The Party

There was once a wonderful man, he was actually the richest man on earth. But far from being arrogant, he was kind, merciful and loving. He was a real tzadik, The Party



Shimshon has been thinking about the cold weather, about Livestock guardian dogs and pets who haven’t been neutered. He thinks I said “tutored” Ah well, he’s not old enough to really understand it anyway. He’s got the jist. He makes a fine little partner and he’s learning more all the time. He’s has a lot of thoughts for a puppy. Partners

Shimshon’s Say

My Anatolian puppy has decided that he thinks he should have his own blog. Well, if it keeps him from chewing up something else, and he’s willing to try it despite that lack of opposable thumbs, who am I to stand in his way. You can find him at Shimshon’s Say

Movin’ On or Movin’ Up?

In the mid-1970s there was a TV show called “Movin’ On” about a pair of truck drivers, Will and Sonny, theme song by Merle Haggard. These guys were not pick up truck drivers as you can see, they drove the big 18 wheelers and probably why Kenworth is still my favorite…. Read More

Facing the Quicksand

I’m sure everyone has had to do things they don’t especially want to do. For me lately it’s been a barn infested with raccoons. Oh yes, they are cute, they are adorable, very clever little bandits. Until you find they have killed one third of your flock of chickens like I did several years ago.……Read More

Love Notes From G-d

Some times I get to thinking that things I think need to happen aren’t happening fast enough. Or perhaps that I’m not doing enough to make them happen, or that I’m doing things that keep them from happening. And, perhaps, sometimes some of those things are true. .…………  Read More.

A Lot Can Happen In 30 Seconds

A tornado hit my best friend’s farm the other night. I got a call from her a few minutes after it happened. She sounded pretty calm, it crossed my mind it could be the calm of someone partly in shock. Read More

Amona, Samaria, Israel

I just can not seem to let the injustice that is occurring in Amona, in Samaria, Israel go. I just can’t. Read More.

Why Trump? Little Things and Big Things

I guess some people are genuinely baffled at how President Elect Trump became President Elect. They just don’t understand how that could be. Read More.

So, Do You Have That $15,000?

A new story broke on Gateway Pundit.  It seems our illustrious dear leader has urged illegals to vote. This was broadcast on public television. Read More

Voter Manipulation

When I first thought about writing this column, I was just going to do a column on vote fraud. But then I started seeing all these other machinations that are going on that also are trying to influence this election. Some of them have as much potential impact as vote fraud. That’s when I decided to do a column on the bigger picture of voter manipulation. So let’s just take a look at a few of the elements in play, shall we?  Read More.

A Tale of Two Roosters

Sometimes I just need to lend a hand, not solve the problem Read More.

I Believe in Miracles–From TZP

I’m too jet lagged. So I’m just linking the column Read More.

Matzah Miracles

Today is Pesach Shani, the second Passover. The first, and big Passover was celebrated a month ago. I didn’t get to celebrate as I would have liked, I was at work. But I was still very blessed. Read More.

Is THIS What We’ve Become?

How much should we allow business owners to control their businesses? What if they make the wrong choice? Isn’t it up to us to save them from themselves? Read More.

The Double Edged Standard Sword

The double standards used by the media and Demoncratic politicians are costing lives. Just like political correctness does. Do they care or worry about it? Meh, not so much…Read More.

Hunters, Trail Riders, Hikers and Bikers

For those that are  outdoor enthusiasts, please take a minute to read this one.

War Horses

My one week late tardy column. Believe me when I say I’m sorry it’s late, but the cause was a very worthy one, and I so much wanted to be able to tell you how my event went. Read More

The Zelman Partisans Alert List

Now live active and you can sign up for free! Bear does a great job and these are beautiful! Read More

I Am Woman Hear Me Whine

I saw a column a few days ago about a University of Miami Law Professor who was opposed to a campus carry bill making it’s way through the Florida senate. Read More


France has helpfully drafted a proposal to the U.N. to internationalize the Temple Mount, Har ha-Beyit. They feel that seizing control of a section of Israel’s sovereign and most holy ground will somehow calm the violence. I never accused the U.N. of being clever, but I never thought them that stupid either.-ReadMore

Nightmare on HaKotel Street

I really, really, really do think there is a connection between what happens in Israel and what happens in America. Read More

Am I a Calzone?

Ahh, the days of Missouri politics. But since there are forces afoot to try to stifle free speech…Read More

Israel-Day 3-The Ghetto Fighters Museum

The beautiful city of Acco. Read more

Israel-Day 2

Ok, hopefully can get back to sharing adventure with you! Day 2, the Salt Sea. Day 2

Israel-Day 1

With wonky wireless it’s been a challenge to post! Sorry.  Day 1 

Mother’s Day Musings-From TZP

I thought I might write a little Mother’s Day tribute to those women that actually are Mother’s.  Read More.

Yom HaShoah + More over at the TZP

Looking at Yom HaShoah, and Claire let’s us know about the NRA covering up for the,,,,,wait for it……BATFE. Yep, really. Read More.

The Disconnect – From TZP

Does it just drive you nuts when Hollyweird hypocrites open their mouths and the junk just pours out? Not to mention their total disconnect with how reality works? Read More.

The Watchmen (and women) on the wall–on TZP

G-d appoints some people to be Watchmen (and women) and they have a serious responsibility. Read More.

John Hancock Is Pond Scum

Well, I don’t mean it negatively of course, it just came up in casual conversion. Practically mentioned as an aside. It’s not like I mentioned he’s a bottom feeder that secretly meets with Claire McCaskill. Read More.

Purim Reflections-From TZP

My first Purim celebration brought the realization that there are many interesting events going on today that fit into the ancient Purim story. Read More

I Am A Student

אני תַלמִידה

The deeper a Christian’s faith, the deeper it’s roots will run in Judaism. ~~From my class notes. Read More.

The Holocaust: Through Their Eyes

I attended a showing of The Holocaust: Through their eyes at the Jewish Community Center. It is the accounts of local holocaust survivors. Not people who heard about it from their distant cousin or parents, but lived it, survived it. Read More

Holocaust Rememberence Day

Today is the the date designated in 2005 by the United Nations as International Holocaust Remembrance Day.  Read More

No Calls for Knife Control? -From TZP

On 21 January a man armed with a 8 inch knife managed to perpetrate a horrific attack. Twelve people were wounded in the attack, of which three who were in serious condition, four in moderate condition and five who sustained light injuries. Another seven people were treated for shock. Read More

Resolve-From TZP

The latest from The Zelman Partisans.  Resolve. What part does it play in your life? Not just in your life personally, but if the leaders of your county, state and country do not have resolve, it will affect you. Believe it. Read More

When Seconds Count….-From TZP

The Police are just minutes away, just minutes away. How long have we been told by people control via gun control politicians and advocates that firearms owned by private citizen/subjects make U.S. “less civilized” less “safe” as a country? Read more.

The Politics of Power-From TZP

Not content to just weigh in on American Politics, I have decided to foray into Israeli Politics. Read more

From TZP-The Thin Blue Line

I know, I know, I’m still trying to get time to do something I want to write about for my blog. But I did get something up at The Zelman Partisans about our Law Enforcement Community, The Thin Blue Line.   Read More

From TZP-It’s The Most Maccabee Time of The Year

I know, I know, I really need to do a column just for Sybil. But it IS The Maccabee time of the year too! Read More

Know Your Reptiles-From TZP

Sorry folks! Life has been a bit, hectic shall we say.  I’ve been wanting to do a column for both TZP and Sybil. Read More.

The Better Nixon

The lesser of the Nixons in my mind right now is Jay Nixon, Missouri’s non-Governor.  We’ll just start this post out with a moment of levity. Listening to nixon usually just makes me want to rinse out my ears with hydrogen peroxide. Read More

Follow The Leader-From TZP

Life has been a little “cray-cray” lately. Between family excitement and getting to cover a few extra shifts at my “real job”, I’ve not had much time to write. Read More

For Those Who Served

I never served in the armed forces. My Dad did, he was in the Navy, as was Uncle Jerry.  I considered joining the Navy once when I got a recruiting letter from them. Read More.

The Zelman Partisans Has Hit Print!

The Zelman Partisans has had their first story written about them! I felt so very honored to be allowed to speak on behalf of the group. It’s what I had been hired to do at the late JPFO hy”d.  Read More.

Say “No Deal” To a Bad Diehl!

For those who have wondered with a strong Republican majority in the legislative body why it is we have such a hard time getting good legislation through Read More.

What is the Ghetto Mentality?

I admit it. I have wondered from time to time, why some groups think they way they do, and vote the way they do. Read More.

Does “Never Again” actually mean anything to YOU?

Vladka Peltel has an excellent column up at The Zelman Partisans web site.  It really made me think. Read More.

Dreidels and Hedgerows

Imagine you lived in a country where the ability to worship G-d was being outlawed, where your language and culture was disappearing.  Where Preachers were jailed or killed for preaching the Bible or Tanakh? You think I’m talking about America, now?  Maybe.  Read More.

Genocide Chart

So today I spoke at the Life, Liberty and Property Summit in Jefferson City.  Read More.

The Zelman Partisans

So, as you’ve not doubt figured, I was livid beyond belief when my wonderful JPFO was swallowed by the SAF shark Read More.

A Taste of Israel

This coming Sunday is going to be the Second Annual “A Taste of Israel”! The Israel Spirit Committee is bring a bit of Israel to Read More.


My heart (what there is of it, I know with some that is up for debate) is broken. While some will counter I have no heart, I would counter in some cases I have more heart than brains.  Read More.

A Resistance State of Mind

I admit, I need to make time to write about Masada. But as I was prowling the JPFO website I came across a page dedicated to the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. You know, the usual kind of stuff you find on the other Second Amendment groups pages. Read More.

In Praise of an Uncompromising Bastard

There is nothing I can write that will rival, or even equal what my fellow JPFO writer has published for her final alert for JPFO. Read More

JPFO Betrayed by ONE or TWO board members? Yep!

Well, this stinks to high heaven.  Worse than roadkill. Read More.

Israel Spirit at Ethnic Festival

Well, I AM having a blast! Despite the fact it rained on Friday, which we were so busy I didn’t really notice.  Read More

Ethnic Enrichment Festival Countdown

Yes indeedy! Ethnic Enrichment Festival is upon us! I spent Tuesday learning to make Felafel. Yes, I had a blast. Read More.

Jews For The Preservation of Firearm Ownership Adds To Their Team

Yes indeed, it seems JPFO has added some new team members.  From what I’m hearing the new team members are very excited and happy to be part of the “A” team.  JPFO is a group that is strong, principled,  tenacious and fearless! Read More

Prayers for the Messer Family, Please

Kerry Messer is a good and Godly man.  Read More

All The Worlds A Chicken House

Fair warning, there will be graphic pictures posted, and actual farm life will be discussed. Read More

A New Little Friend From Israel

My friend Deb is home from Israel. I’m thrilled because I miss her. I’m sad because in a way it felt like I was losing my last link to over there. Read More

Remember Our Boys

Last night I went to the memorial service at the Jewish Community Center for the three teenagers that were kidnapped on their way home from their Yeshiva. Read more.


One would think Shabbat would be a simple thing. That would be someone like me, who hasn’t a clue. Read more.

Shabbat Supper

On Friday evening we were very blessed! We were invited to go to my friend Deb’s landlord’s for dinner with his family.  Read more.

The Great Water/Land Heist

This is something I became aware of a few years ago. Since obamunus became our ruler, there has been a movement afoot to seize control of land through the EPA, and water.  Read More

The Unexpected Guests

Life has been crazy busy lately. There has been much going on with older family members, and as a result, not only are my sisters and I trying to keep up with our own duties, we’ve now picked up some additional ones.  Read More


So last Sunday, June 1st I got to go to KosherFest at Ohev Sholom. It was such a wonderful time.   Read More

The Western Wall

So, after Yad Vashem we continued our adventure by heading for the Western Wall, transliterated Hebrew it would be HaKotel HaMa’aravi, in real Hebrew it would be הַכֹּתֶל הַמַּעֲרָבִי. So, you want to know how to say that?  Read More

Yad Vashem-The Gardens

I didn’t get to see all the outside exhibits. I did get to see the ones that really called to me, and one that didn’t, but it stopped me cold when I got to it. Read More

The Big Chief Tablet

I’m  continuing on my journey to learn to read and write in Hebrew. As you’ve no doubt figured out, I’m not having an easy time of it! Read More

Yad Vashem

I’m not really Israeli, I’m not Jewish, but I care deeply about Yad Vashem, and you should too. Why? Read on.

Israeli Food-The Best!

Being a lacto-ovo vegetarian can sometimes be a challenge. Especially if you go visit another country.  In Israel, I was right at home! It was easy to find wonderful food and drink to enjoy.  Read More

Bread Inequality-Pita

No, not the phony income inequality stuff barry is always talking about in yet another attempt to divide Americans. This one is real. This one was a crisis Read More

Yom Ha Zikaron

This is going to be out of order from my trip because I was so honored to be invited to Yom HaZikaron services at the Jewish Community Center tonight. Read More

Anee Ysraelite

 שׁלוםSo, for those that don’t read Hebrew, Shalom! Actually, I don’t read or write it well.  Read More

Sorry folks, I really thought I’d be bloggin’ from my remote location. Should be back on in a day or so.

The Transparent Tortoise

So the BLM, Bureau of Land Management, swooped in to save the “endangered” desert tortoise from the Bundy herd of “killer cattle”. Read More

A Sad Passover

There was a horrible shooting at the Jewish Community Center in Overland Park yesterday. Three people were killed by a maniac. Yes, I know his name, no I won’t use it. Read More

Range Wars

There’s a storm a brewin’. A 67 year old rancher by the name of Cliven Bundy and his family consisting of 14 children and his wife seem to have always lived the simple, though far from easy life of a Rancher in Clark Co. Nevada. Read More

WHOSE idea was that?

So since I have a bit more free time on my hands I thought I’d upgrade my system to the new Mepis M12 beta. Read More

The End of the Chapter

I’ve been involved with a Second Amendment group in leadership since 2006. That role has now come to an end. Read More

Sabertooth Snowflakes

So today was Captain’s and my first day back in school this year. They had predicted snow around noon. My lesson started at noon. Read More

Train Stop

Nope, not the kind like when we were kids waiting for a school bus, and not the kind folks utilizing mass transit are waiting to board the train. This one involves stopping something bad from happening on a train. Read More

When the guard is worse than the fox

I’m sure we would all like to think that those employed by the government to be in positions of keeping us safe, keeping law-breakers at bay are good at their jobs. Less and less that is becoming the case. The BATFE is again showing it’s true colors with Ares Armor.  Read more

Moochelle O-Super Bossy Nanny

While I used to tend to think of Nannies as nice things, like Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins, or perhaps Maria in the Sound of Music, or Nanny McPhee even, I don’t anymore. I think of them as ragin’ liberals like Mikey Bloomberg who is determined that you are NOT to have the drink of your choice. Read More

In The Hedgerow

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Instead of talking about St. Patrick and snakes, let’s talk about freedom from snakes, ok? Read More

A Human Being, or Human Doing?

I’ve felt so many times to be so hip deep in alligators I should just name them and get them vaccinated. I can vaguely remember a life where I used to keep the house fairly (for me) clean, I sewed a lot, knitted, crocheted had a sense of humor, you know, was a real person!  Read More

And Starring Barry Sotero in “Clueless”

Well, it seems little Barry has a long and proud history of setting up nations to be easy to invade or be conquered. The Daily Mail (British, the American Press would never point this out) has an interesting article. Seems little Barry, after being in office for a whole SEVEN MONTHS… Read More

In Times of Universal Deceit…

Possibly the last actual journalist of the dinosaur media has left the field. Sharyl Attkisson has resigned from SeeBS (CBS) news (harumph, choke, chuckle). Sharyl was an investigative journalist, meaning back in the old days, before…Read More


I haven’t had much time over the last few years to just read books I would like to. I tended to read more books I need to read. But as I’ve been shifting into another gear in life, waiting to see where God leads me, I’ve decided to turn over a new leaf. Yeah, it was a little tiny joke, new leaf?  Read more

Riding On With Fellowship

God didn’t mean for us to exist in a vacuum. We were meant to have fellowship with him, our families, our animals, oh, and other people! Read More

Riding On With Faith

When you have hit some really rocky places in the trail, it sure is good to know that you are not riding alone. Read More

To Fight or Not To Fight

So today what has been on my mind is the question to fight, or not. Some wars will never been won, but you fight them because it’s the right thing to do. You fight them because the alternative is to just give up and let evil succeed. We are seeing that WAY too much this days, in way to many arenas. Read More

Echoes of the Past, gun registration

When I first started really paying attention to Second Amendment Politics and shooting, someone brought up the movie Red Dawn. At the beginning of the movie the invaders (Russian and Cuban by the way) first stormed into Colorado Read More

But What If There Really IS A Fire?

I know I’ve heard it said that the first one that starts calling someone a nazi lost the argument. It’s sort of like calling someone a racist these days. It’s done to shut down discussion. You aren’t suppose to yell “FIRE” in a crowded theater either, unless there really IS a fire. Read More

For A Safe and Controlled America

One of the things that just really concerns me, and makes me angry is the government’s move deeper into the “Big Brother” role. Read More

Mustang Sally

Naw, I don’t really have a Mustang….I have something way cooler, a….Read More

In Defense of Chickens, or Children

I ran across and interesting article today on allowing armed Teachers in schools. It points out that the “gun free zone” model isn’t working out well. It never does work out well.  Read More

Has Gunowners of America Opened Up A Ukraine Branch?

Reading about and watching videos of the recent violence in the Ukraine (and Venezuela) is a very vivid reminder of what happens to people who aren’t armed because they have the government to “take care of them and protect them”. Read More

To Correct Bad Behavior or Not?

How many times have you been in a store and seen a 3 year old brat giving his parents a fit. He/she wants a toy, wants it right now and if he/she doesn’t get it the whole store is treated to screams of boorish outrage. Then do you see the parent cringing under the unappreciative glares of fellow shoppers? (Response to my “attack” on the NRA)

Some Days It’s Great To Know Your Purpose

When you’re feeling lower than a snakes belly sometimes you just have to “Get Up, Mount Up and Ride On”. Isn’t that the truth! Riding with purpose, good stuff! Watch or listen to the message.

Second Amendment Protection Act-Nation Wide

Missouri is far from the only state that is wanting a Second Amendment Protection Act. Check out the map below.

The NRA Fibbed?!

Well, there is nothing like starting off a new blog with a “bang” so to speak of course.   Read More