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The Watchmen (and women) on the wall–on TZP

G-d appoints some people to be Watchmen (and women) and they have a serious responsibility. Especially when you consider some of the other types of people. The Watchmen (and women) on the Wall.



No Calls for Knife Control? –Over at TZP

On 21 January a man armed with a 8 inch knife managed to perpetrate a horrific attack. Twelve people were wounded in the attack, of which three who were in serious condition, four in moderate condition and five who sustained light injuries. Another seven people were treated for shock.

I take a look at the security measures in place that failed. And what the result of that failure was. There is one politician that is calling for citizens to be armed. Some good videos too. No Calls For Knife Control–over at The Zelman Partisans



The Zelman Partisans

So, as you’ve not doubt figured, I was livid beyond belief when my wonderful JPFO was swallowed by the SAF shark due to the betrayal of Aaron Zelman’s legacy and the group by the foul bob meier.

So what’s a bunch of liberty minded activists and writers to do? We wanted to continue the fight, but realized that there was a better than good chance that a group that endorsed and bragged about helping right a universal background check bill might have a different outlook than we did on gun control and freedom. I mean, it worked out SO well in Germany didn’t it?

But, back to what to do. After we realized we had lost the fight to save JPFO, we didn’t want to let Aaron’s legacy pass into the pages of history. We had become a team, very fast. And you will be delighted to know, a team we remain! And we’ve already gathered some additional partisans to the cause. There is a new group forming. At this point it is excellent articles by the best loved writers at the former JPFO, and some new ones coming on board. The name of the group? The Zelman Partisans. To honor Aaron’s legacy, and because like the partisans in WWII, we will fight from the woods, and from abandoned buildings. We will continue to strike, spread truth, information and stimulate the thought process. We are a small band, that fought a huge group, and while the large group may say there was never a battle for JPFO, we know better, we fought it.

And now we fight from the woods, and abandoned buildings, but we do fight on. The tag line for The Zelman Partisans? Jews. Guns. No Compromise. No Surrender.

We’re working on the Brass Cajones award….join in at

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