So today was Captain’s and my first day back in school this year. They had predicted snow around noon. My lesson started at noon. I thought, well Lord, if it’s going to snow, let it be before that. It didn’t. So on we went. We warmed up, he held a lovely canter circle both directions without breaking gait or losing the proper lead. My instructor talked about some riding theory, thing we were going to work on today. I tightened up the girth (Captain and I are both at our “bear weight” hibernation weight gain that comes in winter, or with menopause) and stepped on. We started working on precision by riding a box using barrels for the box corners. That was going well, ride to the corner, pivot using the hindquarters, then go the new direction. While we were working on that, a blizzard started. Well, maybe not a grand blizzard, but a LOT of little snowflakes, BLOWING snowflakes! LOTS of them! And Captain didn’t appreciate it at ALL! Those sabretooth snowflakes attacked his delicate paint horse nose. He put his head down, rubbed it on his sports medicine boots, shook his head, got really agitated and antsy. He really didn’t want to think about working anymore, he wanted to think about fonching and acting a fool. But our teacher was very patient, and I kept working Captain, our precision went down the tubes, we were doing good to make a square, let alone precise turns. But eventually his brain came back. Our turns got nicer, I figured something out and our lines got straighter and it still kept snowing! The end of our lesson we trotted a nice square around the barrels. He DID break gait on that a few times, and kicked out once when I got after him with the whip, but we kept on working. He ended up doing great. Is he thrilled about working in snow? No, but he can and did. I had been telling him, “someday buddy, we will ride in the snow”. I meant after it was already on the ground. But, hey, I guess we did ride in the snow today. While the flakes were little, there were a LOT of them! Was it good to be back in school? GRACIOUS YES!!!!! Am I sorry it snowed during class, no! We gained life experience, we’ll have it for next time!

Captain contemplates the sabretooth snowflakes

Captain contemplates the sabertooth snowflakes