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The Transparent Tortoise

So the BLM, Bureau of Land Management, swooped in to save the “endangered” desert tortoise from the Bundy herd of “killer cattle”.

So, when have you seen an army of 200 agents armed to the teeth, with automatic weapons, helicopters, tasers and attack dogs show up to defend an endangered species? Which is pretty darned interesting considering the Feds killed off a few hundred of them last year, and plan to kill off more. And then crushed a burrow of them during the rustling of Cliven Bundy’s cattle. Good thing the BLM is made up professionals that are familiar with the animals they are dealing with and the land they live on. Except they aren’t. They aren’t any of those things. They aren’t professional, they tasered protesters, they unleashed attack dogs on a pregnant woman, arrested and held a Bundy son overnight, I don’t believe they ever said what for. Hit one of the Bundy women with a vehicle and threw her to the ground. As the story grew bigger people poured in from all over the country. More media showed up, as Judge Andrew Napolitano pointed out, it was becoming a public relations nightmare. He also pointed something else very interesting out. Bundy lost his court case in Federal court. In Judge Napolitano’s opinion, this should have been tried in a Nevada State court. This is like having two 4 year old siblings, one gets to cut the last piece chocolate cake and make two slices, he get to decide it they are equal and he get to pick the first piece. Of course they are (most likely) going to decide fairly, right? Actually, you have a better chance with the four year olds than the federal government!

So the Feds go in, steal the cattle and hire some “contract cowboy” out of Utah to help steal the cattle and transport them across state lines to Utah and sell them. EXCEPT here is what happened. The federal government hires a contract cowboy (cost to taxpayers to steal the Bundy cattle $966,000, what the Bundy’s supposedly owe is $1.1 million) who is to go in, steal the cattle and are supposed to sell them to cover the fees owed. Now as I’ve read a couple places Bundy has been paying fees to the state & county. He feels the federal government is trying to put him out of business. Just because he’s the last rancher in Clark County, I don’t know why he feels that way, but he does. So it kind of looks like the federal claims of attempt to recovery money owed and protection of the desert tortoise could be, a, GASP, LIE!! Or, it’s like the government is run by someone who has no clue of finances, balancing books, or is just flat power drunk, like a community organizer. They have no clue how to run a business.

Now let’s look at how they “care for the land and they animals” they were suppose to sell for a profit to recover the cost of the grazing fees. They killed two prized bulls for fear they would “gore the horses and were dangerous”. Ok, valid fear, except at least one was in a pen and was shot five times. They destroyed stock tanks, corrals, fence and killed or have lost about a third of the animals they stole. Excellent documentation on this can be found here. It also points out the Governor of Utah forbid the cattle to come into Nevada, and the Nevada and Utah stock yards wanted nothing to do with selling stolen cattle. Be sure to listen to the video, as it points out the BLM wanted to “restore the land”.

So the BLM, the snipers and attack dogs have all pulled out. Is it over? According to NRA endorsed Sen. Harry Reid, no. Now while many politicians in Nevada have come out in support of Cliven Bundy, old Harry has been rather silent. Wonder why? Well, by now you probably have heard much of this. Darn it, I’ve really got to get one computer operating system installed and leave it! It’s putting me way behind on my current events here!

“Well, it’s not over,” he said. “We can’t have, in America, people that violate the law and just walk away from it. So it’s not over.”~~NRA endorsed Sen. Harry Reid. Unless of course it’s Barry Sot, Barry Oba,..Barak Obama (whatever it is this week), Eric Holder, Lois Lerner, Kathy Sebelliousnous (whatever), then we can.

Turns out ol’ NRA endorsed Sen. Harry has his fingers in a LOT of cow pies. He has been lobbying the BLM (bureau of land mis-management) to re-map the Desert Tortoise’s habitat to allow real estate mogul Harvey Whittemore to build on land near the Bundy’s ranch. You may have heard the name Whittemore, he was convicted of making illegal campaign contributions to NRA endorsed Sen. Harry.

Sen. Harry, never one to leave things to chance recently had one of his senior advisor’s, Neil Kornze, appointed to the head of the BLM. Why YES, the term “stacked deck” occurred to ME too!

Well, many cowpies, so what else? Turns out the BLM makes MILLIONS by leasing Nevada lands for energy exploration and fracking. This image is from the Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology and shows drilling in the Gold Butte area where Cliven Bundy runs his cattle operation. The red crosshairs are oil and gas exploration drilling operations, and oil has been found.

Oil exploration on Bundy cattle land.

Oil exploration on Bundy cattle land.

So you can see why the BLM is so concerned about restoring the land to it’s proper condition by destroying water tanks, corrals, and killing the cattle so Rancher Bundy couldn’t resume his “illegal cattle operation”. No indeedy, they got $1.27 million for some leases to six different energy companies. That makes what Cliven Bundy supposedly owes pale in comparison, doesn’t it?

What other cowpies? Well, remember Bundy is the last rancher in Clark Co. Now it seems when Harry’s son Rory was a Clark Co. commissioner, (like the one who said out of state protesters coming to Nevada to support the Bundys should have funeral plans made) Rory convinced the county to sell 9,000 acres at well below market value to Chinese energy giant ENN Energy Group. They also want to use federal lands to build a solar farm, because one Solyndra is never enough. And the Bundy land just happens to be under consideration by the Chinese company.

So, NRA endorsed Sen. Harry Reid’s son Rory is representing the Chinese Solyndra who will be building the turbines and solar panels in China, and shipping them to the US, and who convinced his county to sell land below market value to the Chinese. Sen. Harry Reid is also promoting the Chinese company.

So NRA endorsed Sen. Harry Reid & his son are using the force of the federal government to shove an American Rancher, who provides beef to Americans at a time when beef prices are highest and supply is lowest since 1951 off his land.

As I’ve said before, what a great way to control a population, hunger.

YOUR tax dollars at work folks, MY tax dollars at work. Will congress critters protect the folks they are sent to DC to serve from the federal government? Will we hold them accountable? Or are they just so flat clueless they don’t even see how it applies?

You think Nevada is the only place the BLM is doing their land grab? Think again! 90,000 acres at stake in Texas! LAND GRAB!

Like many “transparent” things in the obama regime, the tortoise is not only transparent, it’s almost invisible.

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  1. Give them an inch they will take a Mile.
    Somehow the Government thinks they are the big dog on the block, when in fact they are the child of the States, not the Parents.

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