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Israeli Food-The Best!

Being a lacto-ovo vegetarian can sometimes be a challenge. Especially if you go visit another country.  In Israel, I was right at home! It was easy to find wonderful food and drink to enjoy.

I had planned to start writing about my adventures by telling you about Yad Vashem, but then it occurred to me, that it really wasn’t my first adventure in Israel, Cafe Cafe was.  Cafe Cafe is a chain, there are many of them in Israel, and they each are designed to fit into the neighborhood where they operate. This one is managed by our force of nature friend Nissim’s nephew, Yoel. So Deb thought we should start out the day’s adventure with a good breakfast and oh BABY was it GOOD! It was fantastic! I love that place.  Deb ordered, which was a very good thing, since my Hebrew is very lacking when it comes to food. I can ask where the bathroom is though.

One of the first wonderful things I discovered was Sachlav, it is a hot drink.  Hot steamed milk, with sugar, coconut, chopped peanuts on top. I think there are peanuts on the bottom of the cup too. Deb calls it “Israeli Carnation Instant Breakfast” You eat the frothy goodness with a spoon, well, I did.  You might want to check back on this post, I’ve got a feeling some of the spelling on some of these items is going to need to be corrected. Not to worry, I’ve got an excellent source to get the information from.  If I could have got my head in the cup I would have licked it clean. Deb is still grateful I couldn’t, I’m sure.




We also had Shak Shuka, and white and wheat bread, Israeli salad (if you come to the Israel booth at the  Ethnic Enrichment Festival we served it last year) and what breakfast is complete without the drink of champions? Cafe Ha Fouch, if you know me at all, you know this is the stuff that flows through my veins.  They make it pretty too, always a plus! It means basically, upside down coffee.

Cafe Hafuk

Cafe Hafuk

I waddled out of there. I love Cafe Cafe!

I came home very committed to learning to read and write Hebrew far better than I can now, which is not even first grade level. There is more than one reason for this, but here is a menu at a coffee shop at the Bus Station in Jerusalem. Thank goodness Deb could hold her own!

I would like to order????

I would like to order????

Another wonderful place to visit in Beer Sheva is Glida Beer Sheva. They have the most amazing flavors of ice cream. Not pomegranate though, I was shocked. But they have plenty of other flavors, including coffee and mocha. Nice people, wonderful ice cream!

Glida Beer Sheva-yummy!

Glida Beer Sheva-yummy!


And finally,  one more Israeli delight I enjoyed after I came home. Halvah. The best way Ican describe it is, like a very dense cheesecake, a bit dryer. But heaven (shamime) on a plate. Don’t let the fact it looks like a mere mortal marble cake fool you, it’s not! Deb was merciful and sent this home with me. I think she knew I might go through Israel withdrawl. Am still dealing with it, but have found a few activities that seem to be of help.

Halvah-mere words can not express....

Halvah-mere words can not express….


This isn’t the end of the food review. I will tell you all about a great restaurant in Jaffa when we get to that stage of the journey, but for now this gives you an idea. It’s a miracle I didn’t come home weighing 400 lbs.





  1. 1. I realized that the secret flavor in sachlav is rose water.
    2. Glida Beer Sheva had carrot (yes, not a typo) ice cream the other day. I did not try it.
    3. Trust me, I tried to find some food that Sheila didn’t like, but I woefully failed.

    • sybil

      12/05/2014 at 14:16

      Deb-it was a noble ambition, but in Israel, I don’t think it possible. Israeli food suits me very well! My recipes are going to be increasing.

  2. sure would be nice to have a recipe for that lovely looking dessert cake

  3. Halvah (חלבה) isn’t a cake. It’s a confection made from tahini (sesame butter). If you know what marzipan is, it’s similar. I think it might be the ideal survival food. The piece in the blog photo is huge. I eat it, often, in much smaller portions.

    • sybil

      13/05/2014 at 22:06

      I was a desperate woman, I was going through Israel withdrawl. And besides, it was delicious! I think it would be what we in the medical world, call a loading dose. It must be working, I’m still in the states, still dealing with my Israel withdrawl problem but am coping.

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