For those who have wondered with a strong Republican majority in the legislative body why it is we have such a hard time getting good legislation through, and why some things we want seem to flounder I have some insight for you.

From  Ron Calzone at Missouri First:

Did you realize that the majority party in the Missouri House of Representatives chooses the Speaker of the House a couple of years in advance of his taking that position?  One of the primary reasons, if not THE reason, for doing so is to raise money.   The “Speaker Presumed” becomes a magnet for money that is used to fund races of other members of his party.  That’s one of the reasons Republicans have been able to secure and maintain such a strong majority.

To constitutional conservatives, like me, that strong majority has been of little value.

The problem is, the money cycle sort of obligates the candidates who receive that money to be loyal to the “Speaker Presumed”.    And, worse, it concentrates a LOT of power in the hands of the Speaker and other members of leadership.   All of that means every other Rep has less “power” — and, therefore, less ability to properly represent his or her constituents.  The Speaker is not selected based on how he represents the values and philosophies of the representatives who are supposed to represent us, he’s selected based on his ability to raise money — and his agenda rules the day.

The People are the losers of this game.

“Bad” Diehl as quite a list of accomplishments! He shouldn’t be proud of them, but he probably is.

From just this year:

Report:  John Diehl Killed the 2nd Amendment Preservation Act
Report:  John Diehl was an obstacle in the fight against Common Core
Report:  John Diehl not only didn’t help stop red light cameras, he tried to legalize them.
Report:  John Diehl told citizens fighting for fair elections, “I don’t care what the people want.”
He’s probably fine with the kind of  voting machines used in Illinois, unless of course it’s HIS race they registered the ‘pub vote as a dem.

The Day The Missouri House Voted to abolish our gun rights.

So what can you do to help? Go sign the petition at The Missouri Leadership Project.

Then you will be sent an email with info in case you would like to (and you should) do more!

What good does it do us to work our tails off, and donate to great candidates if you have something like this that will prevent us from gaining ground in the reclamation of our rights?

This is not yet a done deal, the Diehl can be stopped!
Duplicitous          You can also download and print this flier, if you want to post it, or give it to others to pass along the information.