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The Big Chief Tablet

I’m  continuing on my journey to learn to read and write in Hebrew. As you’ve no doubt figured out, I’m not having an easy time of it! A dear friend Christie, believes in my so much she bought me a book in Hebrew of stories.  I plan to read it, not sure which year. Sigh. My friend Deb gave me a children’s coloring book with the words in Hebrew beside a picture and the word in English below. Nissim has gone through part of my reading assignments and helped me figure out which ones really are words, and which are just sounds for practice. And still I’m having a hard time.

I decided maybe the thing to do, would be to try to learn to read and write in Hebrew like I first did in English. This is complicated by the fact my Dad is no longer with us for me to sit on his lap and have him read stories to me and point out words.  It is also complicated by the fact I can’t find a Big Chief Tablet! How do teachers and parents expect their children to learn to read and write without a Big Chief Tablet, I want to know! I think that is part of what is wrong with the world today, there are NO Big Chief Tablets! I think America was a better place when Big Chief Tablets were in stores on the shelves. Perhaps that is what has gone wrong with America, there are no Big Chief Tablets.

Why you ask am I hunting for a Big Chief Tablet? Well, my friend Deb helpfully pointed out that the path to success for me, she felt lay with a Big Chief Tablet and a fat pencil. Like the kind first graders use when they are learning to write. A measure of my willingness is pictured below. I have obtain the suggested fat pencil. For the record, they are called “My first Ticonderoga”. Okey dokey. If I learn to read and write Hebrew I’m happy. Now, my success may be threatened because there are no Big Chief Tablets to be had! Since I couldn’t get that, I decided to go for pretty. Pretty is good.


Ready For Success

Ready For Success




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