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The End of the Chapter

I’ve been involved with a Second Amendment group in leadership since 2006. That role has now come to an end. It’s tough as I see a group that was once strong and unswerving in defense of state Second Amendment legislation begin to defer to the NRA, that doesn’t always have our best interests at heart. I listen to one board member say the group will never be a NRA rubber stamp. I would find that reassuring except I had just listened to another board member explain that we can’t fight the NRA because of their money they can donate to candidates. That the group doesn’t have that many members that will actually get out and help candidates. Is he judging all the members by himself? So the group will oppose legislators and publications that lie about the Second Amendment legislation, but not the NRA, because of their money. Now, what is that word……it’s just floating in the back of my memory, that word where you sell out principles for money….hmm. He then crowed proudly about the power of the NRA at getting an amendment stripped out of a bill. VERY impressive! The NRA got a one sentence useless amendment (See full story) stripped out of a good bill and you are proud of that? It doesn’t matter they lied about the bill? Something is seriously wrong here! You don’t want the members of a group that pay dues to be informed of what is going on in Jeff City to know that the NRA lied and they shouldn’t contact their legislators about an awful bill because the amendment doesn’t say what they said it says? You censor information that tells them this and you still think the group hasn’t become a NRA rubber stamp? WOWZA, I’d hate to see their definition of a rubber stamp then.

While I’m saddened to see the direction the group is going, there isn’t much I can do to stop it, and perhaps the ship will right itself. But if the members trusted me to tell them things honestly, I can’t be part of something that has made a choice to deceive them by censoring information. Isn’t that what the “lamestream” media does? No, I’m not built that way. And so, that chapter in the book ends.

I know God builds us all with a purpose in mind. Where he will lead me next is unknown. I do know there is enough going on right now just with some of my family members to keep me busy, and then it’s spring. There is always a lot of work on a farm in spring, I hope I can get caught up on chores I’m behind on. My horse let me know very clearly yesterday that he thinks he needs some of my time. I should have more now to happily give the big guy. So, now I end one chapter and turn the page. Time to start a new chapter.

I have this blog, and I like writing about whatever topic I choose. I also like the alternative censorship free avenue to share information. If you find an article that you think has info that would be of interest to someone, send them the link, please.

So, will I back down and shut up now?


That’s the view from my saddle! Let freedom ring!

Sabertooth Snowflakes

So today was Captain’s and my first day back in school this year. They had predicted snow around noon. My lesson started at noon. I thought, well Lord, if it’s going to snow, let it be before that. It didn’t. So on we went. We warmed up, he held a lovely canter circle both directions without breaking gait or losing the proper lead. My instructor talked about some riding theory, thing we were going to work on today. I tightened up the girth (Captain and I are both at our “bear weight” hibernation weight gain that comes in winter, or with menopause) and stepped on. We started working on precision by riding a box using barrels for the box corners. That was going well, ride to the corner, pivot using the hindquarters, then go the new direction. While we were working on that, a blizzard started. Well, maybe not a grand blizzard, but a LOT of little snowflakes, BLOWING snowflakes! LOTS of them! And Captain didn’t appreciate it at ALL! Those sabretooth snowflakes attacked his delicate paint horse nose. He put his head down, rubbed it on his sports medicine boots, shook his head, got really agitated and antsy. He really didn’t want to think about working anymore, he wanted to think about fonching and acting a fool. But our teacher was very patient, and I kept working Captain, our precision went down the tubes, we were doing good to make a square, let alone precise turns. But eventually his brain came back. Our turns got nicer, I figured something out and our lines got straighter and it still kept snowing! The end of our lesson we trotted a nice square around the barrels. He DID break gait on that a few times, and kicked out once when I got after him with the whip, but we kept on working. He ended up doing great. Is he thrilled about working in snow? No, but he can and did. I had been telling him, “someday buddy, we will ride in the snow”. I meant after it was already on the ground. But, hey, I guess we did ride in the snow today. While the flakes were little, there were a LOT of them! Was it good to be back in school? GRACIOUS YES!!!!! Am I sorry it snowed during class, no! We gained life experience, we’ll have it for next time!

Captain contemplates the sabretooth snowflakes

Captain contemplates the sabertooth snowflakes

Train Stop

Nope, not the kind like when we were kids waiting for a school bus, and not the kind folks utilizing mass transit are waiting to board the train. This one involves stopping something bad from happening on a train.

This one involves a JEN-U-INE heroine! I love good hero stories, and this woman is flat out brave like a lioness. Tameka Bates is an Evangelical Minister, she was riding a train when a passenger began harassing a young mother with a baby. It seemed he was trying to touch, or maybe even get the baby and the young mother wasn’t having any of it. I don’t blame her. Tameka has boarded the train at the same stop as the young mother. When she saw what was going on, she stepped in. If you look at the video, you can see other male passengers just sitting by, not helping out at all. But not Tameka, she felt God was calling her to step in and protect the Mother and her baby. She did it.

I think it’s a good illustration of the message I heard, Door to Decision.

When the guard is worse than the fox

I’m sure we would all like to think that those employed by the government to be in positions of keeping us safe, keeping law-breakers at bay are good at their jobs. Less and less that is becoming the case. The BATFE is again showing it’s true colors with Ares Armor.

Ares Armor sells gun parts, in particular what is called 80% receivers. They allow a person to buy them and then make their own AR-15 just the way the want it. Sort of like Burger King, only fewer calories, more fun and lasts longer.

It seems Ares Armor (and some other gun shops perhaps) have gotten some new receivers. These are plastic, in different colors, and have places indicating where to drill. This makes it less expensive and easier to build your own AR-15. What could be wrong? Well, it’s more who thinks somethings wrong.

The BATFE, the people who brought you Operation Gunwalker, aka Fast & Furious, are objecting. And since the BATFE think at shoestring can be a machine gun, that’s kind of scary.  Photo obtained from our friends at JPFO. They have a whole file of this kind of stuff.

ATF says a shoestring can be a machine gun

ATF says a shoestring can be a machine gun

So at first they attempted to extort, Ares Executive Officer Dimitrios Karras. He said they told him if he would just turn over the names of his customers they would leave all those names and newly illegal receivers and all will be well. Well, I’ll let Dimitri tell you. I like this guy.

So Ares got a restraining order, they offered to turn over the keys to the room the contested parts were in to ATF agents. The agents didn’t want the keys, they wanted the customer list. The list of who had bought the legal 80% lower receivers. Hmmmmm. The ATF and Ares had until March 20th to work out a solution. Oh, wait! That’s today, well that just can’t be right because Ares was raided over the weekend! It seems the ATF went to a judge WITHOUT Ares being present and told U.S. District Judge Janis Lynn Sammartino that it “is conducting a lawful criminal investigation of the illegal manufacture, distribution, sale, and possession of AR-15 variant lower receivers, which are considered firearms under the Firearms Control Act.”

What the agency’s application failed to mention, however, was that none of the items were a complete product — they were “80% lower receivers,” which remove them from the “firearm” definition to be classified as “parts.”

Judge Janis Lynn Sammartino then said that the restraining order didn’t mean what it meant and that they could go ahead and do the raid. Which the ATF did. They seized, all the 80% receiver parts, metal as well as polymer AND all Ares computers, and the lists. Well, aren’t we all going to sleep better at night now!

ATF entering Ares Armor

ATF entering Ares Armor

Photo from Dave Workman’s excellent article.

David Codrea brings up some excellent points in his coverage of this story. It seems BATFE may have become interested in the 80% receivers because a couple of two Sacramento brothers who were making and selling guns out of parts. Ares wasn’t doing anything wrong, the brothers were. According to David’s research

“According to the Department of Homeland Security, Emiliano Cortez is a Mexican national who has previously been deported and is illegally present within the United States,” the search warrant package declares. “Further, Emiliano Cortez is a convicted felon. In 2010, in Nevada County, California, Emiliano Cortez was convicted of possession of an assault weapon and sentenced to sixteen months in prison.

“According to the Department of Homeland Security, Luis Cortez is a Mexican national that is illegally present within the United States,” the warrant package adds.

Well, isn’t  that just precious! Rather than going after illegal aliens, barry’s “justice” department goes after a law abiding business! David also brings up the interesting point that if Ares was such a threat, why did they offer to forego the warrant if Ares would turn over their customer list? You can read David’s whole article here. And it is well worth the read.

Ares has been a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, and for that, the “justice” department must stop them. Another BATFE scandal in the making, and the response from our spineless congress? Was that yet another cricket I heard? YOUR tax dollars at work. I’m not sleeping sounder at night, are you?


Moochelle O-Super Bossy Nanny

While I used to tend to think of Nannies as nice things, like Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins, or perhaps Maria in the Sound of Music, or Nanny McPhee even, I don’t anymore. I think of them as ragin’ liberals like Mikey Bloomberg who is determined that you are NOT to have the drink of your choice. Oh, liquor? Fine, just no soda pop of 32 oz. I am still astonished people vote for this piece of chewing gum on the bottom of a shoe. Not sure how many mayors have dropped out of his mayors against illegal (or legal) guns, but when some of them found out it was a sham, they departed. I also think he has cost a few candidates their race. GOOD deal! Finally a use for Mikey, if Mikey likes it (as in the old Life cereal commercial) then the candidate probably stinks. A lot.

Speaking of breakfast cereal, it seems some of the Major league popular breakfast cereals have caught on to Moochelle’s game plan. Ban for you, what she thinks is bad, now what she and her brood eat has nothing to do with that. Don’t you understand? They are “special”, can you say “elitist”? I KNEW you could!

Now, a couple things I would REALLLY REEEEEEAAAALLLLY like to know, why does ANYONE listen to this moonbat? I mean the “Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010” was SUCH, a winner, er, or was that wiener? Nope, no wiener, that would be processed meat. Sort of. The kids HATED it, they hated the food Moochelle wanted them to eat, they hated that they were still hungry, AND if you read the opening section, it didn’t even contain enough calories. What does it say when the kids and the teachers work together to create a video like this? And parents let their kids suffer in public indoctrination cent, er I mean, um school? Oh, right, some schools no longer allow children to bring their lunches, I mean after all, raising them can’t be left to the parents, it must be up to Moochelle!

So, you ask, why do I call her Moochelle? Well, ever looked at how many taxpayer funded trips she and the rug rats take? I mean, I guess they aren’t her rug rats when she’s paying them as Senior staff right? What was that Mooch said about somebody having to give up a piece of their pie so someone else could have more? Yet, I don’t see the obamas giving up any of their pie, in fact they seem to be like the school yard bully stealing more from the other kids. And now she heads off to China, rug rats and her Mom, um staffers in tow. What I want to know, is WHY do the taxpayers have to foot the bill? How about Congress man up, or woman up, or sic Sarah Palin on them if they are afraid, and tell them you get two weeks vacation per year. That’s it. We pay you enough (too much). Sarah Palin sold the Alaskan Governor’s private jet on eBay. She could sort the obamas and tell them the taxpayers can’t afford it. They are going to have to give up a piece of their “pie” so the rest of us can afford beans. You know, I asked my Representative that question, why can’t you limit them to two weeks, like the rest of us mere subjects get? Never did get an answer. We need politicians with more principles and spine!

In The Hedgerow

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Instead of talking about St. Patrick and snakes, let’s talk about freedom from snakes, ok?

Imagine a country where you are: forbidden the exercise the religion of your choice; Forbidden to receive education, or to be educated at the school of your choice; Forbidden from entering a profession if you have conservative values; Forbidden from holding public office; Forbidden to engage in trade or commerce; Forbidden to own a car of greater value than five hundred dollars; Forbidden to purchase or lease land; Forbidden to vote because of your beliefs; Forbidden to keep any arms for your protection. You could not be guardian to a child, or educate your own child. It was against the law to celebrate your heritage and history. Symbols and rituals that you and your family held dear were now illegal (if they were the wrong “kind “).

Picture driving down the highway with your teenage son who has worked for 5 years on a classic car he got from the junkyard. He bit by bit worked and bought parts for it till it was restored and it is now not only drivable, but beautiful. The boy has 400 dollars and 10 pounds of sweat and labor in it. He has learned the value and rewards of hard work. As you are out on your first ride together in it, you are stopped by a person loyal to the power party. The person offers $500 for it, because he likes the car. It is worth a lot more, and your son doesn’t want to sell it. One of two things happens, you sell it, because you aren’t allowed to own a vehicle worth more than $500, or you protest and get whapped on however much the “power party person” decides is appropriate. To fight back is a crime. A hate crime with double penalty.

A few years later a “civilian security force” is established. The regular law enforcement agencies have trouble keeping tabs on everyone. There are so many laws that someone might get by with breaking one, so a civilian security force has been the answer. Sometimes they are able to get valuable information about crimes that haven’t happened yet by terrorizing someone that might know something or someone and they can get them to give them information. They have also found that getting people to turn in their fellow citizens is a good way to stay on top of things. Sometimes they have found it helpful to terrorize regular civilians by burning their houses down, beating some to death or torture. Not water boarding, the real deal. Besides, they find it an enjoyable pastime. You might get lucky and find a civilian speaking a forbidden language or idea, and then you have justification for it. This “civilian security force” was established to keep liberty minded people from thinking evil thoughts, such as liberty, freedom, justice.

This is a world of FROM each according to his ability to each according to their connections with someone in power, or their willingness to tow the party line. It makes sure that average citizens can not meet together in a large group; they might start to talk about what could be done to improve their lot, so things such as sporting events are rare. Then there was that nasty episode where the “civilian security force” and some specially “imported police” shot a group of people at a football game. They were sure that there were people that had been working to free citizens from governmental tyranny there. Shame about all those civilians that got killed and they didn’t actually catch one “liberty ” person there. OOPS! Talk about a faux pas!

So, do you think I’m looking into the unchecked future of obamanation here? Well, I’m hoping it’s not, but I suppose it could be. Actually, all these things and more have already happened. In Ireland. The first part are the penal laws, enacted under Elizabeth’s reign. Yeah, I adapted the one about the car. It is actually they couldn’t own a horse worth more than 5 pounds, even if they raised it. If a Catholic had a horse worth more than 5 pounds, it was gone, or they were dead. Several of them got dead. They were forbidden to speak Gaelic or to teach their children their heritage, or traditional manner of dress. Hedge row schools sprang up for those that could afford them, but since no money for books, lessons were mostly taught orally. There was also a little game called “surrender and re-grant”. You have to give up your land, if you swear allegiance to Obama, oops I meant Elizabeth, you get to manage your own land, and it was suppose to be granted back to you. The “civilian security force”? The black and tans. Mostly English veterans from the war come to help out the Royal Irish Constabulary. Ok, they aren’t “civilians” but the point was they pretty much behaved in any undisciplined fashion they wished and were not subject to the regular rules of the military. In fact the King was horrified at some of the atrocities of the Black and Tans and the Auxiliaries or Auxies during the Irish War of Independence. The Irish persevered, and eventually gained some freedom from England.

Kind of ironic isn’t it? What the English did to the Irish to keep them in line, and now England is or has been taken over by muslims on their own shores. Down through the years, the Irish had made different attempts to gain their freedom from a tyrannical government, with different groups. They kept trying and trying. One of the reasons they were forbidden from owning arms. The sad thing is with all the talk of reviving the “fairness or censorship” doctrine, various gun ban bills being floated around, the stimulus package wrought only God knows what disastrous results for our country, you have to suspect that more restrictive laws will be put in place to keep the subjects in line. The good part for us is, if the sheepdogs among us are starting to stir, we are miles ahead of where the Irish started out. We ARE still allowed to go to the Capitol and talk to our legislators; we ARE allowed to vote and have a voice. This will only work if we USE those things. To sit around and “talk” about “from my cold dead hands” is just pure bunk. Talk is cheap. The Irish didn’t win any bit of their independence by sitting around the pubs and talking, it was action. We need to get moving, and it needs to be now! Elections are this year, we can’t afford any more RINOs, squishy Repubs, and there are very few Dems I think would be a good bet. Because we are betting our freedom!

A Human Being, or Human Doing?

I’ve felt so many times to be so hip deep in alligators I should just name them and get them vaccinated. I can vaguely remember a life where I used to keep the house fairly (for me) clean, I sewed a lot, knitted, crocheted had a sense of humor, you know, was a real person! I worked with my horse almost every day.

For a long time it’s felt like I just run from one responsibility to the next. My fence rows need to be cleaned, my house needs to be cleaned, though it is better. I need to fix a fence, clean out the chicken house and their play area and make sure it’s safe for them. I’d like to read a book, see if I remember how to knit and crochet. Goodness knows Captain could use the work, though probably less than I need to work him. It’s good for me.

Today I did some of the things I needed to do, but I also read a real book, just for a little bit and then I took advantage of the beautiful day God gave us. I went out and fixed the downed panels in the little round corral and got Captain. We just worked some on line, then I had the bareback pad on him and got on. First time this year. It’s been a brutal winter. Seems either the footing was good and it was -20, which is probably why the footing was good, it was frozen. Or the weather was 30 degrees and the footing was too sloppy. Or I had 14 other things demanding my attention. But today, I was a human, I rode my horse. We weren’t spectacular, he is still coming off the rail, but he did very well for not having been ridden for at least 3 months.  I was really hoping we wouldn’t rodeo, and we didn’t. He was really a good boy. He knows he was, he’s gets cookies when he gets it right. Hey, I don’t work for free, I don’t expect him to, and for him, it makes it more of a game and he likes to win that cookie.

We watched a movie tonight, Ring The Bell it is a Christian movie about a big city sports agent that runs from contract to contract with no need for God or really even other people in his life. He is a human doing, trying to accomplish all the goals the world says make him a successful man.

I think we can all fall into this trap, I know I have. Not because I want to achieve the world’s idea of “success” but because of the responsibilities that pull at me from many directions. The old, so focused on the journey, we forget to pay attention to the ride sort of thing.

As I search to find the direction God is pointing me, I need to remember I am a human being, there are times I need to just, well, be. And I firmly believe that blingy browbands can help me remember that I’ve been given many blessings by God. I should take time to appreciate them!

Blingy Browbands- They enhance your life!

Blingy Browbands- They enhance your life!

And Starring Barry Sotero in “Clueless”

Well, it seems little Barry has a long and proud history of setting up nations to be easy to invade or be conquered. The Daily Mail (British, the American Press would never point this out) has an interesting article. Seems little Barry, after being in office for a whole SEVEN MONTHS flew with his good buddy Dick Luger to the Ukraine. They toured a ammo dump, mostly supplies left by the Soviets, when they pulled out. The US senators (not content to merely work on US gun control) spent $48 million US taxpayer dollars to destroy the weapons and ammo, rather than just leaving things alone. The Ukraine exported a lot of the small arms, but most of the ammunition, necessary for keeping a standing army supplied were destroyed. I wonder if that’s anything like why normal American citizens have a hard time finding ammunition? The Mail reported that many of the shells shown in the photos would have been the kind that would be needed to keep the advancing Russians at bay, were no longer available to use, thanks to Barry & Dick.

U.S. intervention? HA! Barry has so decimated the American military that there is no way we could help, and in my opinion, Barry wouldn’t anyway. Didn’t he promise Putin he would be more “flexible” in his second term? He knows if he goes up against Putin he will need to be “flexible” enough to bend over and kiss his butt goodbye. Which wouldn’t bother me that much, except I have a feeling a few U.S. citizens or military would be kissing theirs goodbye too. Barry & John Kerry seem SHOCKED, SHOCKED I say that Putin isn’t even worrying about Barry’s phone calls. In fact, as I read it, he pretty much told Barry how the cow ate the cabbage on the last one.

An American in the Ukraine training their troops talks about how much they want to be free. They are willing to go up against a force that is better armed (thanks to Barry & Dick and the American Taxpayers) better trained and more of them, so that their children might have the chance to be free. The American figures about the only help the Ukrainians might get is from the Poles. He states that they have a long, proud military history. Reminds me of the book, Mila 18, by Leon Uris. Mila 18 took place during WWII, mostly in the Warsaw Ghetto. Hitler moved in stating he had to protect the ethnic Germans in the area that were being “mistreated”. And, Putin taking a page, is claiming the same, that he has to move in to protect the ethnic Russians.

Debkafile has pointed out Putin is not afraid of Barry, he knows when it comes to foreign policy (domestic policy, monetary policy, Constitutional Policy, etc) he is a “Clueless” twit, who has surrounded himself with clueless twits to keep him company.

The Ukrainians, like the Americans will pay dearly for the day Barry set foot on their soil. Who pays the highest has yet to be determined.


Putin juggles chainsaws, Barry juggles golf dates

In a time of universal deceit……

In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.~~~~ George Orwell
Possibly the last actual journalist of the dinosaur media has left the field. Sharyl Attkisson has resigned from SeeBS (CBS) news (harumph, choke, chuckle). Sharyl was an investigative journalist, meaning back in the old days, before obama, when there was a story (that was happening, an event, scandal, wrong-doing) there was something called the “media” or “The Fourth Estate”. The media would pursue the story and tell it to it’s viewers or readers, and inform them of the circumstances of the event. They would actually report the news. Back in 2008 I heard Sean Hannity had said that 2008 would become known as “The year journalism died”. If he did say it, he was correct. The media covered up anything that could have been harmful to obama and his election chances, and played up how well he was loved around the world. Someone pointed out in a poll, the majority of the world wanted to see a weaker America. Now that they have their wish, America is weaker, and the rest of the world I believe is more unstable, I wonder if they are liking it quite as much as they thought they would?
So, back to Sharyl, she went after the Bush administration tooth and nail, and everyone loved her. She had been at SeeBS for 20 years, was very well respected. She had a reputation as an honest journalist who would not back down, would not quit or let go of an issue until she reached the answers. But when it came to the obama regime, Benghazi, green energy and other scandals, well then…..THAT was “attacking” and agenda driven.  SeeBS began to refuse to air some of her stories. Oh yes, we have such people now, they are called “Bloggers”. They do the job the media won’t do, because they are too busy kicking kitty litter over obama poo.
I first became aware of Sharyl when two bloggers David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh had been talking about a little kerfluffle called “Operation Gunwalker”.  Sharyl became involved and began reporting on the wrong doing of the obama administration’s Department of INJustice. And she stuck with it, her computers were hacked. Another case of the federal government going after an individual. Intimidation, it’s the Chicago way, right? She just reported the news, she told the people the truth and let them make up their own minds.
Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.~~~George Orwell
Now let’s shift to sarahcuda…Sarah Palin. Sarah got SO much right in that 2008 campaign. Death panels in obamacare? They scoffed, made fun of her, but, there they are. Anyone with half a brain that thought about it would have known there would have to be. Some fools even thought a line uttered on a show about seeing Russia from her house was said by Sarah. It wasn’t. For the record, you CAN sometimes see Russia from Alaska. The GOP base, actual people, actual conservatives, as opposed to the GOP establishment, went wild for Sarah. She told it like it was, and still does. She has a moral compass, a sense of right and wrong and openly loves America. She scare the pee out of the good old boys network at the GOP. They wanted her shut down. More than once McCain’s people threw her under the bus. But the conservative base loved her, she spoke the truth to them, as though they were citizens. Not children to be fooled, or innocents that couldn’t handle the truth, she told them how it was. Then they could make their decisions on what they wanted to do based on all the information. You know lying is lying by giving false information, I believe there is also lying by withholding information. Lies of omission, aren’t they? Sarah wanted to go after the obama/biden ticket on some different issues and she was told to leave it alone, by McCain’s people! What the heck? Her instincts were far better than his! And yet she would be blamed for the loss of the GOP. She was the only thing that had kept it viable!
Political language… is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.~~~George Orwell
So, what’s the deal here? Why is it when people, in this case two smart, strong, savvy women stand up and tell the simple truth, they have to be shut down. Why don’t liberals (of either party) support women, like they claim to? Is it because their idea of support is to keep women dependent upon liberals, rather than just giving them honest information and letting them make informed decisions? Liberal: a power worshipper without power.~~~George Orwell   Since when did just telling the truth about a situation become “attacking”? Much like disagreeing with the obama regime on policy is “racist”.
If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.~~~George Orwell
The establishment, be it political, or any other, can not stand to have a light shone on the cockroaches that abide there. When people do, the establishment tries it’s best to shut them down. I like what Sarah’s father said after the campaign. “She’s not retreating, she’s reloading”. I hope Sharyl will reload too!
Ok, couple more quotes and I’ll knock it off:
One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes a revolution in order to establish a dictatorship.~~~George Orwell
If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.~~~George Orwell   Oh yeah, JPFO has a song that kind of goes along with this.
You will get a popup to download the song, or you can go to next to the last on the right side “Justice Day” by Rockne.


Enjoy listening to Sarah’s CPAC speech (are they still really conservatives if they invite Chris Christe? I mean, really?) The Green Eggs and Ham part is great, but really, all of it is!


What do you think about a Lt.Col. Allen West/Sarah Palin ticket?? Because you know, the establishment (of both parties) believe:

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.~~~George Orwell


I haven’t had much time over the last few years to just read books I would like to. I tended to read more books I need to read. But as I’ve been shifting into another gear in life, waiting to see where God leads me, I’ve decided to turn over a new leaf. Yeah, it was a little tiny joke, new leaf? Get it leaf? Book page? Oh, forget it, if I have to explain it, it wasn’t that good. So a friend of mine who is blogging from Israel right now told me about this book she had purchased and thought I might like it as well. I do, and did. Yes, I finished it.

Considering what all is going on in the world right now, it’s interesting reading. It would be at any time I think, the world is so much less stable now due to an inept President, or perhaps he is just bent on bringing the United States to it’s knees. He uses the intelligence resources of America to spy on it’s own citizens. The Israeli’s tend to use theirs to fight the foes that want to destroy their country and the West. Although I wouldn’t swear Bibi hasn’t reconsidered that of late.

I have a Tee-shirt that says “Don’t Worry America, Israel has your back”. It seems it really has.

The book is “The Mossad” by  Michael Bar-Zohar and Nissim Mishal. Available at Amazon at

The Mossad

The Mossad

I’ll just give you a little bit of the opening. I’m sure you knew this from the main stream media (yeah, I crack myself up too).

On November 12, 2011, a tremendous explosion destroyed a secret missile base close to Tehran, killing seventeen Revolutionary Guards and reducing dozens of missiles to a heap of charred iron. General Hassan Tehrani Moghaddam, the “father” of the Shehab long-range missiles, and the man in charge of Iran’s missile program, was killed in the explosion. But the secret target of the bombing was not Moghaddam. It was a solid-fuel rocket engine, able to carry a nuclear missile more than six thousand miles across the globe, from Iran’s underground silos to the U.S. mainland.
The new missile planned by Iran’s leaders was to bring America’s major cities to their knees and transform Iran into a dominant world power. The November explosion delayed the project by several months.
Even though the target of the new long-range missile was America, the explosions that destroyed the Iranian base were probably set by the Israeli Secret Service, the Mossad. Since its inception more than sixty years ago, the Mossad has served fearlessly and secretly against the dangers threatening Israel and the West. And more so than ever before, the Mossad’s intelligence gathering and operations affect American security abroad and at home.


The unnamed warriors of the Mossad are its lifeblood, men and women who risk their lives, live away from their families under assumed identities, carry out daring operations in enemy countries where the slightest mistake can bring their arrest, torture, or death. During the Cold War, the worst fate for a secret agent captured in the West or the Communist bloc was to be exchanged for another agent on some cold, foggy bridge in Berlin. Russian or American, British or East German, the agent always knew he was not alone, there was always someone who would bring him back from the cold. But for the lonely warriors of the Mossad, there are no exchanges and foggy bridges; they pay with their lives for their audacity.

In this book, we bring to light the greatest missions and the most courageous heroes of the Mossad, as well as the mistakes and failures that more than once tarnished the agency’s image and shook its very foundations. These missions shaped Israel’s fate and, in many ways, the fate of the world. And yet, for the Mossad agents, what they all share is a deep, idealistic love of their country, a total devotion to its existence and survival, a readiness to assume the most dramatic risks and face the ultimate dangers. For the sake of Israel.

This was a fascinating book. The authors don’t claim that the Mossad always gets it right. They give some examples of missions that have gone horribly awry. But they get a lot more right than they get wrong. Some well know missions such as Operation Thunderbolt in which Lt. Col. Yonatan Netanyahu (older brother of Bibi) was killed are detailed, as well as many others that had remained unknown. It’s a hard book to put down! If you read it, let me know what you think.

The Mossad Are Everywhere

The Mossad Are Everywhere


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