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Why Trump? Little Things and Big Things

I guess some people are genuinely baffled at how President Elect Trump became President Elect. They just don’t understand how that could be.

No one has asked my opinion, and I’m not really sure anyone really cares what it is, but I think I’m probably pretty much run of the mill here in “fly over” country. You know, us mouth breathing, knuckle dragging, hillbillies clinging to our Bibles/Torahs and our guns. We, the uneducated rubes, the hicks who still revere our Veterans and our Flag, the, dare I say it, deplorables.

So, in no particular order, I will give you a few reasons I know of that I, or people I know voted for Mr. Trump.

We like law enforcement for the most part. I’ve had bad experiences with Law enforcement, but for the most part these are men and women with a genuine desire to help people, to protect them as best they can. They are wired that way by G-d I believe. If you don’t understand this, refer to Lt. Col. Dave Grossman’s essay On Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs, from the book On Combat by Lt.Col. Dave Grossman. From the beginning of obama’s* reign he despised them and made it clear. Remember when the buddy of his, professor something or other locked himself out of his house and a neighbor saw him crawling in a window so they called the police? And barry’s response? “The Police acted stupidly” Seriously. Then he had that ludicrous “beer summit” and some of us began to feel we had fallen down some kind of rabbit hole. Who the heck says the police acted stupidly when they are doing their job? Oh, I guess people that have never really had a real job, you know, like community organizers. And from that time on barry has made his disdain for law enforcement clear. And who did hillary have on stage with her at her rallies? Black Lives Matter mothers. Except the lives of black police officers don’t matter, or the lives of black members of the military, they don’t matter to demoncrats. BLM, which used to mean Bureau of Land Management, is now Black Lives matter, and both look pretty evil to me. BLM riots in Ferguson, burn business, loot and terrorizes law abiding citizens. They attack police freely and police are told not to do their job and arrest their sorry asses. And more businesses get burned, more innocent people are dragged out of cars and beaten because they are white, and more innocent citizens of every and any color are held up on freeways with no thought of the harm they might cause. They don’t care if they cause wrecks, if parents with sick children can’t get them to the hospital or they terrorize people. It’s all good with them, because they are sure there will be no repercussions. We’ve had enough of this crap, and hillary would have carried on barry’s “legacy”. Seeing the results of the Trump win? We did the right thing. We NEED grownups in charge.

Lets talk about some of those businesses burned to the ground, and business owners. We’re tired of hearing “you didn’t build that”. The HELL you say! We DID. We gambled, we worked, we gave up things and built a business. And the response from the obama administration as people watch their life’s work and capital go up in flames to a bunch of rioters? Nada. A demoncrat governor like Jay Nixon? He chimes in on the side of the thug. Justice for Michael Brown? Michael Brown got justice. He ATTACKED a police officer after he attacked a store owner. And the media portrays him as a “gentle giant”??? Oh, I’ll get to them. Listen Nixon you dipwad, you want to be the crooks representative? Message received. Hopefully Governor Greitens will be the representative of the law abiding, hard working citizens. Demoncrats seem to be the party of thugs, probably why governor terry mcauliff restored about 60,000 voting rights to felons right before the election. He knew how they’d vote. Demoncrat. So yeah, we tired of hearing that “you didn’t build that” crap and our hard work being downplayed by a community organizer.

The media, journalism died in 2008. Sadly, people still watched cnn and mslsd nbc, abc, cbs, nbc and thought they were watching the news. HA. The media did everything it could to smear Donald Trump. They accused him of mocking a disabled reporter. He didn’t.

And that brings up an excellent point, while they kicked kitty litter over every rotten thing clintoon has done, and went after people that brought up things she had done, they couldn’t be troubled to actually INVESTIGATE anything. Claims against Trump were accepted wholesale and replayed endlessly. But this year, things were a bit different, this year bloggers took on the role of the media and investigated things. Talk radio hosts brought the truth out, and people by and large have learned the mainstream media is useless as tits on a boar hog. They lie like rugs to put it plainly. They are not journalists, or media watchdogs, they are demoncrat party lapdogs. They are the propaganda arm of the demoncratic party. So, we’re tired of that crap too, we’re tired of being lied to by the likes of rachel madcow, wolf blitzer, anderson cooper and little chrissy matthews with tinkles running down his legs. And they still think we are stupid enough to believe their crap? Inconceivable!

Islam is a religion of pieces. Yes, I did spell it right. I do mean pieces. Unless you’ve been foolish enough to listen to the MSM, you know that ISIS is islam, I don’t care what barry keeps insisting that ISIS has nothing to do with islam. Barry is a lying twit, with his own agenda. We read the reports, Jews and Christians, Kurds and Muslims of the opposing belief are being butchered in the middle east, and I mean cut up, butchered. Men, women and children, it’s all the same to the pieceful, piece loving islamists. The media tells us these poor refugees are running here for safety. But it seems most of them are young men. Who have left women and children in danger? ISIS has said they are getting jihadists in with the refugees, the media doesn’t find that newsworthy? Government employees have said, we aren’t vetting them. They catch them, give them a court date to appear, then they don’t. DUH. And they are where?? We are not as stupid as the MSM thinks, we read what’s happening in Germany, the rise of crime, the massive increases in sexual assaults and rape. We see how the countries in what was formerly known as Europe are changing. The no go zones in Britain, France, Sweden. Where police or medical teams can’t safely go in and rescue people. The number of police that are resigning daily in Sweden because they aren’t allowed to actually do their jobs regarding the poor refugees, and, the refugees now have no fear of the authorities, so law abiding citizens are basically on their own. Resorting to rubber bracelets that say “Don’t touch me” in arabic. Yeahhhh, a buddy and I had the idea that it would work much better stamped in the bottom of a cartridge casing. Germany tells the press not to report a number of crimes committed by “refugees”, Britain has newspapers change the arabic sounding names to more “English” sounding ones, or not report muslim crime. And this doesn’t even begin to look at how the culture of a country changes when there are enough of them imported and voting. Anybody want to go to Dearborn wearing shorts? There was a large amount of MS-13 gang members coming in from Mexico, I believe it’s neighborhoods in Long Island being terrorized by them. But if we object and want the incoming from other countries vetted, we are xenophobes and haters….right. We’re tired of that.

Then there’s obamacare. Keep your doctor and premiums go down by $2,500? I understand that most of the obamacare exchanges are dead, doctors are pulling out of it, and my insurance premiums are now FOUR times as high as they were. And any person with a brain KNEW this was a load of crap when he blathered it. Passed by all demoncrats. But, to be fair, Repubs have campaigned they would repeal it. Have they? No. And to make it more fun, people that couldn’t afford insurance now have to pay fines because they are too poor to afford obamacare. And demoncrats praise this, and hillary was going to keep it, and probably expand it. Sick humorous note, when asked about late term abortion hillary simpered that she didn’t think the government should be involved in healthcare between a woman and her doctor. Seriously, and she wants MORE government run healthcare, or the lack thereof. Not to mention, we are paying for it for all the illegal aliens. And before you give me that crap about people dying in the street, they can walk into ANY ER, in ANY hospital and be treated, whether they can pay or not. That was already the law. So, we’re tired of that obamacare crap, and we didn’t want more hillary care crap.

Amnesty of illegal aliens and “poor refugees”. The hillary plan would have whacked every household with a $15,000 tax increase, per year. Because they get all the government benefits and then would get more. Probably why she wanted to start a 65% inheritance tax. Because you worked hard and put aside money to leave your family, friends, charitable organization or your pet mouse, whatever. This is something that is an obscenity in hillary-world. The government is entitled to that money, not who you wanted it to go to. And we’re tired of being taxed to pay for obamaphones, and every other hare-brained government goody give away the demoncrats came up with. We earned our money, and we want to keep some of it. We’re tired of being bled to death by government leeches who choose to whom they will “give” our money. And don’t say you had no clue, it all came to light the first time barry ran and Joe the plumber asked him about redistribution.

The IRS has been used to target “political enemies” of the obama regime. A popular game with tyrants the world over. The Tea Party groups and leaders audited, Dinesh D’Souza thrown in jail, money confiscated because they were political “enemies”. We’re tired of that crap.

We’re tired of discussing issues and raising questions and concerns about policies and being told that we are racist, haters and xenophobes. We’re REAL tired of that crap.

I want to be able to go to the bathroom and not worry about some dude following me in because he feels “pretty” today. No, I don’t think all gay, transgender men are evil. But I think there are evil people out there that will follow you into the ladies room gambling you know you best not say anything about it or risk being labeled a homophobic or hater.

Common (rotten to the) core, dumbing down school children. There is a whole story behind common core and it stinks. We want a quality education for children, not indoctrination. And if parents want to homeschool, that should be peachy. If a school is lousy and parents want to let the kids go to a better school, fine. The bad ones will have to shape up if they are to survive. Oklahoma uses this system. We’re tired of school children being taught “global warming” and being clueless about the civil war. We’re tired of the 5 pillars of islam being taught in public schools and children aren’t allowed to pray before a football game. No Judaism or Christianity explored, only islam including sometimes trips to mosques. We’re very tired of that crap.

And speaking of war, we here in flyover country love our Veterans. We respect them, and love them for the sacrifices they’ve made for us, and for the U.S. And barry stealing money from Veterans to pay for his crap programs and finance importing refugees, a policy hillary promised to continue and expand is just the limit. The VA scandal? Has that been fixed? No. There are homeless Veterans and this country is spending money to import people that last week may have been on the streets of their home town yelling “Death to America”. Not only NO, HELL NO! You take care of these men and women with dignity and respect. We are real tired of the decimation our military and then treating them badly when they come back. Benghazi? She left those men to die. Probably because she got a juicy donation to the clintoon foundation from the Blue Mountain group. Who the heck hires a security firm with NO employees, that no one in the security industry has ever heard of and pays them 9.2 million dollars. They then run a newspaper ad in Libya for employees and don’t vet the people they hire. Some of the Blue Mountain employees joined in on the attack on the embassy. After hillary had ignored multiple requests for more security and help. May she rot for this. I’m not even going to go into how much more unstable the middle east is since she had her turn as secretary of state. Calling and yelling at Bibi Netanyahu for building Jewish homes in a Jewish neighborhood in Jerusalem? Really? For 45 minutes worth. And the current regime blathers on about building Jewish homes in Israel in Judea and Samaria as being an impediment to peace? What a huge load of חרא. Enough of this crap. There would have been no change under hillary in any of these policies, word has gotten out how she treats her Secret Services team and the military, and she is no lover of Israel. Thank you wikileaks, we know how her team refers to Jews.

And this brings up jobs, our unemployment rate is way higher than the number the barry administration and the media report. Because it doesn’t take into account the people that have quit looking for work. And we’re importing more people? I saw a interview a few days ago on some show with a young woman who was a veteran. She is a social worker, and her goal was to have a job helping people find their ideal job. She can’t get a job. How many unemployed people can we support? We’re tired of this crap. We need jobs, real jobs, not government jobs. The only shovel ready job barry ever produced was that of shoveling dirt over the crap of his multitude of lies. And we’re tire of his crap. And hillary would have been more of the same. We need the growth of private businesses.

And since the soros funded occupy wall street babies may not know any better, that crap about the 1%? America has about the highest corporate tax rate in the world. No wonder businesses leave. And barry pushing for the $15 and hour minimum wage? Look, what does a community organizer know about business? You have X amount of dollars for wages, wages have to go up? People are going to get laid off. Some of these jobs are meant to be starter jobs, for kids in high school, not to support a family of four. Not to mention what that will do to the cost of eating out even at McDonald’s. The prices go high enough folks can’t afford it, and guess what….more layoffs or automated kiosks.

As long as we’re on the subject of fast food. We did NOT need a food nanny like moochelle obama. And I don’t think lunches in the schools have been all that happily received since she forced them to do her bidding. We’re tired of the food nanny crap. Maybe Melania will have some mercy on them.

And, while we’re on moochelle, I do believe the obamas have set a record for the amount of taxpayer money spent on expensive vacations. Many working Americans can’t afford vacations now, thanks mooch, we’re tired of that crap. And since hillary is as much of an elitist as the obamas, that would have stayed the same.

But Donald Trump said bad things about women!! Yeah, and hillary tried to ruin the lives of women her husband attacked and raped. Including ruining the life of a 12 year old victim of rape by saying she “wanted it” when she defended the rapist in court. She knew he was guilty. Trump may have said bad things, but hillary DID bad things, and enabled bad things.

And how about all the money the clintoon foundation took from countries that treat women and gays horribly? Then lied about it? Oh, I’m sure there weren’t any strings on those juicy donations to the clintoon foundation while she was secretary of state. Nawwww. And there’s nothing to be worried about with her having a private unsecured server. And once again barry was clueless in D.C. He only found out about it on the news….despite having emailed her at the private server email address. Thank you again Wikileaks. Then there was the meeting will bill clintoon and loretta lynch before the hearing, but that didn’t mean anything. The corruption just abounds, absolutely abounds. And to us here in flyover country, not only can we still spell integrity, but it actually matters to us.

We’re tired of being in a culture where our Judeo-Christian ethics are demonized and now Pastors are told to hand over sermons . Where we can’t have Christmas or Hanukkah displays because it’s “offensive”. Enough of that crap! Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah is back!

And, in addition to clinging to our religion, we cling to our guns. Damn skippy! Because we can look back through history and see what happens to disarmed people when their government decides THEY are the extremists and dangerous for whatever reason. Not to mention what can happen anytime just living life. There are bad people out there, there are evil people out there. I want to live and come home to write more columns. They leave me and mine alone, I’ll leave them alone. But it really should make one wonder, what is it hillary wants to do to us, that she can not do unless we are disarmed by more “common sense(less)” gun control? You see, the Second Amendment is the one that ensures the others will be respected.

Liberals like hillary love to put people in pigeon holes. Black, Hispanic, Jewish, Women, Muslim, etc. The liberals and their propaganda arm, the mainstream media do as well. And so they thought President elect Donald Trump would NEVER get votes from any of those people. Well here’s the deal, there are law abiding people in all those groups, and they don’t want to see their towns burned down by thugs, they don’t like their highways blocked and they don’t want unvetted refugees, terrorist attacks, higher taxes or government corruption any more than anyone else. But when you’ve put people in pigeon holes, you can never conceive of that. And we’ve had enough of that crap of being put in pigeon holes. You know, like “deplorables”, as in a “basket of deplorables”.

And the deplorables were vilified in the media, they were physically attacked at rallies, bullied in schools and when asked, never wanted to publicly say “I want to help make America great again”.

Donald Trump will take a pay cut to be President, he seems to love this country, he has business experience, and while he is not a seasoned politician, he is a smart man. He will learn. I think he tries his best to succeed at whatever he puts his hand to. He has been pro-Israel long before he ever ran for President, and all of his children, except the 10 year old are married to Jews or dating Jews. I really don’t think he’s anti-Semitic. He is plain spoken, for sure. But he took on the establishment Repubs, the demoncrats and their sycophants in the media, and he won. Because we are tired of all the crap above, and we believe, yes, we deplorables believe that he really will try to end the governmental over reach, over regulation. That he really will allow businesses to grow and flourish, that he will understand we gambled, worked and we did build that. And so we have hope now, that perhaps our country, will once again feel like our country.

And that my baffled friends, is WHY Trump.


*People I have no respect for do not deserve capital letters for their names.  My column, my call.

If you have reasons other than what I’ve listed? Feel free to leave them in the comments section.


Is THIS what we’ve become?

I realize this is probably nit-picky, well, wait a minute, this is my blog, I can do that!

I went to a medical conference not long ago. The topic of the clean indoor air act came up. The speaker said that periodically there are attempts to repeal the clean indoor air act. He then asked the audience if anyone wanted to see that happen. 299 heads and some voices dutifully shouted “NO”. One little head didn’t bobble, mine.

The speaker then went on to say that some casinos were still able to allow smoking because they had lobbyists so they hadn’t been able to outlaw smoking in all casinos.

So let’s just think about this for a minute. Someone, or someones invest their time and money into building a business, say a restaurant or bar. They pay the insurance, they buy the dishes, they pay the rent and the utilities and the staff if there is any. They hope there will be money leftover so they can recover some of what they’ve invested. So far I’ve only mentioned money. I haven’t mentioned the hard work getting the building ready or the stress of such a gamble. But all of that goes along with being the owner.

Now you have a mob of people who don’t want to allow smoking in a building because they don’t like it. So they get their governmental thugs, bullies, elected officials to make the owner conform to their will. Now, this may go to a vote of the people. YEAH! The people’s will ruled and triumphed. Peachy, just peachy. All those people that voted to make these businesses conform to their will, how much money did they put into that business? How many walls did they paint? How many nights did they stay up worrying? How many things did they do without to make sure the bills got paid? Oh none? And you are celebrating the win, eh?

Do you not think the business owner has the right to determine how best to run THEIR business? The one they built despite what the left says about “you didn’t build that”. They aren’t allowed to put into practice the rules they think will make their business the most successful?

I was talking this over with a friend and she pointed out that there are rules for safe food storage and handling. I countered with yes, there are guidelines. Things have to be kept at such a such a temperature or only for so many days, but HOW the business meets that guideline is up to them. Icebox or refrigerator, what brand and size is determined by the owner.

She came back and said she felt sorry for the poor employees that had to work there. Jobs are not that easy to find these days. I opined that the scarcity of jobs was also a result of government over-regulation. But apart from that, while I might feel sorry for the employee, how much of their money did they invest? How much did they do without to keep the business going? It is still the owner who took the risk.

Then if you go back to what the speaker said about casinos pay lobbyists so people can still smoke there. Hmm, well, why would a casino do that? They are run by stupid people? No, because they know that they might/will lose business if they have to go down that road. And, casinos can afford the lobbyists. The little Mom and Pop diner or bar that you are so happily controlling by mob rule, can not. So this celebration of mob rule has hurt the small business, the little Mom and Pop.

Why not let the owner determine how best to help his business succeed? If they feel they will have more profit by allowing smoking, ok, let them. If they saw they were losing customers because they allowed smoking, they would change it to no smoking. But either way, the people who invested the money and are responsible for he debts are the ones who get to choose the course.

But 299 people sat their smugly happy in that they had imposed what they wanted on other individuals. Oh happy day.

It was only the beginning. After all, it’s for your own good, right?