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If I Could Turn Back Time

There is a make-up commercial currently running on TV that uses the song “If I could turn back time”, by the rather cheezy sleazy Cher.

Fabulous voice, I seem to remember she was good in Moonstruck. The words to the song don’t completely apply to this column though.

I’m growing older, it’s not so much that I feel it, though some days I do a little. It’s more looking at our country and what it has become. I’ve been thinking about this column since before the start of the Wuhan Flu that is devastating our world right now. I was thinking about it because of the political divide, how it can be so deep. I was thinking back to when my Dad was still alive and my sisters and I all lived at home, say circa 1960s and 1970s. Republicans and Demoncrats could actually be friends. There aren’t really Republicans and Demoncrats anymore. Republicans are more Democrat light, and Demoncrats are socialists working on moving towards communism. I figured out some time ago you can’t really be friends with them. The only exception are the ones that are pretty politically unaware and don’t realize their party left them years ago. Progressives don’t really have a moral compass, nor much in the way of ethics. So for the most part, I choose not to spend the little free time I have in their company by choice.

But that’s not where I’m going with this either. I’ve been watching the changes in my Mom and my Aunt, it’s hard. And since the divorce I think about the million memories I have of my folks coming down here when I first bought my farm to help me make it livable. I don’t think about the WLB (wormy little bastard) or have wistful memories of that at all. I guess my mortality hit me when I remembered thinking how strong my parents were for their age when they came down here almost every day to help me. And then it hit me. They were about two years older than I am now.

I think back to living at home with Mom, Dad and my sisters, the camping trips we took, all the way to the west coast. Of the ski trips to the lake and how Dad and I loved to water ski, Mom and my sisters loved to fish. I tried to get them to compromise by telling them Dad and I would pull each other skiing and they could throw their lines over the side and troll. They always whined they wouldn’t catch anything that way. They always were unreasonable like that. I never realized how wonderful I had it. I mean I knew I was blessed, I knew we had it pretty good, but our country united I took for granted. That feeling of being loved, I took for granted. The fun of thinking what life would be like when I met “the one”. The ability to trust someone, that was nice. To have someone special to talk to when things were really good or really bad, that was nice.

As of Valentine’s day 2019 I realized that I must never allow those kinds of thoughts of feelings to gain a foothold again. When the guy who swore he would love you forever hires the ethically challenged wife of the prosecuting attorney for his divorce lawyer you shouldn’t be surprised the sweet nothings he wants to whisper in your ear are “my lawyer says I should kick your f*ing door in”. Huh, he’s the one that left. Thank you G-d. One should remember words of “love” mean needing to padlock all gates shut when you’re home or gone. Words of love mean you need security cameras and to change locks. Words of love mean you might want to up your .380 to a 9mm, or more.

Handling life’s challenges

If I could turn back time, to when I was with my family and we did things together, to feel that sweetness. To work on a car again or a typewriter with my Dad. To have Mom help me with a sewing pattern. To go to my grandparents farm and learn from Grandma and Papa. Oh the millions of questions I wish I could ask them now! I’d be a far better farmer if I could. If I could turn back time to the figure I had when I was in my 20s, 30s, 40s and even 50s. Yeah, I miss that. I also miss having a shoulder and hip that didn’t hurt. Souvenirs of “incidents” with my horses. But I miss my figure more.

But if I turned back time, then I wouldn’t have my own farm. I would never have had my soulmate horse Cuchulainn, I wouldn’t have Captain right now and we are becoming closer all the time since he’s been on “stall arrest”. I wouldn’t have met some of the fabulous people I’ve met, I wouldn’t have gotten to go to Israel 3 times, I wouldn’t be so blessed to have found where I belong in faith. I wouldn’t have gotten to be involved in the Second Amendment movement and been part of a grassroots group and now writing for The Zelman Partisans. Or what if I got stuck somewhere in between? I might have my farm and my figure and Cuchulainn, but still be married to the WLB and getting knifed in the back for a few more years. Um, OH HELL NO!!

Letting go of the familiar

I have no idea what life is going to look like. The Wuhan Flu has pretty much shut down every nation on earth. I wonder what will happen to the little Mom and Pop businesses, having been one for many years. My profession now has me on the front lines of the battle against the virus. Between work, my farm, trying to get Captain healed up, writing, Hebrew school, Beit Knesset on Shabbat and beginning to study horsemanship again it’s a pretty full life. I’d like to start sewing and doing leather work again. Heck, I’d like to have a clean house and fixed pasture fences. I’m blessed with a wonderful puppy, my beloved horse, my kitty girl and my darling chickens. I have people and critters that need and love me. But still sometimes I think it would be nice if there were someone special to confide in, to share sorrow and triumph. But then I remind myself, those days are gone. That time has passed, that girl that had that openness and believed in partnership has left the stage. The woman that remains is stronger, harder and hopefully more capable and far less trusting. I believe that G-d has a plan for my life, as he does everyone’s. I believe if I ask him, trust him and do what he puts in front of me I can still live in his will despite mistakes I’ve made along the way, and some sins. G-d loves us, he created this world and he wants us to make a place for him in it, in our lives. We all grow, we all change hopefully. To remain on earth with no growth to show for it would be sad indeed. But still, remembering back, turning back the hands of time to when life was a bit different, when America was a bit more Norman Rockwell, sometimes I think that would be really nice. But what would be the cost? It’s why I think I realize I must live in the here and now, and just from time to time take out those sunlit memories of days and people long gone, relive a bit of memory, because those? Those remain.

Memory, the diary of our lives



I just can not seem to let the injustice that is occurring in Amona, in Samaria, Israel go. I just can’t.

For some background on this issue, I’ve already written about it at The Zelman Partisans. This will give you the historical part that you might need.

The residents of Amona have excellent reason not to trust the government. The government is offering them a chance to move to a different spot on the same hill. There are some big problems with this.

First, you can’t trust the Israeli courts about this issue. David Wilder has an excellent column, Amona, on this detailing his experience with a similar situation involving the Shuk in Hevron. He also mentions how the eviction from Gush Katif has turned out pretty much the same way.

Government: Leave your homes, we will provide an alternative location for you to live, or you can come back in a few months and live here legally.

Threatened Citizens: Gee, I don’t know, you haven’t been good about keeping your word.

Government: Don’t worry baby, I’ll still respect you in the morning, you can trust us.

Until today, the 18th of Kislev, the 18th of December the residents of Amona had rejected the governments “generous” offer to let 24 of the 42 families losing their homes stay in the town on the hill known as Amona. If you haven’t read the background, and you should, this town was built with government help and blessing. Yes, the same government throwing them out now. Because of the absentee arab landowner that hasn’t paid taxes on it for years, ever, and may not even know they own it, who knows? The previous agreement was only going to let 12 families stay, so my my, how much more generous this is! I’ve found no mention yet of how the residents decide who gets to stay. Nor have I found where the ones that don’t get to stay are going to go. Who is going to handle the arrangements for those families. The government says it’s going to build 52 new homes and buildings for the residents of Amona. Yeah, you can take that one to the bank.

So why am I so angry? I love Israel, I love the land and the people (the coffee), but I am angry, very. Because it’s wrong, so very wrong all of it.

Let’s start with this, Amona has been evacuated before,

No, this isn’t the same video that I have up on TZP’s column. WHAT. THE. HELL?

This year Israel went after a young soldier, Elior Azaria who shot a wounded terrorist because there was fear that the terrorist who was wearing a heavy jacket on a warm day might have a explosive device on him. But luckily there was an Israeli hating group call B’Teslem around to film (without audio) the whole thing. The whole mess is a steaming pile of crap. This was a terrorist that wanted to kill Israelis, and the court and military will go after the soldier that protected innocent Israelis. But go after Police and soldiers that attacked innocent residents of Amona? That beat and killed them? Oh, no, that’s not such a big deal. They’re just “settlers”, and we’re coming back to that. OH we are SO coming back to that.

Ariel Sharon was Prime Minister when this travesty occurred. His coalition at the time was made up of Kadima, Likud, Agudat.

But as the wrangling was going on this time about what to do about Amona, people were calling for the residents of Amona not to be violent.

“It is absolutely forbidden to raise a hand against soldiers or policemen. I hope this expulsion will be passive and nonviolent,” she said. “The demolition of a town in Israel is not an everyday occurrence. It’s a very painful and difficult event, and a democratic country must accept all forms of passive protest.”

But Minister Shaked is not the worst. This is the opposition to Jews and the Likud, Hertzog

“We’re talking about good people and Israeli citizens. It really does hurt a lot to have to leave your home, but we’re talking about an act of theft. Zionism was built on redeeming land, not stealing land. It really hurts me these settlers refused the solution offered to them,” he said.

Hurts you? I didn’t see you out there with Effie Eitam getting your head whacked open trying to keep the Jewish residents of Amona in their homes. Hertzog doesn’t believe Jews should be living in Judea and Samaria. Not really. But he’s not very truthful about how things have turned out for Gush Katif either. Hurts to leave home? Doesn’t that just smack of the left wing stuff we’ve heard? “I feel your pain”. Sure you do. No wonder his nickname is Bougie, it should be Buggy.

Bibi, you say the government did their best, their maximum by Amona. Wow, that is pathetic. Very pathetic.

Seriously? Do these people forget what the heck happened to those residents a mere 10 years ago? It wasn’t the residents that were violent. I wouldn’t blame the residents for wanting to sit on their mountain with a Davidka this time around. Or perhaps a Sho’t Kal. I suppose one would have to check eBay and

They’re back on duty now, but some soldiers even left base because they didn’t want to be part of the assault team. I don’t blame them. But it seems that the Israeli Police get to have all the “fun”.

But, it’s all settled now, the residents of Amona have agreed to the deal with the devil. The government.

But it’s wrong, it’s all so very wrong.

You see, in my opinion, and since this is my column, Jews belong in Israel. In all of Israel. Judea and Samaria are in Israel, it’s listed in a really big book, called Torah, or Bible. None of this “green line” or “occupied territories” crap. You hear Israel crying they want Jews to make Aliyah. Why? Where are you going to live? In the housing units in Jerusalem that haven’t been built? And if you don’t want to live in a city, in Judea or Samaria where the government will kick you off your land violently? Land you have lived on for years? Land they said you could live on till some left wing loon “human rights (except for Jews) group” turns up with a Falestinian to claim ownership without proper proof? As anti-Semitism increases around the world due to the influx of different countries own imported Falestinians. Why would Jews want to consider moving to another country where arab rights are far more important than Jewish? Why do I say that? Oh, maybe because arab buildings that really are illegal are still up after 8 years?

שְׁמַע יִשְׂרָאֵל Shema Ysrael. If you want your children to come home, you have to show them they are valued and treasured. The world is not going to love you because they do not want to hear the message you are suppose to bring to the world. J street, the ADL, B’Teselm, Yesh Din, the Falestinian Authority, Hama$$, John Kerry and Obama and the demoncrats are not going to approve of your actions unless they are something like kicking Jews out of their homes. They like that, because they don’t really believe that Jews should live in the land G-d gave them. That’s why they use terms like “green line” “occupied territories” and “settlers”. They are not “settlers”, they are residents of Israel living in Amona. Words matter, and the words you chose sends a message. These are all terms used to delegitimize the people living there.

I love Israel, I think it would be a wonderful place to live. But not like that. The people in the government need to change their thinking. I listened to a webinar today. I very much enjoyed it. It was a presentation of how the Israeli political party Zehut intends to conduct some internal matters. Beyond that, I’m not at liberty to say anything. It was a members meeting, and I, your lowly scribe, am a card carrying member of Zehut. Membership has it’s privileges. But at the end of the world wide conference, I asked about Amona. Aryeh said he thought an agreement had been reached. I replied Amona is why we need Zehut. And for my Israeli friends, in case you think it doesn’t matter to you, you might want to know there is a bill in the Knesset right now to allow Israelis living outside of Israel to vote in Israeli elections for Knesset.

One of the things I find shocking and appalling is the residents of Amona were to have been out by the 24th of Kislev, 24th of December, the first night of Hanukkah. Apparently the people on the court don’t realize there is a Jewish Holiday called Hanukkah. I’m pretty sure they have no clue what it was or what it means either. But then, when you give away Har Habayit, the Temple Mount, why wouldn’t the arabs think you will give away any other land as well? If you will give away the site of the Holy Temple, what’s a few homes and a Synagogue in Amona, or Gush Katif, or, or, or.

Where is Judah Maccabee?

There is something I read recently, the book of Obadiah, it’s not long. Only one chapter, and well worth reading to those who condemn the Jews living in Judea and Samaria. Who think they have it coming to them and secretly, and sometimes openly look down on them.

But, hey! It’s all good now! An agreement has been reached!


On Sunday morning, the extreme left-wing organization “Yesh Din,” claimed that they have succeeded in thwarting the most recent plan for saving Amona proposed by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Education Minister Naftali Bennett.

The organization claims that a Palestinian Arab owns “parcel 38,” which is where 24 of the 42 families currently living in Amona are supposed to settle, according to the latest plan.

Uh oh.

Why Trump? Little Things and Big Things

I guess some people are genuinely baffled at how President Elect Trump became President Elect. They just don’t understand how that could be.

No one has asked my opinion, and I’m not really sure anyone really cares what it is, but I think I’m probably pretty much run of the mill here in “fly over” country. You know, us mouth breathing, knuckle dragging, hillbillies clinging to our Bibles/Torahs and our guns. We, the uneducated rubes, the hicks who still revere our Veterans and our Flag, the, dare I say it, deplorables.

So, in no particular order, I will give you a few reasons I know of that I, or people I know voted for Mr. Trump.

We like law enforcement for the most part. I’ve had bad experiences with Law enforcement, but for the most part these are men and women with a genuine desire to help people, to protect them as best they can. They are wired that way by G-d I believe. If you don’t understand this, refer to Lt. Col. Dave Grossman’s essay On Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs, from the book On Combat by Lt.Col. Dave Grossman. From the beginning of obama’s* reign he despised them and made it clear. Remember when the buddy of his, professor something or other locked himself out of his house and a neighbor saw him crawling in a window so they called the police? And barry’s response? “The Police acted stupidly” Seriously. Then he had that ludicrous “beer summit” and some of us began to feel we had fallen down some kind of rabbit hole. Who the heck says the police acted stupidly when they are doing their job? Oh, I guess people that have never really had a real job, you know, like community organizers. And from that time on barry has made his disdain for law enforcement clear. And who did hillary have on stage with her at her rallies? Black Lives Matter mothers. Except the lives of black police officers don’t matter, or the lives of black members of the military, they don’t matter to demoncrats. BLM, which used to mean Bureau of Land Management, is now Black Lives matter, and both look pretty evil to me. BLM riots in Ferguson, burn business, loot and terrorizes law abiding citizens. They attack police freely and police are told not to do their job and arrest their sorry asses. And more businesses get burned, more innocent people are dragged out of cars and beaten because they are white, and more innocent citizens of every and any color are held up on freeways with no thought of the harm they might cause. They don’t care if they cause wrecks, if parents with sick children can’t get them to the hospital or they terrorize people. It’s all good with them, because they are sure there will be no repercussions. We’ve had enough of this crap, and hillary would have carried on barry’s “legacy”. Seeing the results of the Trump win? We did the right thing. We NEED grownups in charge.

Lets talk about some of those businesses burned to the ground, and business owners. We’re tired of hearing “you didn’t build that”. The HELL you say! We DID. We gambled, we worked, we gave up things and built a business. And the response from the obama administration as people watch their life’s work and capital go up in flames to a bunch of rioters? Nada. A demoncrat governor like Jay Nixon? He chimes in on the side of the thug. Justice for Michael Brown? Michael Brown got justice. He ATTACKED a police officer after he attacked a store owner. And the media portrays him as a “gentle giant”??? Oh, I’ll get to them. Listen Nixon you dipwad, you want to be the crooks representative? Message received. Hopefully Governor Greitens will be the representative of the law abiding, hard working citizens. Demoncrats seem to be the party of thugs, probably why governor terry mcauliff restored about 60,000 voting rights to felons right before the election. He knew how they’d vote. Demoncrat. So yeah, we tired of hearing that “you didn’t build that” crap and our hard work being downplayed by a community organizer.

The media, journalism died in 2008. Sadly, people still watched cnn and mslsd nbc, abc, cbs, nbc and thought they were watching the news. HA. The media did everything it could to smear Donald Trump. They accused him of mocking a disabled reporter. He didn’t.

And that brings up an excellent point, while they kicked kitty litter over every rotten thing clintoon has done, and went after people that brought up things she had done, they couldn’t be troubled to actually INVESTIGATE anything. Claims against Trump were accepted wholesale and replayed endlessly. But this year, things were a bit different, this year bloggers took on the role of the media and investigated things. Talk radio hosts brought the truth out, and people by and large have learned the mainstream media is useless as tits on a boar hog. They lie like rugs to put it plainly. They are not journalists, or media watchdogs, they are demoncrat party lapdogs. They are the propaganda arm of the demoncratic party. So, we’re tired of that crap too, we’re tired of being lied to by the likes of rachel madcow, wolf blitzer, anderson cooper and little chrissy matthews with tinkles running down his legs. And they still think we are stupid enough to believe their crap? Inconceivable!

Islam is a religion of pieces. Yes, I did spell it right. I do mean pieces. Unless you’ve been foolish enough to listen to the MSM, you know that ISIS is islam, I don’t care what barry keeps insisting that ISIS has nothing to do with islam. Barry is a lying twit, with his own agenda. We read the reports, Jews and Christians, Kurds and Muslims of the opposing belief are being butchered in the middle east, and I mean cut up, butchered. Men, women and children, it’s all the same to the pieceful, piece loving islamists. The media tells us these poor refugees are running here for safety. But it seems most of them are young men. Who have left women and children in danger? ISIS has said they are getting jihadists in with the refugees, the media doesn’t find that newsworthy? Government employees have said, we aren’t vetting them. They catch them, give them a court date to appear, then they don’t. DUH. And they are where?? We are not as stupid as the MSM thinks, we read what’s happening in Germany, the rise of crime, the massive increases in sexual assaults and rape. We see how the countries in what was formerly known as Europe are changing. The no go zones in Britain, France, Sweden. Where police or medical teams can’t safely go in and rescue people. The number of police that are resigning daily in Sweden because they aren’t allowed to actually do their jobs regarding the poor refugees, and, the refugees now have no fear of the authorities, so law abiding citizens are basically on their own. Resorting to rubber bracelets that say “Don’t touch me” in arabic. Yeahhhh, a buddy and I had the idea that it would work much better stamped in the bottom of a cartridge casing. Germany tells the press not to report a number of crimes committed by “refugees”, Britain has newspapers change the arabic sounding names to more “English” sounding ones, or not report muslim crime. And this doesn’t even begin to look at how the culture of a country changes when there are enough of them imported and voting. Anybody want to go to Dearborn wearing shorts? There was a large amount of MS-13 gang members coming in from Mexico, I believe it’s neighborhoods in Long Island being terrorized by them. But if we object and want the incoming from other countries vetted, we are xenophobes and haters….right. We’re tired of that.

Then there’s obamacare. Keep your doctor and premiums go down by $2,500? I understand that most of the obamacare exchanges are dead, doctors are pulling out of it, and my insurance premiums are now FOUR times as high as they were. And any person with a brain KNEW this was a load of crap when he blathered it. Passed by all demoncrats. But, to be fair, Repubs have campaigned they would repeal it. Have they? No. And to make it more fun, people that couldn’t afford insurance now have to pay fines because they are too poor to afford obamacare. And demoncrats praise this, and hillary was going to keep it, and probably expand it. Sick humorous note, when asked about late term abortion hillary simpered that she didn’t think the government should be involved in healthcare between a woman and her doctor. Seriously, and she wants MORE government run healthcare, or the lack thereof. Not to mention, we are paying for it for all the illegal aliens. And before you give me that crap about people dying in the street, they can walk into ANY ER, in ANY hospital and be treated, whether they can pay or not. That was already the law. So, we’re tired of that obamacare crap, and we didn’t want more hillary care crap.

Amnesty of illegal aliens and “poor refugees”. The hillary plan would have whacked every household with a $15,000 tax increase, per year. Because they get all the government benefits and then would get more. Probably why she wanted to start a 65% inheritance tax. Because you worked hard and put aside money to leave your family, friends, charitable organization or your pet mouse, whatever. This is something that is an obscenity in hillary-world. The government is entitled to that money, not who you wanted it to go to. And we’re tired of being taxed to pay for obamaphones, and every other hare-brained government goody give away the demoncrats came up with. We earned our money, and we want to keep some of it. We’re tired of being bled to death by government leeches who choose to whom they will “give” our money. And don’t say you had no clue, it all came to light the first time barry ran and Joe the plumber asked him about redistribution.

The IRS has been used to target “political enemies” of the obama regime. A popular game with tyrants the world over. The Tea Party groups and leaders audited, Dinesh D’Souza thrown in jail, money confiscated because they were political “enemies”. We’re tired of that crap.

We’re tired of discussing issues and raising questions and concerns about policies and being told that we are racist, haters and xenophobes. We’re REAL tired of that crap.

I want to be able to go to the bathroom and not worry about some dude following me in because he feels “pretty” today. No, I don’t think all gay, transgender men are evil. But I think there are evil people out there that will follow you into the ladies room gambling you know you best not say anything about it or risk being labeled a homophobic or hater.

Common (rotten to the) core, dumbing down school children. There is a whole story behind common core and it stinks. We want a quality education for children, not indoctrination. And if parents want to homeschool, that should be peachy. If a school is lousy and parents want to let the kids go to a better school, fine. The bad ones will have to shape up if they are to survive. Oklahoma uses this system. We’re tired of school children being taught “global warming” and being clueless about the civil war. We’re tired of the 5 pillars of islam being taught in public schools and children aren’t allowed to pray before a football game. No Judaism or Christianity explored, only islam including sometimes trips to mosques. We’re very tired of that crap.

And speaking of war, we here in flyover country love our Veterans. We respect them, and love them for the sacrifices they’ve made for us, and for the U.S. And barry stealing money from Veterans to pay for his crap programs and finance importing refugees, a policy hillary promised to continue and expand is just the limit. The VA scandal? Has that been fixed? No. There are homeless Veterans and this country is spending money to import people that last week may have been on the streets of their home town yelling “Death to America”. Not only NO, HELL NO! You take care of these men and women with dignity and respect. We are real tired of the decimation our military and then treating them badly when they come back. Benghazi? She left those men to die. Probably because she got a juicy donation to the clintoon foundation from the Blue Mountain group. Who the heck hires a security firm with NO employees, that no one in the security industry has ever heard of and pays them 9.2 million dollars. They then run a newspaper ad in Libya for employees and don’t vet the people they hire. Some of the Blue Mountain employees joined in on the attack on the embassy. After hillary had ignored multiple requests for more security and help. May she rot for this. I’m not even going to go into how much more unstable the middle east is since she had her turn as secretary of state. Calling and yelling at Bibi Netanyahu for building Jewish homes in a Jewish neighborhood in Jerusalem? Really? For 45 minutes worth. And the current regime blathers on about building Jewish homes in Israel in Judea and Samaria as being an impediment to peace? What a huge load of חרא. Enough of this crap. There would have been no change under hillary in any of these policies, word has gotten out how she treats her Secret Services team and the military, and she is no lover of Israel. Thank you wikileaks, we know how her team refers to Jews.

And this brings up jobs, our unemployment rate is way higher than the number the barry administration and the media report. Because it doesn’t take into account the people that have quit looking for work. And we’re importing more people? I saw a interview a few days ago on some show with a young woman who was a veteran. She is a social worker, and her goal was to have a job helping people find their ideal job. She can’t get a job. How many unemployed people can we support? We’re tired of this crap. We need jobs, real jobs, not government jobs. The only shovel ready job barry ever produced was that of shoveling dirt over the crap of his multitude of lies. And we’re tire of his crap. And hillary would have been more of the same. We need the growth of private businesses.

And since the soros funded occupy wall street babies may not know any better, that crap about the 1%? America has about the highest corporate tax rate in the world. No wonder businesses leave. And barry pushing for the $15 and hour minimum wage? Look, what does a community organizer know about business? You have X amount of dollars for wages, wages have to go up? People are going to get laid off. Some of these jobs are meant to be starter jobs, for kids in high school, not to support a family of four. Not to mention what that will do to the cost of eating out even at McDonald’s. The prices go high enough folks can’t afford it, and guess what….more layoffs or automated kiosks.

As long as we’re on the subject of fast food. We did NOT need a food nanny like moochelle obama. And I don’t think lunches in the schools have been all that happily received since she forced them to do her bidding. We’re tired of the food nanny crap. Maybe Melania will have some mercy on them.

And, while we’re on moochelle, I do believe the obamas have set a record for the amount of taxpayer money spent on expensive vacations. Many working Americans can’t afford vacations now, thanks mooch, we’re tired of that crap. And since hillary is as much of an elitist as the obamas, that would have stayed the same.

But Donald Trump said bad things about women!! Yeah, and hillary tried to ruin the lives of women her husband attacked and raped. Including ruining the life of a 12 year old victim of rape by saying she “wanted it” when she defended the rapist in court. She knew he was guilty. Trump may have said bad things, but hillary DID bad things, and enabled bad things.

And how about all the money the clintoon foundation took from countries that treat women and gays horribly? Then lied about it? Oh, I’m sure there weren’t any strings on those juicy donations to the clintoon foundation while she was secretary of state. Nawwww. And there’s nothing to be worried about with her having a private unsecured server. And once again barry was clueless in D.C. He only found out about it on the news….despite having emailed her at the private server email address. Thank you again Wikileaks. Then there was the meeting will bill clintoon and loretta lynch before the hearing, but that didn’t mean anything. The corruption just abounds, absolutely abounds. And to us here in flyover country, not only can we still spell integrity, but it actually matters to us.

We’re tired of being in a culture where our Judeo-Christian ethics are demonized and now Pastors are told to hand over sermons . Where we can’t have Christmas or Hanukkah displays because it’s “offensive”. Enough of that crap! Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah is back!

And, in addition to clinging to our religion, we cling to our guns. Damn skippy! Because we can look back through history and see what happens to disarmed people when their government decides THEY are the extremists and dangerous for whatever reason. Not to mention what can happen anytime just living life. There are bad people out there, there are evil people out there. I want to live and come home to write more columns. They leave me and mine alone, I’ll leave them alone. But it really should make one wonder, what is it hillary wants to do to us, that she can not do unless we are disarmed by more “common sense(less)” gun control? You see, the Second Amendment is the one that ensures the others will be respected.

Liberals like hillary love to put people in pigeon holes. Black, Hispanic, Jewish, Women, Muslim, etc. The liberals and their propaganda arm, the mainstream media do as well. And so they thought President elect Donald Trump would NEVER get votes from any of those people. Well here’s the deal, there are law abiding people in all those groups, and they don’t want to see their towns burned down by thugs, they don’t like their highways blocked and they don’t want unvetted refugees, terrorist attacks, higher taxes or government corruption any more than anyone else. But when you’ve put people in pigeon holes, you can never conceive of that. And we’ve had enough of that crap of being put in pigeon holes. You know, like “deplorables”, as in a “basket of deplorables”.

And the deplorables were vilified in the media, they were physically attacked at rallies, bullied in schools and when asked, never wanted to publicly say “I want to help make America great again”.

Donald Trump will take a pay cut to be President, he seems to love this country, he has business experience, and while he is not a seasoned politician, he is a smart man. He will learn. I think he tries his best to succeed at whatever he puts his hand to. He has been pro-Israel long before he ever ran for President, and all of his children, except the 10 year old are married to Jews or dating Jews. I really don’t think he’s anti-Semitic. He is plain spoken, for sure. But he took on the establishment Repubs, the demoncrats and their sycophants in the media, and he won. Because we are tired of all the crap above, and we believe, yes, we deplorables believe that he really will try to end the governmental over reach, over regulation. That he really will allow businesses to grow and flourish, that he will understand we gambled, worked and we did build that. And so we have hope now, that perhaps our country, will once again feel like our country.

And that my baffled friends, is WHY Trump.


*People I have no respect for do not deserve capital letters for their names.  My column, my call.

If you have reasons other than what I’ve listed? Feel free to leave them in the comments section.


Voter Manipulation

When I first thought about writing this column, I was just going to do a column on vote fraud. But then I started seeing all these other machinations that are going on that also are trying to influence this election. Some of them have as much potential impact as vote fraud. That’s when I decided to do a column on the bigger picture of voter manipulation. So let’s just take a look at a few of the elements in play, shall we?

The first element we will discuss is Ballots. Ballots can be affected in a number of ways.

  1. Ballots can go “missing”. POSTAL WORKER Brags On Social Media About Destroying Trump Ballots
  2. The wrong person could use your vote, known as vote fraud. Undercover investigative journalist James O’Keefe could obtain your ballot like he did Eminem’s Ballot. James was told by election officials he didn’t need ID to vote. On camera. Democrats say this does not occur. They also say Hillary did nothing criminal.
  3. Then there’s Hillary’s plans to stuff the ballot box. Written by the late great Phyllis Schlafly she points out Hillary told us her plans to “increase access to the ballot box” by adding felons and non-citizens, along with anyone who can’t prove identity, citizenship, or residence within the voting precinct. And while most democrats do not believe in the resurrection of Yeshua, they have no problem with the resurrection of dead people to vote democrat. Sometimes multiple times.

Ok, so ALL these are just about the voting process, the number of time a person votes, if the person was even eligible to vote, or if the right person voted, or if the person was a citizen, or actually, alive.

Voters Wanted

Voters Wanted

Mechanics and Machines

Now let’s move on to the “mechanics” of voting, shall we? Anyone remember all the hullabaloo over the 2000 election, the hanging chads, and all that? But, at least they were paper ballots, and they can be recounted. I’m sure it was no picnic for the people that had to do it, but there was good oversight.

Now we have electronic voting machines. No hanging chads there, nary a one. No paper ballots to be recounted. No indeed. Modern sleek electronic machines. Machines like the Smartmatic machines being used in sixteen states. Some of these states are key battleground states. Smartmatic machines suspected of voter fraud in the Venezuelan election. Smartmatic machines linked with George Soros. Let’s take a look, shall we?

  • Concern Grows Over Soros-Linked Voting Machines You really want to read this one. It’s a good primer in that you get enough info to see the problem, as well as some info that has since been removed from the web, and it tells you what that info is.
  • Election Cyber-Threat Is Real This one you want to read because it clearly explains the threat. And because I like the writer’s sense of humor and how clearly they explain actual cyber-security, and they know what they are talking about.
  • Wary of Election Hacks, U.S. Urges States to Get Security Help And I would humbly tell any state to AVOID like the PLAGUE asking the Department of Homeland Security for help on voting. Just, don’t.
  • New Report Warns Of Possible PA Voting Machine Issues Ok, kind of humorous in this article: “We are urging the states just to make sure that their deadbolts are thrown and their locks are on,” FBI Director James Comey said in a recent testimony in front of congress.Oh my gosh! I hurt myself laughing. James Comey from the FBI is trying to talk authoritatively about cyber-security. Oh the irony! The Federal Bureau of Inquiry, some things, too funny.
  • Soros-Connected Company Has Provided Voting Technology In 16 States And this is a follow the money and people column. Very good info. States affected potentially: Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Other jurisdictions affected are California, District of Columbia, Illinois, Louisiana, Missouri, New Jersey, Oregon, Washington and Wisconsin
  • Pennsylvania’s aging voting machines could be ‘nightmare scenario’ in the event of a disputed election I wonder why the LA Times is so concerned about Penn’s voting machines?
  • Alert: Texas voting machines changing Trump vote to Clinton Seems when people try to vote Trump, or straight ticket that the machine takes it as a Trump vote then changes it to Hillary. One gal reported it and asked for help getting it to show correctly and was told “That’s been happening”. Really.
  • Votes Switched From Trump to Hillary in Texas A woman was shocked to see her ballot flip from Republican to Democrat. Took TWO election officials to get the sucker to flip back to the way the lady voted. I noticed that the Republican straight ticket was highlighted, however, the Clinton/Kaine box was also highlighted!”You have to pay close attention.

How about about a little break for a short movie? And in the interest of honesty, I will tell you this man is implicating establishment Republicans.

  • Can the 2016 election be rigged? You bet This one is fascinating because it give details on how and who could. Well worth reading. Tidbit: Europe has rejected electronic voting machines because they are untrustworthy. This is not a secret. The media continues a drum beat insisting voter fraud is non existent without ever addressing the more ominous question of manipulation of the voting machines. It keeps those in control in control.
  • Maryland Trump Supporter: They Switched My Vote to Hillary
  • And now, how about a short movie from Project Veritas featuring Scott Foval, now fired from Americans United for Change

Fear and Intimidation (or brownshirts or purple shirts as it is)

The next part in the Project Veritas series is a good lead in to my next section on voter manipulation, so I’ll start with this video.

Intimidation, and I don’t just mean at the polls like the Black Panthers did the first year obama was elected. This case came to trial after barry was in office. The DOJ dropped the charges because they didn’t show up for court. Try that one at home kids.

I mean physically attacking people that choose to participate in the electoral process by going to hear the candidate they believe they want to vote for. These are just regular Americans that want to go to a political rally. There has been violence at Trump rallies, not by them, against them.

The videos, shot by ACORN slayer James O’Keefe’s group Project Veritas Action, show Foval on camera saying his agents “infiltrate” Trump events. “It doesn’t matter what the friggin’ legal and ethics people say, we need to win this motherf****er.” He adds, “we’re starting anarchy here.”

Creamer, previously convicted of felony bank fraud, has visited the Obama White House more than 300 times. In one of the videos, he says Hillary Clinton personally knows about the false flag operation. Her campaign “is fully in it,” Creamer confirms. “Hillary knows through the chain of command what’s going on.”

If you aren’t aware of the magnitude of these attacks, you really need to at least take a look at some of the incidents listed. I’m not talking about just being called a filthy name, or denied service at a restaurant, although both of those things have happened. I’m talking about physical attacks, some of them on children.

Again, Hillary IS aware of them, she wanted them.

What? You didn’t know about all this from CNN, MSLSD, ABC, NBC, CBS, BS or Megyn on Fox?

Swell, segue to my next topic.

Clinton's idea of a "Rally"

Clinton’s idea of a “Rally”

Media Malfeasance AKA Dead Journalism

Most of what you’ve read can be summed up for the mainstream media as lies of omission. They are way to busy talking trash about something Trump has been accused of doing. They may find 20 seconds to mention wikileaks. In the case of CNN, they spent the 20 seconds telling their gullible views it is ILLEGAL for them to view the wikileaks website. And since the people are watching CNN in the first place, it’s a pretty safe bet they are gullible enough to believe it.

“The further a society drifts from truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.”~~George Orwell

Media Lies or functioning as the demoncratic attack squad.

So let’s see, what does the media cover? Hmm, mostly well Clinton lies, or crap if you will. The cover part for demoncrats or clintoon if you will, is kicking kitty litter over her big steaming piles of lies. The cover part as it applies to Trump or Conservatives is what it chooses to show voters and they decide what they will allow them to know. Most people know better by now than to only get their news from the Mainstream media, if at all. Especially CNN and MSLSD. The media coverage for Republicans is somewhere between the protection of demoncrats and the anti-conservative slanted view reporting conservatives are given. Let’s take a look at some of the biggie stories the media chose to “report” on. Snort, chuckle, guffaw. Sometimes I crack myself up.


Illegal Aliens/Undocumented Demoncrats-take your pick

Now let’s just touch briefly on what all those illegals coming in mean for the voting process. First, Podesta says they CAN vote. Thank you Wikileaks, see first section. They are extra bodies to be bussed in to disrupt Trump rallies or vote illegally. And the are a drain on the fragile economy, because we’re supporting them. More so than our senior citizens and Veterans.

Last topic. How have I been able to compile all this information to make my case? Ok, besides mass quantities of Israeli coffee, Warren Zevon and the soundtrack to Exodus?

Free flow of information and an unrestricted Internet

The demoncrats only love free speech if it involves burning and American or Israeli Flag. Like at the demoncratic national convention this year. It’s also known as a coven. Or putting a statue of Yeshua in a bottle of urine. Or throwing a pie at Ann Coulter, or kneeling like a spoiled pampers wearing millionaire during the National Anthem.

When it comes to something like Wikileaks, or talk radio, Fox news or the Internet not so much. In fact they have a decided interest in seeing such things go away as they assure the gullible they support free speech (a little, on their terms, read the fine print).

Grab some popcorn, watch the movie. It’s Lou Dobbs.

Remember, barry handed over control of the Internet first of the month. So it’s not impossible we could soon enjoy the same free and unfettered Internet that China and Iran enjoy. In which case, you won’t be seeing stories like all these listed.

And, how is the Demoncratic party getting some money?

The e-mail Scandal

So Hillary and the Demoncrats thought this was behind them. But the FBI has decided to re-open it. Official story is they found some more emails on Huma’s estranged hubby’s computer they had seized during his “sexting” investigation. My thoughts are keep your eyes on wikileaks. There is nothing to say James Comey wouldn’t do this to divert attention for something wikileaks was getting ready to break. The other thing is Kim Dotcom. Kim Dotcom has put out on twitter HOW and WHERE to get the emails Hillary said she deleted. Rush has a great explanation on this. 

This has some implications other than what first comes to mind when you think about the email scandal. If you don’t read the Rush article, at least think about this part from that article.

Vlad has nothing to do with it, and furthermore, the fact that the Russians have nothing to do with this and Obama and Hillary are running around blaming ’em is really irresponsible and playing with fire.  You blame the Russians for interfering in a U.S. election when they’re not doing it and you expect ’em just to look the other way and claim, “Well, it’s politics.  We know how the Americans do it.”  This is not the way Putin reacts.  Putin does not react to being falsely accused of doing things like this, and he’s not happy about it.  It’s irresponsible for Obama and the Democrats to be doing this.

Final Thoughts

Bottom line for me is this: If Trump were a NORMAL Repub, or establishment Republican, he’d have caved by now. He’d have caved by long ago. Demoncrats are so used to bullying one way or another their political opponents that this must be an absolute trial and tribulation for them. They are used to screaming “racist, sexist, islamaphobe” and the candidate usually wilts. Trump has stood up to the Corrupt Clintoon Cartel, the Corrupt Media (in the pocket of the Corrupt Clintoon Cartel), the BLM, the Demoncratic party, manufactured dirt, and is still standing and still swinging. His supporters have had their cars keyed, rocks thrown at them and their children maced. And they are still showing up to rallies by the thousands, because they believe this is their one last chance to save the great American experiment of a Constitutional Republic.

Real Threats

Real Threats

And from the demoncrat side, do we hear condemnation of the lies, of the attacks of the destruction of private and public property? No, no we do not. Only the encouragement of more deception and lies. Not that I think Republicans are all that much better. Especially not establishment Republicans. Paul Ryan counts as trans-party. He is neither really Demoncrat or Republican. The fact he is speaker of the house tells you much.

But Trump is fighting on. Is he perfect? Oh goodness NO. But he is so much better than Killar Hillary? Oh yes, oh yes he is. And I hope he wins “Big League”.


Is THIS what we’ve become?

I realize this is probably nit-picky, well, wait a minute, this is my blog, I can do that!

I went to a medical conference not long ago. The topic of the clean indoor air act came up. The speaker said that periodically there are attempts to repeal the clean indoor air act. He then asked the audience if anyone wanted to see that happen. 299 heads and some voices dutifully shouted “NO”. One little head didn’t bobble, mine.

The speaker then went on to say that some casinos were still able to allow smoking because they had lobbyists so they hadn’t been able to outlaw smoking in all casinos.

So let’s just think about this for a minute. Someone, or someones invest their time and money into building a business, say a restaurant or bar. They pay the insurance, they buy the dishes, they pay the rent and the utilities and the staff if there is any. They hope there will be money leftover so they can recover some of what they’ve invested. So far I’ve only mentioned money. I haven’t mentioned the hard work getting the building ready or the stress of such a gamble. But all of that goes along with being the owner.

Now you have a mob of people who don’t want to allow smoking in a building because they don’t like it. So they get their governmental thugs, bullies, elected officials to make the owner conform to their will. Now, this may go to a vote of the people. YEAH! The people’s will ruled and triumphed. Peachy, just peachy. All those people that voted to make these businesses conform to their will, how much money did they put into that business? How many walls did they paint? How many nights did they stay up worrying? How many things did they do without to make sure the bills got paid? Oh none? And you are celebrating the win, eh?

Do you not think the business owner has the right to determine how best to run THEIR business? The one they built despite what the left says about “you didn’t build that”. They aren’t allowed to put into practice the rules they think will make their business the most successful?

I was talking this over with a friend and she pointed out that there are rules for safe food storage and handling. I countered with yes, there are guidelines. Things have to be kept at such a such a temperature or only for so many days, but HOW the business meets that guideline is up to them. Icebox or refrigerator, what brand and size is determined by the owner.

She came back and said she felt sorry for the poor employees that had to work there. Jobs are not that easy to find these days. I opined that the scarcity of jobs was also a result of government over-regulation. But apart from that, while I might feel sorry for the employee, how much of their money did they invest? How much did they do without to keep the business going? It is still the owner who took the risk.

Then if you go back to what the speaker said about casinos pay lobbyists so people can still smoke there. Hmm, well, why would a casino do that? They are run by stupid people? No, because they know that they might/will lose business if they have to go down that road. And, casinos can afford the lobbyists. The little Mom and Pop diner or bar that you are so happily controlling by mob rule, can not. So this celebration of mob rule has hurt the small business, the little Mom and Pop.

Why not let the owner determine how best to help his business succeed? If they feel they will have more profit by allowing smoking, ok, let them. If they saw they were losing customers because they allowed smoking, they would change it to no smoking. But either way, the people who invested the money and are responsible for he debts are the ones who get to choose the course.

But 299 people sat their smugly happy in that they had imposed what they wanted on other individuals. Oh happy day.

It was only the beginning. After all, it’s for your own good, right?

Am I a Calzone? Over at TZP

Ahh, the days of Missouri politics. But since there are forces afoot to try to stifle free speech from mere citizens from disturbing the elected officials, seems prudent to shine the light on the roaches.

Over at The Zelman Partisans I’ve laid out what is going on with Missouri First and Ron Calzone. Am I a Calzone?

Holocaust Remembrance Day

Today is the the date designated in 2005 by the United Nations as International Holocaust Remembrance Day.




And how many are still asleep at the wheel? They don’t realize the noose draws tighter. The nazi’s simply used the gun laws already on the books. Like the ones we have more than enough of already.




The latest from The Zelman Partisans.  Resolve. What part does it play in your life? Not just in your life personally, but if the leaders of your county, state and country do not have resolve, it will affect you. Believe it.

And, I’ll even throw in a bonus video for ya’ll. This is resolve, and I think this lady is wonderful!  Might want to hear her out, if you aren’t familiar with the koran, you might learn a thing or two.


The Politics of Power-From TZP

Not content to just weigh in on American Politics, I have decided to foray into Israeli Politics.  Not claiming to be an expert, but I do love learning about the topic. It’s over at The Zelman Partisans, and there are a couple of really good videos to go along with it. You should watch them both, they are Crackerjacks!

I hope you like “The Politics of Power



The Better Nixon

The lesser of the Nixons in my mind right now is Jay Nixon, Missouri’s non-Governor.  We’ll just start this post out with a moment of levity. Listening to nixon usually just makes me want to rinse out my ears with hydrogen peroxide. But this sound clip from the Missouri Torch is just one of those things that make you want to hit your head against a wall. This twit is a non-Governor of the state of Missouri because of the people (and their out of town guests) like the residents of Ferguson, which is the topic of the sound clip interview.  For goodness sake, WHY can’t we have somebody like Gov. Bobby Jindal?  Oh wait, I know the answer to that. So here’s obama’s mini-me without a teleprompter.


Now, let’s go to the greater of the two Nixons. The late President Richard Nixon.  Viet Nam was an unpopular war. It was not lost on the battlefield, it was lost in political deals. I remember how the “in” thing was to protest the war. I remember my Mom telling me about one of my sisters sitting in the parlor with a couple of her friends, the boys were not old enough to be drafted, but they were saying if they were, they would dodge the draft and go to Canada. My Dad, who had been in the Navy was sitting in the dining room hearing every word. It took all Mom could to keep him from going in there and throwing the bums out. The scum want all the benefits of freedom, with none of the effort, and yes, I do happen to know one of them is a proud obama voter.

But back to President Nixon.  There is the Watergate scandal, he used the IRS to target political opponents, spied on his enemies and had an enemies list. The press went after him with a vengence. Reporters dug and went after the truth, and the truth was blared on the nightly news.  Let’s compare that with the current piece of trash in the White House now. He doesn’t just target political opponents with the IRS, he targets whole groups of people in the nation, he doesn’t just spy on political opponents he spys on law abiding citizens. He has created more racial strife with his inserting himself in numerous situations and has his racist attorney general as his firestarter. And most likely one of them sent the “out of town visitors”, those fomenters of violent protest to Ferguson MO. Which is what prompted the above sound clip. The kind of soldier obama likes is the traitor john kerry.  But hey, john kerry always has a solution, right?


Ok, enough with the levity.

The media now, rather that reporting what is going on, follows the Walter Cronkite (I know this is an opinion piece, but it lays it out well) method of shaping public opinion by their “reports” rather than actually reporting the news. When an actual reporter tries to do that, they are spied upon. Read up on Sharyl Atkisson, amazing woman. Even her own network SeeBS, deep sixed her stories that could hurt obama. So even though obama has done far worse than President Nixon ever did, the media is now fine with it, and covers it up FOR him.  In the story below, it talks about something amazing President Nixon did, besides helping Golda Meir and possibly saving Israel.  While the current occupant of the White House has people like Johnathan Gruber JayZ, Beyonce and others of their ilk, President Nixon hosted the largest dinner EVER at the White House for the returned P.O.W.s of Viet Nam. There were celebrities there like John Wayne, Sammy Davis Jr. and Bob Hope, people who loved America, to honor those who had served America.  Do I think President Nixon was the greatest President ever? No, but he did some amazing things, things he should and deserves to be remembered for.  If he were a communist alinsky-ite, he would be.



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