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I guess I’ve been thinking about this a lot. I’ve heard Mom talking about it a lot lately, so I guess that’s what got me to pondering.

I heard her talking one night about all the stray cats in Israel, wherever that is. They are like my sister Cowgirl Kitty in a way. They are the same kind of animal, but there the similarity ends. Cowgirl Kitty lives in the sewing room, she has a bed, and Mom gives her stuff in a fancy red filigree food holder, and she has her own dish of water. I’ve watched Mom fill it. She gets something special on top of her food every morning, and Mom picks her up and holds her and cuddles her. Sometimes when they think I’m asleep she jumps out of her sewing room and comes and sits on Mom’s lap while she’s working on her computer. They think I don’t know. I’m a Anatolian, I know. Mom says in Israel those cats don’t have a home, they roam the streets looking for food and someplace warm! Sometimes they get sick and die, sometimes they get run over and sometimes mean people hurt them. I don’t understand. I want to chase my kitty sister, especially if she will run, but I don’t understand people like that. Mom says it’s because they haven’t been tutored, or something that sounds like that. I guess what it means is nobody loves those kitties enough to make sure they don’t bring more kitties that don’t have homes into the world.

It happens in America as well, but here more people seem to take their “fur children” to the doctor. I went to a doctor before I came to live with my Mom. I don’t remember anything. I was sore for a day or so, but after that, nope. It did seem as time went on jumping the fence and running off wasn’t as much fun. Well, and that time my collar started vibrating like crazy as I jumped the fence. I really hated that. It quit just as I came back in the yard. Weird, it never happens when I’m in the yard. Oh well, one of life’s mysteries.

But back to partners. Mom told me about a picture she saw,

After battle

Obviously very brave, and obviously had been in a fight. At least one little sheep seemed to know the dog had put it’s life on the line to protect them. Mom says if anti-gun people have their way they would pull the dogs teeth. I’m not sure, maybe she’s kidding because that would be so stupid! How could a sheepdog protect the sheep without it’s teeth. But, Mom says there are a lot of stupid people.

יש הרבה אנשים טיפשים
אני מדבר גם עברית

I also speak Hebrew.

She also wondered where the dogs partner was. It seems Livestock Guardian dogs work as pairs. Either there should be another Livestock Guardian dog nearby, or a herding dog. When there is a threat, the herding dog rounds up the sheep so they are easier to protect, the the guardian dog has less territory to cover. The picture doesn’t show the partner. Mom was sad, she wondered it this is the only one that survived.

Mom says partners are a very special and rare thing. I looked up at her with all the love I could put in my eyes and put my hand on her leg. She leaned over and put her head on mine and told me I am an awesome partner. She said we do lots together and that I am wonderful company. That made me feel good. She’s not a perfect Mom. She’s gets twisted about weird stuff, like chewing that tantalizing white paper that’s all on a roll and ready to go. I don’t know what the deal is, it’s great for decorating, but she gets twisted, so I’ve quit doing it. She’s weird that way. She doesn’t like it when I try to share her dinner, but she’s right when she says she doesn’t do that to me.

So, here’s what I do know. There are millions of people like me and my sister Cowgirl Kitty, or maybe even my horse brothers that don’t have warm homes and anything to eat. I’m going to pray they get homes. Even if they have weird Mom’s like mine, maybe especially for them to have weird Moms like mine. I have a purple coat she puts on me when it’s wicked cold. At first I thought I was being punished for something. But she seems so happy and says how handsome I am. I have noticed it’s not as cold when I wear it, so who knows. Maybe Mom know something I don’t?

A most handsome boy in his coat

This partner thing must be elusive. But she tells me all kinds of stuff and knows I won’t tell anyone, I promised her. When she’s sad I cuddle up to her, and when she’s happy we do stuff. I’ve taught her to throw a ball and a frisbee ring! She is smart! I’ve taught her to always put the lid down on the toilet too. Sometimes we just sit on the front porch and cuddle, I like that a lot. And if I think she’s worked on the computer too long, sometimes I get up off my bed and sleep in her office till we’re ready for a bath. I like how she got a soft fluffy bath mat for me to lay on. I don’t get the fascination with bathing, mercifully she only does it to me once in a while, but if it makes her happy, I just guard the door. So I hope I’m being a good partner, because I really think she is trying to be a partner and a good Mom to me. We sure do have some fun. I hope we go to the feed store soon, because that always gets me treats!

So I’ve been thinking about that brave Anatolian fighter. This is how I sleep when I’m at home with Mom and Cowgirl kitty.

Sleeping soundly

Yes, I’ve chewed up one of my beds. Yes, it was fun! But here’s the thing, I can sleep like this because I’ve got my Mom, and she’s got my back. I can love her with all my heart, but this is about trust, not love. I know she loves me, but I also think it’s safe to sleep with my tummy up.


A cold day!

It was below zero today! I was cold and Mom made me wear my purple coat when I went outside. When I came back in, it felt so good to curl up in front of the stove and have a little nap. And now I’m thinking about all those poor fur children that don’t have Moms and homes because people didn’t love the parents enough to tutor them. Mom says it’s worse than that. Some people leave their children outside on a night this cold! They say they have a coat. That’s horrid. I have a lovely Anatolian coat, and my purple coat. And I was still so happy my Mom has me and Cowgirl kitty inside. We have water, food, warmth and love. I feel so bad for those that don’t. But not enough to change places with them.

Well, that’s how I see things, anyway.

Love Notes From G-d

Some times I get to thinking that things I think need to happen aren’t happening fast enough. Or perhaps that I’m not doing enough to make them happen, or that I’m doing things that keep them from happening. And, perhaps, sometimes some of those things are true. But sometimes I think that it’s also that I think I have more control over people, situations and circumstances than I really do. Or that I want to have more control over them than I should. I suppose it could be a bit of arrogance. The flip side of that is sometimes it’s mired in uncertainty because I don’t know which direction to go or how to get from here to there.

A few days ago I started trying a new nail painting technique I saw on Facebook. A friend of mine had posted a video of different techniques for pretty designs that could be done at home. Of course he posted it a few months ago, but it stuck with me. So a few days ago I finally got around to trying it. I liked it. So a few days later when the polish had a chip, I decided to try it again with a couple of different colors. I chose a melon with a blue accent, then added a couple of drops of silver sparkley polish for good measure. It wound up being really pretty.

Yes, this is going somewhere.

Last month I ordered three really pretty polo shirts from The Zelman Partisans Queensboro store. Since the things are made to order, they take awhile to get here, so you never should count on them being in at a certain time, unless you placed your order way in advance. They came on Shabbat.

The Jewish Arts Festival was on Sunday. I wasn’t scheduled to work it, but I wanted to. I had a friend who had been asked to help at the Israeli Technology booth. I love Israel, and I love my technology. So a call had been placed with a plaintive request, “could you see if they would let me help in the booth?”. Call them and ask. No, I want you to call and ask. I was afraid they’d tell me no. I think I see a couple chicken feathers floating past my desk right now. To my great joy the answer was a resounding yes, and have her call me at once. I did and it was all set up.

You’ve probably guessed this part. The nails I had done a few days before perfectly matched the melon shirt and the embroidery of the design. The shirt I hadn’t seen yet and didn’t know it would be here.

Since I was a last minute addition to the roster, I just wore my own shirt rather than accepting the Jewish Arts festival volunteer shirt they were giving volunteers. They were thrilled, guess medium is a popular size.

Many, many people saw that Zelman Partisans logo that day as I spoke on my topics of ReWalk and Netafim’s Flexnet drip irrigation system.

It prompted some interesting comments, “Are those guns on your shirt???” “Why yes they are”. From there the discussion went to my extreme aversion to cattle cars and ghettos. The history of gun control laws, the Weimer Republic and living life as a free person. The people that point blank asked me about it seemed very interested in discussing it, and it was an excellent conversation all the way around. They actually already leaned that way, but they thought TZP was amazing. It is.

So here’s the thing. For some reason I decided to chose the soft melon orange over the brighter orange. I chose the blue accent rather than the green or pink or purple.

I don’t know that G-d is fixated on my nail polish color, but I do think he can urge us to do things if we are open to hearing him.

Little miracles and big ones, he gives them all to us. I want to be open to seeing the little miracles, matching nail polish and shirt for a very put together look at a public appearance. A beautiful sunset or sunrise. The very corral panels I wanted being on sale just when I’m working enough hours to buy them, and they are the only corral panels on sale. Passing my ACLS class when I really didn’t get to study as much as I wanted or needed to study. Little and big miracles, he gives them to us all. I do not want to throw the little miracles back in his face because they weren’t “big enough” to suit me, or impress me enough, or the “right” ones. The more aware I am of the little miracles, the more I realize how many of them there are. I want to be attuned to his voice, to his presence to his will.

And sometimes I just feel like I flounder. I know he loves me, I know he wants what’s best for me, and for me to be happy. I also know sometimes the path that I think will bring those things will not bring them. But he knows the path that will. Things happen, to make me a better person, for soul correction, to help me empathize with others. I’ve learned to appreciate the little bits of happiness when I have them. For me to fixate only on my problems, and worry will not necessarily change anything. But when I do that, to the exclusion of the little bits of happiness I was offered along the way I am being foolish. It does not cause the problems to sort themselves quicker, it does not shorten the time of trouble. It only prevents me from having some peace and happiness along the way that I was offered. Arrogance and lack of emuna (faith).

So, I’m going to take my new shirt, and perfectly matching nail polish and design coupled with a wonderful chance to talk about Israeli technology as a love note from G-d. Sybil, I know what you need, I know when you need it, and I put things into place and play before you even know they are important. You concentrate on doing the things I put in front of you today, and remember child, I love you. I’ve got this.


G-d, אבא

Perfect nails, perfect shirt



I just can not seem to let the injustice that is occurring in Amona, in Samaria, Israel go. I just can’t.

For some background on this issue, I’ve already written about it at The Zelman Partisans. This will give you the historical part that you might need.

The residents of Amona have excellent reason not to trust the government. The government is offering them a chance to move to a different spot on the same hill. There are some big problems with this.

First, you can’t trust the Israeli courts about this issue. David Wilder has an excellent column, Amona, on this detailing his experience with a similar situation involving the Shuk in Hevron. He also mentions how the eviction from Gush Katif has turned out pretty much the same way.

Government: Leave your homes, we will provide an alternative location for you to live, or you can come back in a few months and live here legally.

Threatened Citizens: Gee, I don’t know, you haven’t been good about keeping your word.

Government: Don’t worry baby, I’ll still respect you in the morning, you can trust us.

Until today, the 18th of Kislev, the 18th of December the residents of Amona had rejected the governments “generous” offer to let 24 of the 42 families losing their homes stay in the town on the hill known as Amona. If you haven’t read the background, and you should, this town was built with government help and blessing. Yes, the same government throwing them out now. Because of the absentee arab landowner that hasn’t paid taxes on it for years, ever, and may not even know they own it, who knows? The previous agreement was only going to let 12 families stay, so my my, how much more generous this is! I’ve found no mention yet of how the residents decide who gets to stay. Nor have I found where the ones that don’t get to stay are going to go. Who is going to handle the arrangements for those families. The government says it’s going to build 52 new homes and buildings for the residents of Amona. Yeah, you can take that one to the bank.

So why am I so angry? I love Israel, I love the land and the people (the coffee), but I am angry, very. Because it’s wrong, so very wrong all of it.

Let’s start with this, Amona has been evacuated before,

No, this isn’t the same video that I have up on TZP’s column. WHAT. THE. HELL?

This year Israel went after a young soldier, Elior Azaria who shot a wounded terrorist because there was fear that the terrorist who was wearing a heavy jacket on a warm day might have a explosive device on him. But luckily there was an Israeli hating group call B’Teslem around to film (without audio) the whole thing. The whole mess is a steaming pile of crap. This was a terrorist that wanted to kill Israelis, and the court and military will go after the soldier that protected innocent Israelis. But go after Police and soldiers that attacked innocent residents of Amona? That beat and killed them? Oh, no, that’s not such a big deal. They’re just “settlers”, and we’re coming back to that. OH we are SO coming back to that.

Ariel Sharon was Prime Minister when this travesty occurred. His coalition at the time was made up of Kadima, Likud, Agudat.

But as the wrangling was going on this time about what to do about Amona, people were calling for the residents of Amona not to be violent.

“It is absolutely forbidden to raise a hand against soldiers or policemen. I hope this expulsion will be passive and nonviolent,” she said. “The demolition of a town in Israel is not an everyday occurrence. It’s a very painful and difficult event, and a democratic country must accept all forms of passive protest.”

But Minister Shaked is not the worst. This is the opposition to Jews and the Likud, Hertzog

“We’re talking about good people and Israeli citizens. It really does hurt a lot to have to leave your home, but we’re talking about an act of theft. Zionism was built on redeeming land, not stealing land. It really hurts me these settlers refused the solution offered to them,” he said.

Hurts you? I didn’t see you out there with Effie Eitam getting your head whacked open trying to keep the Jewish residents of Amona in their homes. Hertzog doesn’t believe Jews should be living in Judea and Samaria. Not really. But he’s not very truthful about how things have turned out for Gush Katif either. Hurts to leave home? Doesn’t that just smack of the left wing stuff we’ve heard? “I feel your pain”. Sure you do. No wonder his nickname is Bougie, it should be Buggy.

Bibi, you say the government did their best, their maximum by Amona. Wow, that is pathetic. Very pathetic.

Seriously? Do these people forget what the heck happened to those residents a mere 10 years ago? It wasn’t the residents that were violent. I wouldn’t blame the residents for wanting to sit on their mountain with a Davidka this time around. Or perhaps a Sho’t Kal. I suppose one would have to check eBay and

They’re back on duty now, but some soldiers even left base because they didn’t want to be part of the assault team. I don’t blame them. But it seems that the Israeli Police get to have all the “fun”.

But, it’s all settled now, the residents of Amona have agreed to the deal with the devil. The government.

But it’s wrong, it’s all so very wrong.

You see, in my opinion, and since this is my column, Jews belong in Israel. In all of Israel. Judea and Samaria are in Israel, it’s listed in a really big book, called Torah, or Bible. None of this “green line” or “occupied territories” crap. You hear Israel crying they want Jews to make Aliyah. Why? Where are you going to live? In the housing units in Jerusalem that haven’t been built? And if you don’t want to live in a city, in Judea or Samaria where the government will kick you off your land violently? Land you have lived on for years? Land they said you could live on till some left wing loon “human rights (except for Jews) group” turns up with a Falestinian to claim ownership without proper proof? As anti-Semitism increases around the world due to the influx of different countries own imported Falestinians. Why would Jews want to consider moving to another country where arab rights are far more important than Jewish? Why do I say that? Oh, maybe because arab buildings that really are illegal are still up after 8 years?

שְׁמַע יִשְׂרָאֵל Shema Ysrael. If you want your children to come home, you have to show them they are valued and treasured. The world is not going to love you because they do not want to hear the message you are suppose to bring to the world. J street, the ADL, B’Teselm, Yesh Din, the Falestinian Authority, Hama$$, John Kerry and Obama and the demoncrats are not going to approve of your actions unless they are something like kicking Jews out of their homes. They like that, because they don’t really believe that Jews should live in the land G-d gave them. That’s why they use terms like “green line” “occupied territories” and “settlers”. They are not “settlers”, they are residents of Israel living in Amona. Words matter, and the words you chose sends a message. These are all terms used to delegitimize the people living there.

I love Israel, I think it would be a wonderful place to live. But not like that. The people in the government need to change their thinking. I listened to a webinar today. I very much enjoyed it. It was a presentation of how the Israeli political party Zehut intends to conduct some internal matters. Beyond that, I’m not at liberty to say anything. It was a members meeting, and I, your lowly scribe, am a card carrying member of Zehut. Membership has it’s privileges. But at the end of the world wide conference, I asked about Amona. Aryeh said he thought an agreement had been reached. I replied Amona is why we need Zehut. And for my Israeli friends, in case you think it doesn’t matter to you, you might want to know there is a bill in the Knesset right now to allow Israelis living outside of Israel to vote in Israeli elections for Knesset.

One of the things I find shocking and appalling is the residents of Amona were to have been out by the 24th of Kislev, 24th of December, the first night of Hanukkah. Apparently the people on the court don’t realize there is a Jewish Holiday called Hanukkah. I’m pretty sure they have no clue what it was or what it means either. But then, when you give away Har Habayit, the Temple Mount, why wouldn’t the arabs think you will give away any other land as well? If you will give away the site of the Holy Temple, what’s a few homes and a Synagogue in Amona, or Gush Katif, or, or, or.

Where is Judah Maccabee?

There is something I read recently, the book of Obadiah, it’s not long. Only one chapter, and well worth reading to those who condemn the Jews living in Judea and Samaria. Who think they have it coming to them and secretly, and sometimes openly look down on them.

But, hey! It’s all good now! An agreement has been reached!


On Sunday morning, the extreme left-wing organization “Yesh Din,” claimed that they have succeeded in thwarting the most recent plan for saving Amona proposed by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Education Minister Naftali Bennett.

The organization claims that a Palestinian Arab owns “parcel 38,” which is where 24 of the 42 families currently living in Amona are supposed to settle, according to the latest plan.

Uh oh.

Why Trump? Little Things and Big Things

I guess some people are genuinely baffled at how President Elect Trump became President Elect. They just don’t understand how that could be.

No one has asked my opinion, and I’m not really sure anyone really cares what it is, but I think I’m probably pretty much run of the mill here in “fly over” country. You know, us mouth breathing, knuckle dragging, hillbillies clinging to our Bibles/Torahs and our guns. We, the uneducated rubes, the hicks who still revere our Veterans and our Flag, the, dare I say it, deplorables.

So, in no particular order, I will give you a few reasons I know of that I, or people I know voted for Mr. Trump.

We like law enforcement for the most part. I’ve had bad experiences with Law enforcement, but for the most part these are men and women with a genuine desire to help people, to protect them as best they can. They are wired that way by G-d I believe. If you don’t understand this, refer to Lt. Col. Dave Grossman’s essay On Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs, from the book On Combat by Lt.Col. Dave Grossman. From the beginning of obama’s* reign he despised them and made it clear. Remember when the buddy of his, professor something or other locked himself out of his house and a neighbor saw him crawling in a window so they called the police? And barry’s response? “The Police acted stupidly” Seriously. Then he had that ludicrous “beer summit” and some of us began to feel we had fallen down some kind of rabbit hole. Who the heck says the police acted stupidly when they are doing their job? Oh, I guess people that have never really had a real job, you know, like community organizers. And from that time on barry has made his disdain for law enforcement clear. And who did hillary have on stage with her at her rallies? Black Lives Matter mothers. Except the lives of black police officers don’t matter, or the lives of black members of the military, they don’t matter to demoncrats. BLM, which used to mean Bureau of Land Management, is now Black Lives matter, and both look pretty evil to me. BLM riots in Ferguson, burn business, loot and terrorizes law abiding citizens. They attack police freely and police are told not to do their job and arrest their sorry asses. And more businesses get burned, more innocent people are dragged out of cars and beaten because they are white, and more innocent citizens of every and any color are held up on freeways with no thought of the harm they might cause. They don’t care if they cause wrecks, if parents with sick children can’t get them to the hospital or they terrorize people. It’s all good with them, because they are sure there will be no repercussions. We’ve had enough of this crap, and hillary would have carried on barry’s “legacy”. Seeing the results of the Trump win? We did the right thing. We NEED grownups in charge.

Lets talk about some of those businesses burned to the ground, and business owners. We’re tired of hearing “you didn’t build that”. The HELL you say! We DID. We gambled, we worked, we gave up things and built a business. And the response from the obama administration as people watch their life’s work and capital go up in flames to a bunch of rioters? Nada. A demoncrat governor like Jay Nixon? He chimes in on the side of the thug. Justice for Michael Brown? Michael Brown got justice. He ATTACKED a police officer after he attacked a store owner. And the media portrays him as a “gentle giant”??? Oh, I’ll get to them. Listen Nixon you dipwad, you want to be the crooks representative? Message received. Hopefully Governor Greitens will be the representative of the law abiding, hard working citizens. Demoncrats seem to be the party of thugs, probably why governor terry mcauliff restored about 60,000 voting rights to felons right before the election. He knew how they’d vote. Demoncrat. So yeah, we tired of hearing that “you didn’t build that” crap and our hard work being downplayed by a community organizer.

The media, journalism died in 2008. Sadly, people still watched cnn and mslsd nbc, abc, cbs, nbc and thought they were watching the news. HA. The media did everything it could to smear Donald Trump. They accused him of mocking a disabled reporter. He didn’t.

And that brings up an excellent point, while they kicked kitty litter over every rotten thing clintoon has done, and went after people that brought up things she had done, they couldn’t be troubled to actually INVESTIGATE anything. Claims against Trump were accepted wholesale and replayed endlessly. But this year, things were a bit different, this year bloggers took on the role of the media and investigated things. Talk radio hosts brought the truth out, and people by and large have learned the mainstream media is useless as tits on a boar hog. They lie like rugs to put it plainly. They are not journalists, or media watchdogs, they are demoncrat party lapdogs. They are the propaganda arm of the demoncratic party. So, we’re tired of that crap too, we’re tired of being lied to by the likes of rachel madcow, wolf blitzer, anderson cooper and little chrissy matthews with tinkles running down his legs. And they still think we are stupid enough to believe their crap? Inconceivable!

Islam is a religion of pieces. Yes, I did spell it right. I do mean pieces. Unless you’ve been foolish enough to listen to the MSM, you know that ISIS is islam, I don’t care what barry keeps insisting that ISIS has nothing to do with islam. Barry is a lying twit, with his own agenda. We read the reports, Jews and Christians, Kurds and Muslims of the opposing belief are being butchered in the middle east, and I mean cut up, butchered. Men, women and children, it’s all the same to the pieceful, piece loving islamists. The media tells us these poor refugees are running here for safety. But it seems most of them are young men. Who have left women and children in danger? ISIS has said they are getting jihadists in with the refugees, the media doesn’t find that newsworthy? Government employees have said, we aren’t vetting them. They catch them, give them a court date to appear, then they don’t. DUH. And they are where?? We are not as stupid as the MSM thinks, we read what’s happening in Germany, the rise of crime, the massive increases in sexual assaults and rape. We see how the countries in what was formerly known as Europe are changing. The no go zones in Britain, France, Sweden. Where police or medical teams can’t safely go in and rescue people. The number of police that are resigning daily in Sweden because they aren’t allowed to actually do their jobs regarding the poor refugees, and, the refugees now have no fear of the authorities, so law abiding citizens are basically on their own. Resorting to rubber bracelets that say “Don’t touch me” in arabic. Yeahhhh, a buddy and I had the idea that it would work much better stamped in the bottom of a cartridge casing. Germany tells the press not to report a number of crimes committed by “refugees”, Britain has newspapers change the arabic sounding names to more “English” sounding ones, or not report muslim crime. And this doesn’t even begin to look at how the culture of a country changes when there are enough of them imported and voting. Anybody want to go to Dearborn wearing shorts? There was a large amount of MS-13 gang members coming in from Mexico, I believe it’s neighborhoods in Long Island being terrorized by them. But if we object and want the incoming from other countries vetted, we are xenophobes and haters….right. We’re tired of that.

Then there’s obamacare. Keep your doctor and premiums go down by $2,500? I understand that most of the obamacare exchanges are dead, doctors are pulling out of it, and my insurance premiums are now FOUR times as high as they were. And any person with a brain KNEW this was a load of crap when he blathered it. Passed by all demoncrats. But, to be fair, Repubs have campaigned they would repeal it. Have they? No. And to make it more fun, people that couldn’t afford insurance now have to pay fines because they are too poor to afford obamacare. And demoncrats praise this, and hillary was going to keep it, and probably expand it. Sick humorous note, when asked about late term abortion hillary simpered that she didn’t think the government should be involved in healthcare between a woman and her doctor. Seriously, and she wants MORE government run healthcare, or the lack thereof. Not to mention, we are paying for it for all the illegal aliens. And before you give me that crap about people dying in the street, they can walk into ANY ER, in ANY hospital and be treated, whether they can pay or not. That was already the law. So, we’re tired of that obamacare crap, and we didn’t want more hillary care crap.

Amnesty of illegal aliens and “poor refugees”. The hillary plan would have whacked every household with a $15,000 tax increase, per year. Because they get all the government benefits and then would get more. Probably why she wanted to start a 65% inheritance tax. Because you worked hard and put aside money to leave your family, friends, charitable organization or your pet mouse, whatever. This is something that is an obscenity in hillary-world. The government is entitled to that money, not who you wanted it to go to. And we’re tired of being taxed to pay for obamaphones, and every other hare-brained government goody give away the demoncrats came up with. We earned our money, and we want to keep some of it. We’re tired of being bled to death by government leeches who choose to whom they will “give” our money. And don’t say you had no clue, it all came to light the first time barry ran and Joe the plumber asked him about redistribution.

The IRS has been used to target “political enemies” of the obama regime. A popular game with tyrants the world over. The Tea Party groups and leaders audited, Dinesh D’Souza thrown in jail, money confiscated because they were political “enemies”. We’re tired of that crap.

We’re tired of discussing issues and raising questions and concerns about policies and being told that we are racist, haters and xenophobes. We’re REAL tired of that crap.

I want to be able to go to the bathroom and not worry about some dude following me in because he feels “pretty” today. No, I don’t think all gay, transgender men are evil. But I think there are evil people out there that will follow you into the ladies room gambling you know you best not say anything about it or risk being labeled a homophobic or hater.

Common (rotten to the) core, dumbing down school children. There is a whole story behind common core and it stinks. We want a quality education for children, not indoctrination. And if parents want to homeschool, that should be peachy. If a school is lousy and parents want to let the kids go to a better school, fine. The bad ones will have to shape up if they are to survive. Oklahoma uses this system. We’re tired of school children being taught “global warming” and being clueless about the civil war. We’re tired of the 5 pillars of islam being taught in public schools and children aren’t allowed to pray before a football game. No Judaism or Christianity explored, only islam including sometimes trips to mosques. We’re very tired of that crap.

And speaking of war, we here in flyover country love our Veterans. We respect them, and love them for the sacrifices they’ve made for us, and for the U.S. And barry stealing money from Veterans to pay for his crap programs and finance importing refugees, a policy hillary promised to continue and expand is just the limit. The VA scandal? Has that been fixed? No. There are homeless Veterans and this country is spending money to import people that last week may have been on the streets of their home town yelling “Death to America”. Not only NO, HELL NO! You take care of these men and women with dignity and respect. We are real tired of the decimation our military and then treating them badly when they come back. Benghazi? She left those men to die. Probably because she got a juicy donation to the clintoon foundation from the Blue Mountain group. Who the heck hires a security firm with NO employees, that no one in the security industry has ever heard of and pays them 9.2 million dollars. They then run a newspaper ad in Libya for employees and don’t vet the people they hire. Some of the Blue Mountain employees joined in on the attack on the embassy. After hillary had ignored multiple requests for more security and help. May she rot for this. I’m not even going to go into how much more unstable the middle east is since she had her turn as secretary of state. Calling and yelling at Bibi Netanyahu for building Jewish homes in a Jewish neighborhood in Jerusalem? Really? For 45 minutes worth. And the current regime blathers on about building Jewish homes in Israel in Judea and Samaria as being an impediment to peace? What a huge load of חרא. Enough of this crap. There would have been no change under hillary in any of these policies, word has gotten out how she treats her Secret Services team and the military, and she is no lover of Israel. Thank you wikileaks, we know how her team refers to Jews.

And this brings up jobs, our unemployment rate is way higher than the number the barry administration and the media report. Because it doesn’t take into account the people that have quit looking for work. And we’re importing more people? I saw a interview a few days ago on some show with a young woman who was a veteran. She is a social worker, and her goal was to have a job helping people find their ideal job. She can’t get a job. How many unemployed people can we support? We’re tired of this crap. We need jobs, real jobs, not government jobs. The only shovel ready job barry ever produced was that of shoveling dirt over the crap of his multitude of lies. And we’re tire of his crap. And hillary would have been more of the same. We need the growth of private businesses.

And since the soros funded occupy wall street babies may not know any better, that crap about the 1%? America has about the highest corporate tax rate in the world. No wonder businesses leave. And barry pushing for the $15 and hour minimum wage? Look, what does a community organizer know about business? You have X amount of dollars for wages, wages have to go up? People are going to get laid off. Some of these jobs are meant to be starter jobs, for kids in high school, not to support a family of four. Not to mention what that will do to the cost of eating out even at McDonald’s. The prices go high enough folks can’t afford it, and guess what….more layoffs or automated kiosks.

As long as we’re on the subject of fast food. We did NOT need a food nanny like moochelle obama. And I don’t think lunches in the schools have been all that happily received since she forced them to do her bidding. We’re tired of the food nanny crap. Maybe Melania will have some mercy on them.

And, while we’re on moochelle, I do believe the obamas have set a record for the amount of taxpayer money spent on expensive vacations. Many working Americans can’t afford vacations now, thanks mooch, we’re tired of that crap. And since hillary is as much of an elitist as the obamas, that would have stayed the same.

But Donald Trump said bad things about women!! Yeah, and hillary tried to ruin the lives of women her husband attacked and raped. Including ruining the life of a 12 year old victim of rape by saying she “wanted it” when she defended the rapist in court. She knew he was guilty. Trump may have said bad things, but hillary DID bad things, and enabled bad things.

And how about all the money the clintoon foundation took from countries that treat women and gays horribly? Then lied about it? Oh, I’m sure there weren’t any strings on those juicy donations to the clintoon foundation while she was secretary of state. Nawwww. And there’s nothing to be worried about with her having a private unsecured server. And once again barry was clueless in D.C. He only found out about it on the news….despite having emailed her at the private server email address. Thank you again Wikileaks. Then there was the meeting will bill clintoon and loretta lynch before the hearing, but that didn’t mean anything. The corruption just abounds, absolutely abounds. And to us here in flyover country, not only can we still spell integrity, but it actually matters to us.

We’re tired of being in a culture where our Judeo-Christian ethics are demonized and now Pastors are told to hand over sermons . Where we can’t have Christmas or Hanukkah displays because it’s “offensive”. Enough of that crap! Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah is back!

And, in addition to clinging to our religion, we cling to our guns. Damn skippy! Because we can look back through history and see what happens to disarmed people when their government decides THEY are the extremists and dangerous for whatever reason. Not to mention what can happen anytime just living life. There are bad people out there, there are evil people out there. I want to live and come home to write more columns. They leave me and mine alone, I’ll leave them alone. But it really should make one wonder, what is it hillary wants to do to us, that she can not do unless we are disarmed by more “common sense(less)” gun control? You see, the Second Amendment is the one that ensures the others will be respected.

Liberals like hillary love to put people in pigeon holes. Black, Hispanic, Jewish, Women, Muslim, etc. The liberals and their propaganda arm, the mainstream media do as well. And so they thought President elect Donald Trump would NEVER get votes from any of those people. Well here’s the deal, there are law abiding people in all those groups, and they don’t want to see their towns burned down by thugs, they don’t like their highways blocked and they don’t want unvetted refugees, terrorist attacks, higher taxes or government corruption any more than anyone else. But when you’ve put people in pigeon holes, you can never conceive of that. And we’ve had enough of that crap of being put in pigeon holes. You know, like “deplorables”, as in a “basket of deplorables”.

And the deplorables were vilified in the media, they were physically attacked at rallies, bullied in schools and when asked, never wanted to publicly say “I want to help make America great again”.

Donald Trump will take a pay cut to be President, he seems to love this country, he has business experience, and while he is not a seasoned politician, he is a smart man. He will learn. I think he tries his best to succeed at whatever he puts his hand to. He has been pro-Israel long before he ever ran for President, and all of his children, except the 10 year old are married to Jews or dating Jews. I really don’t think he’s anti-Semitic. He is plain spoken, for sure. But he took on the establishment Repubs, the demoncrats and their sycophants in the media, and he won. Because we are tired of all the crap above, and we believe, yes, we deplorables believe that he really will try to end the governmental over reach, over regulation. That he really will allow businesses to grow and flourish, that he will understand we gambled, worked and we did build that. And so we have hope now, that perhaps our country, will once again feel like our country.

And that my baffled friends, is WHY Trump.


*People I have no respect for do not deserve capital letters for their names.  My column, my call.

If you have reasons other than what I’ve listed? Feel free to leave them in the comments section.


I Believe in Miracles–from TZP

Still jet lagged I think, so I will just give you a link to the column on TZP about the Six-Day war and the reunification of Jerusalem. Last week I was very aware of the miracles. G-d can indeed take things meant to harm or kill us and create undreamed of miracles. I Believe in Miracles.

Matzah Miracles

Today is Pesach Shani, the second Passover. The first, and big Passover was celebrated a month ago. I didn’t get to celebrate as I would have liked, I was at work. But I was still very blessed. I was able to take some of the things I needed with me and made a little Pesach at work. So I had boiled egg, romaine, mince (closest I could come to charoset) kosher for Passover matzah and Kedem, which is Kosher grape juice. I read the story and did the best I could from that and the memory of the one Pesach I’ve celebrated a year ago. I didn’t get all of it right, but as a friend of mine Y.B. reminded me, G-d smiles when we try, because we are trying. But still, I was a bit sad. More than I would have thought.

But I’m in Israel, on Pesach Shani. Pesach Shani is the second Passover. It came about when the children who were not allowed to observe the first Passover in the desert went to Moshe (Moses) because they had been contaminated or were unpure, and wanted to know what to do. They didn’t want to be left out, they too wanted to give their offering to G-d. So Moshe went to G-d who told him to establish Pesach Shani, a one day holiday for those who had been unable to observe the first, for whatever reason.

There are some differences. Pesach is a week long, Pesach Shani is but one day.

Then there is the tone of Pesach Shani. Here are some statements from some articles on regarding Pesach Shani.

We celebrate Pesach Sheni by eating matzah once again, but this time, we do not have to rid our homes of chametz (leavened products, which represent our arrogant natures). We bring ourselves to G‑d as we are — defects and all. It doesn’t matter how old we are, how lost we’ve been, or where we are holding in our lives today. We beg Him to give us a second chance. He obliges. What an incredible gift.


The lesson of Pesach Sheni is that it’s never too late.

No one is ever too lost or too forgone to make amends in their lives. When we stray or mess up, if we recognize how far gone we are and we are shaken to our core, we can rebound. But what’s fascinating is that this rebounding is not the regular step-by-step conventional formula. In a single instant—or in this case, in a single day—rather than the seven-day process of Passover, we can redefine our past and mold our future.

and lastly,

In light of this, we can explain why the mitzvah of Pesach Sheni came about in response to the sincere request of individuals who were impure. One of the goals of Judaism is to draw holiness—downward, so to speak—into the world. A more important goal, however, is to elevate the world and the worldly aspects of man, to transform all aspects of our being, and bring to the surface the essential G‑dliness within us.The institution of Pesach Sheni was prompted by the heartfelt desires of those who, despite their impurity, protested, “Why should we be prevented from bringing the offering of G‑d? The mitzvah was given not as a commandment from above, but as an expression of man’s inner need to establish a bond with G‑d.

So as someone who has made more than a couple mistakes in her life, Pesach Shani gives me great hope. G-d loves me, just as I am. WOW! Of course he has hopes for me to grow and get better, but he still loves me where I am.

Which brings us to the great matzah hunt of 2016.  I’m in Israel, I didn’t get to do Pesach right, and it’s Pesach Shani. And I WANT matzah!

I went next door to the shuk. I asked the places that looked like they might have it. One guy was kind of rude, he told me it was after Pesach. I told him TODAY is Pesach Shani. He looked a little surprised. I also asked at the liquor store that had a lot of things that looked like they might have matzah. That guy said the same, but he was kind. I told him the same, aval hy yom ze Pesach Shani. He looked surprised too, but told me Tov Meod, not many people know that, so good for me.

I came back to the apartment & Deb & I visited for  little, she said my best bet would be the Sufersal (supermarket) a 30 min walk away. I’ve been once. At worst, I figured G-d would know I really tried. I was in the shuk over an hour looking.

So I pulled up google map and started walking. I found the store and looked all around. I couldn’t find any.  I asked a couple of people working there. They explained it’s after Pesach. I thought the lady was the man’s boss. I guess not. When I said hy yom ze Pesach Shani, he asked if that was why I wanted it? I said yes, oh yes (in Hebrew of course) and HE told her to go look for some, and if they had it to get if for me. She went back and looked in the store room. She wasn’t happy about it. I just bowed my head & talked to G-d about it. She came out and told me there wasn’t any, then she glanced up on a top shelf……there was one box! She got it down and gave it to me!It was only 10 sheckels for a BIG box! I flew home! I think I have the last box of Matzah in Tel Aviv!  I had a long talk with G-d before I opened it and ate. I shared with Deb, so we both ate Matzah!

The last Matzah in Tel Aviv?

The last Matzah in Tel Aviv?

But it’s Pesach Shani and I’m eating Matzah in Israel!

I will leave you with this beautiful song by a group I love. Kippalive.




The Double Edged Standard Sword-From TZP

Wonder what America will look like if barry, boxer & the grey hag succeed in their utopian idea of a massive Gun Free Zone called America? Well, a slight clue might be looking at Israel. Only in Israel Bibi doesn’t hate Israel.

Wonder what America will look like after barry’s Syrian importation scheme is in full swing? I put a lot of videos in this one, they will tell you themselves.

The double standard, like political correctness in America is costing lives.

You can read this one at The Zelman Partisans

I’m going to bed, I’ve got a race!



France has helpfully drafted a proposal to the U.N. to internationalize the Temple Mount, Har ha-Beyit. They feel that seizing control of a section of Israel’s sovereign and most holy ground will somehow calm the violence. I never accused the U.N. of being clever, but I never thought them that stupid either.—-

Israel and gunowners are both under attack. And we are both under attack by the same kind of people. Liberals who see no difference between the life of a arab with a knife killing and a Jew killing in defense of his and/or his families life. The same with gunonwers, or police now. Don’t believe me? Don’t remember obama’s son Trayvon Martin? The black panthers openly, publicly putting a bounty of Zimmerman’s head? You don’t find horror in how Governor Jay Nixon reacted by allowing part of a city to be burn and rather than standing behind police officer Wilson would have burned him as well. Yes, by the same kind of people.

Anyway, you can read the rest of the column here.

Nightmare on HaKotel Street -From TZP

My latest column over at TZP is Nightmare on HaKotel Street.

I really, really, really do think there is a connection between what happens in Israel and what happens in America. I read an interesting column the other day called “Does Disaster Strike America when it pressures Israel“. They make a pretty good case it does, by relating things America has pressured Israel into that were not in it’s best interests and what happened in America within days, sometimes within hours. It’s pretty interesting reading and not that long.

In this case, I think we will see in America what they are seeing in Israel with the terror stabbing attacks. I mean why wouldn’t we? Barry is importing them like crazy and we have no idea what countries they are from. In Europe they have found out about 80% of the “refugees” are not Syrian.  Muslims consider America the Great satan and Israel the little satan.

It seems the collective reaction from the world to the terror attacks, the ones they know about, which certainly are not all of them, is “meh”. Then there is the media, MSLSD has been caught lying on camera about some of the attacks, and CNN is as reliable as it always is, which is to say, not.

This column on TZP should give you a better idea of what Israelis are facing, and I think we need to be standing with them a lot more. Secretary of State Kerry is dumb as a pile of rocks, or just taking orders from barry. Come to think of it, I think barry’s requirement for selecting a Secretary of State is #1 They must  hate America. After that I think he’s pretty “flexible”.

This violence is NOT going both ways folks, the “peaceful palestinians” are attacking Jews, and the Jews are dying. This is not a cycle of violence, I don’t care where you hear that crap.

I have a pretty good idea this is how the rest of the world and the UN will respond when we are under attack in this country too from the muslims. Or when they start going after political dissidents.



Day 3, The Ghetto Fighters House

Today was a big day! The Ghetto fighters museum! It’s in Acco, in the northern part of Israel. But having learned my lesson at the Ha’Hagana museum I knew I needed a proper Steno pad. The day we visited the Ha’Hagana museum I had to borrow Deb’s little pocket notebook. Not good. But in my defense last year I was only writing for myself, not anyone else. This year I need more. So before we set off I dashed next door to the Shuk Ha’Carmel. Think something along the lines of Wild Woody’s, except bigger. WAY bigger and more diverse. I had scoped it out the day before and I kind of knew where the stalls were that would have what I needed. I was able to get what I needed in short order. A good steno pad, a green pen and a green pen that writes with green ink. Believe it or not, it’s handy to be able to look at notes and in a glance have things color coded. Oh, and some hot pink nail polish and clear base coat. Because there are times a girl just NEEDS hot pink nail polish. I was able to do my shopping in Hebrew (admittedly, I didn’t need to know a lot for this) and was back in probably 10-15 minutes. I think Deb was a little surprised. But prior scouting helps.

So the trip to Acco was pretty long from Tel Aviv but I made good use of the time by coming up with interview questions for Moshe Feiglin. Yes indeed, prior planning! Optimistic prior planning.

The Ghetto Fighters House is amazing. The provided link will allow you to do a virtual tour, and I will post a more in depth story on it for TZP.


But for now I will just share some pictures I took. Look at this ancient aqueduct. Tried to obliterate the Jewish people, but hey, they CAN build a heck of a aqueduct! The area is beautiful. The museum is top drawer.



Roman Engineering

Roman Engineering

After the Ghetto Fighters House we caught the bus back to Acco. Once in Acco the fun began of trying to find the bus station. Walking around Acco was beautiful, until the last neighborhood we walked through. For some reason that made me froggy, very froggy. But Deb had a great app on her phone and we finally found it. But Acco was beautiful.

Deb is a transportation maven. She is a whiz at finding bus routes, train routes and how to mix match and find the best way to get to where we need to go. This was wonderful though because we ended up taking the bus from the North down to Beer Sheva . Now the most fabulous part of the trip, we ended up going by the apartment where we lived last year and I got to see MY Etz Tamar!! I waved at it. I think it misses me too.

Etz Tamar, MY Etz Tamar

Etz Tamar, MY Etz Tamar

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