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The Great Water/Land Heist

This is something I became aware of a few years ago. Since obamunus became our ruler, there has been a movement afoot to seize control of land through the EPA, and water. The waters controlled by the feds used to be limited to “navigable waters”. Remember, what commrade obaunus can’t shove through Congress, he has his shadow government do. Either Executive order, or some governmental agency. This first video is from 5 years ago! It warned of the danger. There used to be a three parter on this, but I can’t seem to find it on youtube now.



But perhaps you think that the federal gummint with all those “smart folks” that work for them surely know how to properly manage resources, right? I mean they certainly wouldn’t do anything harmful, right? WRONG! What they will commit is domestic terrorism!



So you think this is only a problem in Cally-for-niay? Think again! This is a light-hearted look at a MISSOURI farm family. Listen to the words, this gal did just a fantastic job, and it’s a great video.



But, what could be the point you ask? I mean, everyone wants clearn water? What could be evil about that? Well, over-regulation. What can that result in? Watched the second video, right?? What is the result in a valley that produces a LARGE amount of food? Less food, higher prices. If one had to guess, I would think that food would be an excellent way to control people. I mean, what parent won’t do almost anything when their child looks up at them and says “Mommy/Daddy, I’m hunger”. Will you turn in _______________neighbor, gun, land, gas-gussling car (as defined by the gummint).

This is federal over-reach, and over-regulation. Oh, you already heard about this on MSBS or CNN?

/snark mode.


  1. Very well presented, you did a great job, next question, will the people listen?

    • sybil

      15/06/2014 at 22:27

      Probably not. This has been coming on for a long time, and they buy the line of “It’s for the Children, for their future” and you know what I say about that. When you hear it, someone is fixin’ to get messed with.

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