Sybil Ludington Rides Again

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The latest from The Zelman Partisans.  Resolve. What part does it play in your life? Not just in your life personally, but if the leaders of your county, state and country do not have resolve, it will affect you. Believe it.

And, I’ll even throw in a bonus video for ya’ll. This is resolve, and I think this lady is wonderful!  Might want to hear her out, if you aren’t familiar with the koran, you might learn a thing or two.


When Seconds Count…..Over at TZP

The Police are just minutes away, just minutes away. How long have we been told by people control via gun control politicians and advocates that firearms owned by private citizen/subjects make U.S. “less civilized” less “safe” as a country? Read More.


I mean seriously? Call the Police, they will come and “save” you? Gonzales vs. Castle Rock and Warren vs. DC say, nope they don’t have to. But what if your Police are just as vulnerable as you are?