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The End of the Chapter

I’ve been involved with a Second Amendment group in leadership since 2006. That role has now come to an end. It’s tough as I see a group that was once strong and unswerving in defense of state Second Amendment legislation begin to defer to the NRA, that doesn’t always have our best interests at heart. I listen to one board member say the group will never be a NRA rubber stamp. I would find that reassuring except I had just listened to another board member explain that we can’t fight the NRA because of their money they can donate to candidates. That the group doesn’t have that many members that will actually get out and help candidates. Is he judging all the members by himself? So the group will oppose legislators and publications that lie about the Second Amendment legislation, but not the NRA, because of their money. Now, what is that word……it’s just floating in the back of my memory, that word where you sell out principles for money….hmm. He then crowed proudly about the power of the NRA at getting an amendment stripped out of a bill. VERY impressive! The NRA got a one sentence useless amendment (See full story) stripped out of a good bill and you are proud of that? It doesn’t matter they lied about the bill? Something is seriously wrong here! You don’t want the members of a group that pay dues to be informed of what is going on in Jeff City to know that the NRA lied and they shouldn’t contact their legislators about an awful bill because the amendment doesn’t say what they said it says? You censor information that tells them this and you still think the group hasn’t become a NRA rubber stamp? WOWZA, I’d hate to see their definition of a rubber stamp then.

While I’m saddened to see the direction the group is going, there isn’t much I can do to stop it, and perhaps the ship will right itself. But if the members trusted me to tell them things honestly, I can’t be part of something that has made a choice to deceive them by censoring information. Isn’t that what the “lamestream” media does? No, I’m not built that way. And so, that chapter in the book ends.

I know God builds us all with a purpose in mind. Where he will lead me next is unknown. I do know there is enough going on right now just with some of my family members to keep me busy, and then it’s spring. There is always a lot of work on a farm in spring, I hope I can get caught up on chores I’m behind on. My horse let me know very clearly yesterday that he thinks he needs some of my time. I should have more now to happily give the big guy. So, now I end one chapter and turn the page. Time to start a new chapter.

I have this blog, and I like writing about whatever topic I choose. I also like the alternative censorship free avenue to share information. If you find an article that you think has info that would be of interest to someone, send them the link, please.

So, will I back down and shut up now?


That’s the view from my saddle! Let freedom ring!


  1. I had no Idea you were connected that long, You did more than the yeoman’s share of battles to fight the good fight and won 75 – 90% of them. You always told the Membership the truth and they respected you for that as they knew that you did the research and checker the sources prior to saying what needed to be said. If the powers of the Group didn’t like it, it was because they were not listening to the message being presented, they heard one thing NRA and that you were commenting against them because of the lies and the trust they put in their lobbyist who from where I stand was more interested in making a name for himself that telling the truth, he has accomplished making a name for himself it is called LIAR.
    You have a devoted fan and friend here in me and I will stick with you no matter the trail you ride as I know it will be a trail not always smooth but straight and true. KJ

  2. This is long but I think it needs to be covered in detail.
    Sheila Stokes Begley X President of WMSA was call down for trashing the NRA For telling the truth, You be the judge.

  3. Moving on from the organization won’t change the basic fact that I have long considered you the Voice of the Second Amendment in Missouri, Sheila.

    • sybil

      11/04/2014 at 22:00

      Brad, to have YOU say that makes me feel incredibly humble. To have your respect means more to me than I can ever tell you. I want to live up to your description of Aaron Zelman, and be as effective and he, Suzanna Gratia Hupp and you have been. I thank you, so very much!

    • I’m certain that Sheila’s voice will not be stilled. It will emerge in a new, different, but still powerful, way. And I’ll be right behind her. Keep writing and keep speaking.

  4. Brad I do not know you, or you me, but we share the same feelings about Sheila’s Effectiveness for the Grass Roots Movement in the State of Missouri, and there are many others that will agree with us.
    Sheila has a following among the people in the know, and the fact that she told the truth about the NRA’s lobbyist passing absolute lies back to the NRA is by no means a mistake or an error in judgment on Her Part, the membership had a right and a need to know exactly what was going on, and I totally respect Her for doing just that. The article the NRA Posted about the information provided them in their Publication to the best of my knowledge has yet to be retracted or at best eliminated, A cowardly act in my personal opinion.
    I’m sorry that I never had the opportunity to meet you in person, I have heard sever glowing remarks about you and your integrity, you have my respect for what ever that is worth to you.

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