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Yom HaShoah + More at TZP

A couple of things you might want to check out at The Zelman Partisans.

From Claire:

Banish it, vanish it, boot it!

The BATFE, that is.

This weekend, the crack reporting team of Mike Vanderboegh and David Codrea (the bloggers who broke the Fast & Furious scandal) revealed another scandal-to-be. Or perhaps we should say “scandal that should be” since chances are this one will get swept under the rug, its significance ignored.

They’re reporting that the NRA made a deal to save the ATF’s bacon.

Still think the NRA is the gun owners friend?

The column on Yom Hashoah,

Yom HaShoah orיום השואה

When Seconds Count…..Over at TZP

The Police are just minutes away, just minutes away. How long have we been told by people control via gun control politicians and advocates that firearms owned by private citizen/subjects make U.S. “less civilized” less “safe” as a country? Read More.


I mean seriously? Call the Police, they will come and “save” you? Gonzales vs. Castle Rock and Warren vs. DC say, nope they don’t have to. But what if your Police are just as vulnerable as you are?



What is the Ghetto Mentality?

I admit it. I have wondered from time to time, why some groups think they way they do, and vote the way they do. In this instance, I’ve always thought if ANY group of people should be voting for solid Second Amendment candidates, it would be Jews. I’ve been baffled that instead, the tend to vote for the candidates that will put them most at risk of being another statistic.

One of my fellow writers at The Zelman Partisans, has done an excellent piece The Ghetto Mentality. It’s well worth the read.


Hopefully tomorrow you will be back to reading my scribblings, but this one is well worth the time.