While I used to tend to think of Nannies as nice things, like Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins, or perhaps Maria in the Sound of Music, or Nanny McPhee even, I don’t anymore. I think of them as ragin’ liberals like Mikey Bloomberg who is determined that you are NOT to have the drink of your choice. Oh, liquor? Fine, just no soda pop of 32 oz. I am still astonished people vote for this piece of chewing gum on the bottom of a shoe. Not sure how many mayors have dropped out of his mayors against illegal (or legal) guns, but when some of them found out it was a sham, they departed. I also think he has cost a few candidates their race. GOOD deal! Finally a use for Mikey, if Mikey likes it (as in the old Life cereal commercial) then the candidate probably stinks. A lot.

Speaking of breakfast cereal, it seems some of the Major league popular breakfast cereals have caught on to Moochelle’s game plan. Ban for you, what she thinks is bad, now what she and her brood eat has nothing to do with that. Don’t you understand? They are “special”, can you say “elitist”? I KNEW you could!

Now, a couple things I would REALLLY REEEEEEAAAALLLLY like to know, why does ANYONE listen to this moonbat? I mean the “Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010” was SUCH, a winner, er, or was that wiener? Nope, no wiener, that would be processed meat. Sort of. The kids HATED it, they hated the food Moochelle wanted them to eat, they hated that they were still hungry, AND if you read the opening section, it didn’t even contain enough calories. What does it say when the kids and the teachers work together to create a video like this? And parents let their kids suffer in public indoctrination cent, er I mean, um school? Oh, right, some schools no longer allow children to bring their lunches, I mean after all, raising them can’t be left to the parents, it must be up to Moochelle!

So, you ask, why do I call her Moochelle? Well, ever looked at how many taxpayer funded trips she and the rug rats take? I mean, I guess they aren’t her rug rats when she’s paying them as Senior staff right? What was that Mooch said about somebody having to give up a piece of their pie so someone else could have more? Yet, I don’t see the obamas giving up any of their pie, in fact they seem to be like the school yard bully stealing more from the other kids. And now she heads off to China, rug rats and her Mom, um staffers in tow. What I want to know, is WHY do the taxpayers have to foot the bill? How about Congress man up, or woman up, or sic Sarah Palin on them if they are afraid, and tell them you get two weeks vacation per year. That’s it. We pay you enough (too much). Sarah Palin sold the Alaskan Governor’s private jet on eBay. She could sort the obamas and tell them the taxpayers can’t afford it. They are going to have to give up a piece of their “pie” so the rest of us can afford beans. You know, I asked my Representative that question, why can’t you limit them to two weeks, like the rest of us mere subjects get? Never did get an answer. We need politicians with more principles and spine!