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Is THIS what we’ve become?

I realize this is probably nit-picky, well, wait a minute, this is my blog, I can do that!

I went to a medical conference not long ago. The topic of the clean indoor air act came up. The speaker said that periodically there are attempts to repeal the clean indoor air act. He then asked the audience if anyone wanted to see that happen. 299 heads and some voices dutifully shouted “NO”. One little head didn’t bobble, mine.

The speaker then went on to say that some casinos were still able to allow smoking because they had lobbyists so they hadn’t been able to outlaw smoking in all casinos.

So let’s just think about this for a minute. Someone, or someones invest their time and money into building a business, say a restaurant or bar. They pay the insurance, they buy the dishes, they pay the rent and the utilities and the staff if there is any. They hope there will be money leftover so they can recover some of what they’ve invested. So far I’ve only mentioned money. I haven’t mentioned the hard work getting the building ready or the stress of such a gamble. But all of that goes along with being the owner.

Now you have a mob of people who don’t want to allow smoking in a building because they don’t like it. So they get their governmental thugs, bullies, elected officials to make the owner conform to their will. Now, this may go to a vote of the people. YEAH! The people’s will ruled and triumphed. Peachy, just peachy. All those people that voted to make these businesses conform to their will, how much money did they put into that business? How many walls did they paint? How many nights did they stay up worrying? How many things did they do without to make sure the bills got paid? Oh none? And you are celebrating the win, eh?

Do you not think the business owner has the right to determine how best to run THEIR business? The one they built despite what the left says about “you didn’t build that”. They aren’t allowed to put into practice the rules they think will make their business the most successful?

I was talking this over with a friend and she pointed out that there are rules for safe food storage and handling. I countered with yes, there are guidelines. Things have to be kept at such a such a temperature or only for so many days, but HOW the business meets that guideline is up to them. Icebox or refrigerator, what brand and size is determined by the owner.

She came back and said she felt sorry for the poor employees that had to work there. Jobs are not that easy to find these days. I opined that the scarcity of jobs was also a result of government over-regulation. But apart from that, while I might feel sorry for the employee, how much of their money did they invest? How much did they do without to keep the business going? It is still the owner who took the risk.

Then if you go back to what the speaker said about casinos pay lobbyists so people can still smoke there. Hmm, well, why would a casino do that? They are run by stupid people? No, because they know that they might/will lose business if they have to go down that road. And, casinos can afford the lobbyists. The little Mom and Pop diner or bar that you are so happily controlling by mob rule, can not. So this celebration of mob rule has hurt the small business, the little Mom and Pop.

Why not let the owner determine how best to help his business succeed? If they feel they will have more profit by allowing smoking, ok, let them. If they saw they were losing customers because they allowed smoking, they would change it to no smoking. But either way, the people who invested the money and are responsible for he debts are the ones who get to choose the course.

But 299 people sat their smugly happy in that they had imposed what they wanted on other individuals. Oh happy day.

It was only the beginning. After all, it’s for your own good, right?

War Horses

My one week late tardy column. Believe me when I say I’m sorry it’s late, but the cause was a very worthy one, and I so much wanted to be able to tell you how my event went. Probably the toughest course I’ve done (not that I’ve done all that many) but it was pert near chilly and quite windy. Yet I turned in my very best time. This race was the closest one to my heart I’ve ever done. I really wanted to give it my very best, not for me, not for time. For THEM, for those that suited up, showed up and served. For them this time I walked.

Read the rest at TZP, and when you get to the final little graphic, click on it, you need to make it bigger to work 😉


Follow The Leader-from TZP

Life has been a little “cray-cray” lately. Between family excitement and getting to cover a few extra shifts at my “real job”, I’ve not had much time to write. And I really, really hate that! It’s taken me since Monday to get to finish this column I’ve wanted to do for The Zelman Partisans since last week. Since before the horrific attack at the Har Nof Synagogue. My heart is just broken over the massacre.

My team mate Y.B. Ben Avraham did an excellent column on the massacre at Har Nof, you can read it here

My latest is “Follow The Leader“. It’s loooong, so grab a big cup of coffee. There are a lot of links in it, so you can check out what I’ve stated. The one with Yehuda Glick getting arrested with his goat is pretty funny. The one about 8th graders in California decideding the Holocaust was a hoax for political and financial gain is sickening, as is the information about what common core is bringing.

Echoes of the Past, gun registration

When I first started really paying attention to Second Amendment Politics and shooting, someone brought up the movie Red Dawn. At the beginning of the movie the invaders (Russian and Cuban by the way) first stormed into Colorado, one of the first places they went was the sporting goods store to pull all the 4473s. That’s the form a person purchasing a firearm has to fill out. The seller then calls the information into NICS and the seller is told if the person is allowed to purchase the gun, not purchase, or is delayed for a maximum of 3 days. Why did they want the 4473s? For the same reason the Police did after Hurricane Katrina, so they could go door to door and collect them of course. You didn’t realize gun confiscation had happened in America? You didn’t realize it had happened more than once? Well, it started during the War for Independence.

So Connecticut has enacted some quite draconian gun control. They must register their legally owned rifles and magazines.

In line to register their legally owned guns. Germany and CT.

In line to register their legally owned guns. Germany and CT.


Some however, knew or remembered the past, and they refused to do so. The CT state police had a message for them. Notice, they already know who has them.


The people were told, they didn’t need guns. Law enforcement and the government will keep us safe.

So, how well did that work out?

So, how well did that work out?


As Lt. Col. Allen West points out, this has happened before. In fact, that’s where I got the idea for the title of this post. When someone with Lt. Col. West’s history points out the pattern, and similarities, I listen. Are you?

You realize what the marks are, right?

You realize what the marks are, right? I’d say when ANYONE mentions gun control.