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JPFO betrayed by ONE or TWO Board members! Yep!


Shamelessly swiped from Claire Wolfe.

Shamelessly swiped from Claire Wolfe.


Well, this stinks to high heaven.  Worse than roadkill. Make sure you click on the media player. It’s the perfect song to go along with this post. It comes from the JPFO “Freedom Music Page”.

Online Petition

JPFO, Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership, has wandered in the desert since it’s founder Aaron Zelman died.  Aaron founded JPFO in 1989 and was an absolute fighter for freedom. He did not believe in compromise of freedom, liberty or gun rights. JPFO has produced movies, pamphlets and books all aimed at educating people about freedom and how to effectively fight for freedom. He would not accept smoky back room deals that would betray members and their trust of the organization. There is a reason that JPFO had earned the reputation as a fearless, uncompromising and fierce defender of the Second Amendment. JPFO has won numerous awards for the material it has produced including, but not limited to:in 2000 – Brass Roots, Brass Cajones Award. The group raked in several other awards for the materials it turned out. But I work for a organization that won the Brass Cajones award. There is a reason for that.

I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!”~~Barry Goldwater

So, with all this in mind, I’m going to post some of Claire Wolfe’s blog, she has done an excellent summary of what is going on. As much as we know. I first found out about this last week on Thursday when Deb and I were working on the Israeli booths. The team of “resistance fighters” began forming that night. I’ve only been PR Director since the first part of August, and I truly looked forward to that job as it’s a group I believe in so whole heartedly. I won’t give the names of the other two fighters, but we join the legendary Claire Wolfe in fighting back against the forces of evil. And evil it is.

According to this article by David Codrea, whom I respect immensely,

JPFO approached SAF. Well, at least ONE board member of JPFO approached SAF. In the article David quotes Gottlieb as saying SAF had absorbed and kept it running as it was before. That is a bat rabid lie. ANYONE who knows what KeepandBearArms was before knows it is a bat rabid lie.

This is a FaceBook exchange on the KeepandBearArms fiasco:

Former KeepAndBearArms Insider: is nothing like it was before the SAF takeover.

The original writers were all hard line, “no compromise” firebrands. So it attracted that kind of stalwart.

Now it’s vanilla by comparison, with a small fraction of the reach and influence.

A similar motivation was at play: financial dire straits and raw fatigue.

Hindsight is 20/20. Shoulda coulda woulda frustration has plagued me for a decade.

JPFO friend: So having read Claire’s blog, what would your advice be?

Former KeepAndBearArms Insider: Her general idea of a member/owner group that keeps JPFO real and honors Aaron is essential.

Selling to SAF is going to cost JPFO’s identity. The word “merger” is disingenuous. “Absorption and dilution” are more like it.

At some point, after it’s done, current JPFO leaders won’t even be able to get Gottlieb on the phone — let alone get their voices out to JPFO members.

Trust me. I know.

Here is Claire’s post on this in it’s entirety.

Initially it appeared that SAF might want to keep some of the JPFO team intact and I was asked if I would write for SAF. I said maybe. Having been in a group that chose to censor the truth rather than to be honest with it’s membership before I was edgy about the prospect. After a few days we found out it was the same board member that had approached SAF to betray us that wanted to know. SAF never had any intention it seems of preserving JPFO, as JPFO. Rather they want the mailing list, the list of members, inventory and best of all the respectability and “chops” that JPFO has EARNED by not COMPROMISING on freedom. As opposed to Gottlieb who goes along with Barak Obama, Manchin and Toomy that Universal Background Checks are a good deal. SAF will dismember JPFO in more ways than one.

Understand this, there is a STRONG plan in place to save JPFO, we have members of the resistance that will step up as board members, and G-d knows, they need to be replaced. Well, maybe not Doug. Doug is a very good boss, and has done an amazing job of pulling JPFO back up after Aaron died, but the other two? I mean, who betrays a group to it’s enemy? We have financial backing. So WHY would the board choose to give a group like JPFO away to it’s enemy rather than let control be assumed by people that obviously love it and are fighting as hard as they can to save it. A question certainly worth asking isn’t it?

Now back to Claire:

Don’t threaten, yell, or be profane (not that you would, anyhow). But tell them what JPFO really is to you — not just some disposable appendage of Gottlieb’s fundraising factory.

Tell them whatever is true for you. But if one of those truths is that you have supported a strong, hardcore, independent JPFO and you want no other kind, tell them that.

If you admired Aaron and consider the planned merger a betrayal of his life’s work, tell them that.

If you want your donations back because you now believe that you gave under false pretenses, tell them that.

If you want them to halt the SAF merger and give our alternative plan a fair hearing, tell them that.

If you want them to halt the SAF merger but do something else besides hear our plan, tell them that. I am not trying to push our particular plan. I’m telling you it’s the only active alternative to the SAF sellout, and it’s a good one, and it’s by dedicated JPFO people, and the board acts like it’s not even there. But if something even better could keep JPFO independent I’d be all for it and I think others who care about JPFO would agree.

Tell the board members as nicely and firmly as you can what they’re doing to your JPFO and what you think or realistically plan to do in response.

Ask them if they really want their own legacy to be “the men who sold out Aaron Zelman for a few shekels” or “the men who were too weak even to sustain what a giant built for them.”

Remember, I said Doug is a very good boss! He is not the problem, but he does need to know what you think. His email address is Doug Schuett —

Then we have:

Senior Board Member
Bruce Bell —

And lastly, do some people just make you think of Judas? You know, like a Judas Goat? Or maybe Judas Iscariot, which is where the term Judas Goat came from. In the end he sure didn’t enjoy the 30 pieces of silver he gained for the betrayal of Jesus did he. Hanged himself in regret for the betrayal as I recall. So perhaps Judas Iscariot had a conscience, too little and too late. Which is what it will be if this merger goes through. Too little, too late. JPFO, as it really is will be gone. Betrayed by people that wouldn’t allow it to be saved by people that really love it. HOW ON EARTH can you work with a man like Aaron Zelman, who loved freedom and the Second Amendment so fiercely and then CHOOSE to betray JPFO to a group like SAF who supports Universal Background Checks? I mean REALLY, they worked out SO flippin’ well for the Jews, Christians, Gypsies and Political dissenters in the 30s and 40s in Germany didn’t it? And if they don’t understand that I can recommend a GREAT book called Gun Control-Gateway to Tyranny. It’s available from a freedom loving group called JPFO, or perhaps taking a peek at the JPFO Genocide chart. If you have ANY doubts about what the end game is, go back and read my column on “Yad Vashem“. That should clear it right up.

Oh, I’m sorry, did I travel far afield? That brings us to our last board member.

Executive Board Director
Robert (Bob) Meier —

So, sign the petition Online Petition, email the board. And pray. Because this IS a spiritual battle. Believe it. When innocent people are being set up to be at the mercy of thugs and tyrants it is always a spiritual battle. When strong honest people are being betrayed it is a spiritual battle. G-d is perfectly capable of changing hearts and minds, he is also capable of making roads where none exist. But understand this clearly. The board to this moment has NOT acknowledged our counter offer. I confess it, at this point I’d be more in favor of a Hellfire missile. I’m beyond ticked! Perhaps SAF has done some good things, and perhaps it has it’s place. But that place is NOT taking over JPFO!



  1. Avatar
    Kelly Jarboe

    23/08/2014 at 11:57

    I have written to all three of the Board members, and expressed my feeling of any consideration of the politically motivated takeover of JPFO by the SAF. I would hate to see the same thing happen here as it did to another organization that we both know of. I cannot imaging the thinking of the two BOD mind set to even consider such a takeover.

    Sorry about the bad spelling in the previous post

    • sybil

      23/08/2014 at 12:48

      That’s ok Kelly, I’ll just go with this one! Always glad to hear what you have to say my friend!

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