Katie Pavlich tells us that since the protesters were victorious they are demanding some new Constitutional Amendments. One proposed by the “Ukrainian Gun Owners Association” is: Amend Article 27, paragraph four as follows:
“Everyone has the right to freedom of owning a firearm to protect their life and health, housing and property, life and health of other people’s constitutional rights and freedoms in the case of usurpation of power , the encroachments on the constitutional order , sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine . Exercising the right to free possession of firearms is governed by applicable law and may be limited only by the court on the individual. “

They sound like America’s Gun Owners of America to me!

The Ukrainians are fighting so hard for what so many in America are trying to throw away with both hands, the right to live as free people, safe from thugs (of all stripes). When Americans say we don’t need a Second Amendment, that it doesn’t mean what it means, they are living in a fools world.

Because they don’t think it would ever happen here.




Would it?