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There’s a storm a brewin’. A 67 year old rancher by the name of Cliven Bundy and his family consisting of 14 children and his wife seem to have always lived the simple, though far from easy life of a Rancher in Clark Co. Nevada. The basics of what is going on are pretty well out there on different web sites, but a quick run down is in 1993 Bundy stopped paying his grazing fees of $1.35 per animal unit month on the federal land. He claims that his family has used land in the 600,000-acre Gold Butte area since the late 1800s. I guess it would be hard not to graze on federal land since the federal government owns about 660 million acres across the United States, including one out of every two acres in the West.As best as I can gather from the news stories, Mr. Bundy quit paying the fees in 1993 for ranch land run by his family for a century or so. He runs about 900 head of cattle. One comment I read on a Cattleman’s web site says he is still paying the state of Nevada fees, but “fired” the BLM and quit paying their fees when he said he figured out they wanted to put him out of business. Could be right, Mr. Bundy is the last rancher in Clark County.

It seems this whole mess started over a desert tortoise. Now I like turtles, the little green ones kids used to have as pets, and when I was younger I’ve had a few box turtles as pets, but this is typical government left wing craziness. Beef prices are at an all time high, and aren’t expected to come down. The supply of beef cattle is about at the level of 1951 when America had about half as many people. So why would the government want to make it harder for ranchers? I’ll come back to that.

So far local politicians have only spoken, but not gotten involved. The local Sheriff has declined to take part in the cattle rustling, or allow his deputies to be commandeered. A Clark Co. commissioner, Tom Collins, doesn’t believe the BLM’s argument that it’s trying to protect the desert tortoise.

“The U.S. government has perpetrated a bigger fraud on people over those tortoises than Al Capone did selling swampland in Miami,” he said.

Collins added that Nevada officials are studying whether to petition the federal government for local control over a wide swath of land that includes the area Bundy is fighting over. Seems like all states should be starting to look at state sovereignty legislation. Missouri had the feds wanting to take over waterways in Southern Missouri, and Kansas maybe facing what Nevada is over the prairie chicken.

What an equally big story is to me is the federal government’s response. While they dither and dally about investigating “Fast & Furious” “Benghazi” no action has been taken towards law-breakers Lois Lerner or Eric Holder, the government has sent around 200 agents from the BLM and FBI including snipers to rustle cattle. Perhaps not content with merely shooting one un-armed woman holding her baby in the head (do a search on Vickie Weaver and Ruby Ridge) they are looking to flex their federal muscle again. They are patrolling the Bundy’s 150 acre ranch. According to the Bundy family they are armed with everything but rocket launchers. They said their ranch is surrounded, and roads are blocked. One son was attacked by the BLM, they set dogs on him, tasered him, beat him and detained him over night. His crime? Standing along side a PUBLIC highway filming the cattle as they grazed. They are perfectly willing to do this to anyone. This is MY tax money, YOUR tax money being spent to attack citizens protesting a man’s cattle from being stolen. It is costing 3 MILLION of OUR tax dollars to steal this man’s cattle. They are willing to set dogs on you, taser you, shoot you. They have set up “First Amendment” zones where citizens are allowed to be. You are not allowed to be any place else on PUBLIC land but where the BLM says you can be to film them stealing the cattle or attacking other citizens. The Governor of Nevada is very upset about the “First Amendment Zones”. Set far enough away people can’t film them stealing the cattle. If I were the Governor I’d be upset about my citizens being attacked to, but that’s just me.

Cliven Bundy’s daughter Bailey Bundy Logue had a very accurate comment on all this:

“Wake up America. Look what our ancestors fought for and we need to stand up for that. We need to realize what’s happening. They are taking everything away from us. This isn’t only about one family. This is about everyone’s family. This is martial law and it’s in America and so what are you going to do to have it stay out of America?”
Who knows what’s going to happen to the cattle. The BLM has brought in a dump truck, the idiots have separated some of the cows from their calves so the calves with die. The BLM spokesperson denied the BLM was killing cattle on purpose. Oh, well then.

The thing is, this isn’t the first time this administration has interfered in a big way with the food raising process. From 2009.



So remember the question I asked earlier? Why would the government want to make it harder for ranchers to raise food to feed hungry people? What about control? Look at what they are willing to do to the people protesting the theft of Cliven Bundy’s cattle? Set dogs on them, taser them, shoot them. They are very into control. Silence dissent by using the IRS, using your healthcare to control people. What parent won’t do almost anything the government says when their child looks up at them and says “Mom, Dad, I’m hungry”.

So is this the government plan? I don’t know. I DO know your tax dollars are being spent along with mine on this outrage, have you called your congresscritter today and demanded they STOP wasting your tax dollars, money the government doesn’t have (will China loan money for the government’s cattle rustling operation?) to perpetrate this atrocity!

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  1. This whole thing in my opinion is to instigate a rebellion of the people to allow the President to declare Martial Law which will allow him to do what to date he has not been able to accomplish, the confiscation of our weapons.
    Remember “an unarmed man is a Slave, an armed man is a citizen”!

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