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WHOSE idea was that?

So since I have a bit more free time on my hands I thought I’d upgrade my system to the new Mepis M12 beta. I put it on Mom’s computer a week or so ago and it looked and works great! On mine, because I do a lot more than she does it isn’t working out quite as well. I’ve installed it 3 times now. The first two I broke something. At least I go for variety, it was something different each time. Some of the things I need to make things work right aren’t showing up as being available, hmm, they were earlier. I’ve downloaded a version of Linux Mint I may try. I used SUSE when I first started with Linux, but once I found Mepis there was no going back. I was pushed into learning Linux because Micro$oft foisted an abomination called vista off on unsuspecting computer buyers. I used it for a day or so and decided to learn Linux. My cousin Jeff helped alot. I didn’t even know there were different kinds. It’s a steep learning curve for someone who has never taken a computer class. But I liked that if I didn’t want to upgrade, I didn’t have to. I could buy a computer and then put a system on I liked. Considering the stuff Micro$oft has been pushing out, I’m glad I stuck with it.

I’ve teased my husband that he was nuts to urge me to take them time to play with my computer and put the new system on I liked, but alas, I know whose idea it was, sigh, mine. I’ve used Mepis since around 2006 I think, if I switch to Mint it’s going to seem like I’m being disloyal. I may have to send my computer for counseling over the identity crisis.

Stay tuned, hopefully I’ll be back soon with my regular pithy posts!


  1. Might I suggest you look at Ubuntu? Solid, easy to manage, very flexible… Based on Debian, which is the distribution I’ve been using since I installed Slink back in 1999. Once you’ve got it running, apt-get install xubuntu-desktop. I would guess you’ll like XFCE much better than the default Unity desktop.

    • sybil

      04/05/2014 at 00:31

      Well, I wound up running Mint. I think it’s based on Ubuntu. I really loved Mepis, but the wireless in 12 is wonky. I’m going to have to put Mint on Mom’s when I get a chance. The last time I checked hers wireless was acting wonky on it too. For Mom I have to get it as solid as possible. But I am liking Mint a lot! I think you’re right.

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